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    Passive Coin got a reaction from pangu in CoinMetro XCM   
    Yes, I sent them a message and received short answer from them, quote:
    Hello Dariusz,

    Thank you for your interest.

    I will forward your request to the developers department and if any interest they will revert.

    Bily from CoinMetro
    not much info, pity!
  2. Winner
    Passive Coin got a reaction from EDEX in [Edex] Decentralized Token Exchange Platform (Airdrop Closed)   
    Received 30K of EDEX token for my ETH 0.1 donation.
    Thank you dev. team.
    We are looking forward to see success of this project. :)
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    Passive Coin got a reaction from Jimmy in Welcome New Members!   
    I am glad to join this community.
    Love crypto-currencies and our grandpha Bitcoin, as well.
    I like the forum layout but, I believe post's letters could by little bit bigger, by default.
    Noticed, members do not experience heavy and aggressive signature advert. campaigns, like at Bitcointalk. 🙂
    I am also admin of Passive Coin project, will start topic about our project soon. 😇

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