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  1. Since APPs like Blockfolio can't be accessed from a browser, be made a website. http://www.coinparator.com/ TLDR: User will submit owned coins and buy price. Coinparator follows current rates, calculates profit and generate charts. Just like any other portfolio. It's free, registration is not required, website is not asking for your Private keys and not even for your Addresses. It's legit. Feel free to check it out, try it and use it. Any feedback about user-experience is welcome, as we are still working on it and bringing new functions. MAIN OVERVIEW CHARTS Coinparator also offers many pther functions, like current rates, calculator, live feed of BTC prices accross all exchanges etc. And new are coming almost every week. See you!
  2. Profitable for people who are starting these ICOs. Don't think it's profitable for investors. I didn't see any ICO lately, that would not drop under ICO price after going into market.
  3. Are FIAT money a cult? Everyone on this planet is sacrificing 33% of his given time to make them. And another 33% of his time to spend them. And in between to think about them.
  4. Last time I heard about him, he was in prison. Did they release him back? So soon? 😱
  5. I'm 120% up on VTC only in last week! Unfortunatelly I don't own any DASH (as I today noticed, that it is really going up).
  6. Whau, 30ETH is a lot! Well, unfortunatelly that's how it works. They are not going to give you anything back. That way they would not make any money.
  7. You can visit our web http://www.coinparator.com/ 







  8. Hi! I'm new here.


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