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  1. Hello Hasar, 

    I looked up the link as it appears that you have sent it however as you can see from the attached links that I have not yet received it. I will keep you appraised when I do receive your gift.

    Thanks for sending it and your effort.



    1. hasar


      Hello, now I see what's the problem. You sent me the exchange address. Your address must be your own waves platform address. You can open account on waves platform or download the platform to your pc and open your account. Because exchange owns that address and that means tokens under that address is not your property.

  2. Nothing in life is free so if you want to minimal work and receive free BTX then look here: Enjoy
  3. NGCROTZ hope you at least get the waves from HASAR. well it is said live in hopes and die in despair. so have hope hahahah!
  4. @hasar Not yet received it.
  5. Happy for you LEDUC1984
  6. here is my wallet you can check and see : 3PDcMECKt7kAGFN4fRwSmiMnfiN7sU2YWyn I have not received a single coin from you. Anyway if you do send me some coins Thank you.
  7. I think this is a scam post have not received a single coin as I have requested 3 months ago. So beware
  8. New to cryptocurrency so I do not have the 1 wave in my wallet in fact just got a wallet. Would appreciate rain or tip to my wallet. Thanks for the deposit in advance and Blessings! 3P2Lw31eCb6wqi7tngoUj1X8V5XXytfY25n
  9. hello here is my wallet would appreciate an airdrop: 3P2Lw31eCb6wqi7tngoUj1X8V5XXytfY25n Thanks
  10. @hasar thank you waiting for it. Appreciate it.
  11. Thanks in advence 3P2Lw31eCb6wqi7tngoUj1X8V5XXytfY25n
  12. Looking for some rain in GRC RxV5x5dvnpAdyWW1KotwVhNdrtYGhHFv1Q Thanks
  13. need help please with some starter coins please RxV5x5dvnpAdyWW1KotwVhNdrtYGhHFv1Q
  14. Thanks in advance 3P2Lw31eCb6wqi7tngoUj1X8V5XXytfY25n

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