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  1. Received 30K of EDEX token for my ETH 0.1 donation. Thank you dev. team. We are looking forward to see success of this project. :)
  2. Well, if all gov. and Fed really want to "destroy" Bitcoin, it would not allow for listing bitcoin as base instrument on Chicago Options & Futures Exchange. This will attract fiat sharks with enormous money involved in derivatives based on Bitcoin. If one territory ban something, you can use solution like VPN, you can access your crypto based in wallets on other territory. I think BTC and crypto are not so big problem for gov. ... they only simply hate they do not have list of which BTCs belong to which family name and name. :D
  3. We are pleased to announce that we opened Bitcointalk topic for Passive Coin If you are member of Bitcointalk forum, please visit our topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2408850 Thank you! :)
  4. we support this project and donated ETH 0.1 We would like to see this exchange as success story, next year. :)
  5. Passive Coin is a small crypto-currency born in September, 2017. We issued limited quantity of 500,000 coins based on Ethereum network. In order to boost the long-term value of Passive Coin, we will passively maintain growing Backing Fund, composed of some top crypto-currencies and promising coins, tokens and digital assets. Website: http://www.passivecoin.org Backing Fund Details: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-backing-fund.html Initial Sale Rounds: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-sale-rounds.html Whitepaper: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-whitepaper.html Main Communication Channels: Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/passivecoin/ Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/PassiveCoin Passive Coin Initial Sale Rounds We plan to list our Passive Coin on exchange in December. Do not miss the opportunity to buy some cheap coins in early-sale. Initial Sale Rounds Buyer's Bounty Program Technical Data: Type: Ethereum Token ERC20 Name: PASSIVE Fixed Supply: 500,000 coins Symbol: PAS Decimals: 18 Smart Contract Address: 0x34453c84b6d18bc285a80e31f6c6395934434e92 Blockexplorer: Etherscan.io
  6. Hello, Any ETA when this new exchange will start? Any progress? I understand that ERC20 ETH based tokens are warm welcome.... Any idea about token listing fees?
  7. Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Continues to Soar

    Grandpha Bitcoin is doing good while I write this words. Around 6400 on Bitstamp... and Bitcoin Cash down, pump stopped..... Ethereum also above 300 ... but I also bought NEO, to diversify. :)
  8. Coins-E Exchange

    Seems this maintenance turned in to closed status. My browser failed to find this "exchange" .... Amen!...
  9. Mayzus and Moneypolo are 100% SCAM and thieves

    My Goodness! I will never ever risk having such big money inside Moneypolo. I even do not have accounts there. By the way, is this the truth that Moneypolo bought OKPay???? p.s. "credit committee" LoL ... sounds serious like JP Morgan credit committee 😆
  10. BITSANE.COM - new exchange of crypto-currencies

    Looks interesting with OKPay and AdvCash on-board, easy-going payment methods like at "old guard" story BTC-e. I would like to know who is the owner of this exchange. There are not any information, in which country is based? We understand that you do not plan to open listings for other less-known crypto-currencies? ... just some dozens of crypto chosen by you only. Right?
  11. Of course, you are absolutely right. My point was, there is room for both currencies and both can fluorish and grow in user's base. I just dislike when people ask which currency is more important. Such questions are ridicolous. There is room for top-10 cryptocurrencies to grow in next years and become standard in crypto-world.. This surely include BTC, ETH, LTC and NEO.
  12. Bitgo CEO says Segwit2x hard fork will not take place

    Good to hear this news. I've got enough of this segwit mess. Too much confusion on the market is not good. I would like to see they stop producing this "pump and dump" BTC clones. There is enough of good coins that could take some transactional relief from BTC, like Litecoin, for example. No need to "produce' all this clones. Finally, I would like to see BTC core dev. team to upgrade the chain for better transactional performance. This will stop all the pressure for next forks (if any).
  13. Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Continues to Soar

    C'mon ... do not be so pesimistic. The current drop is temporary one (BTC). I see big sell orders on Bitstamp, some sharks and institutional fund managers just taking profits from rapid BTC grow, from $5K up. I also think while LTC will drop below (if) I will buy more Litecoins to my backing fund. 🙂
  14. Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Continues to Soar

    We are at the beginning of crypto-revolution. 2018 will be a great year for coins and tokens, as well. Overall market capitalization will grow enormously. So, BTC and ETH will grow in user's base, as well. BTC will be pushed up by good news from USA, where Chicago's Futures & Options Exchange list Bitcoin as base instrument. Fiat sharks will gain access to derivatives based on BTC. This will push BTC up enormously. Sooner or later, one day we gonna see $50K price. Of course, some corrections and profit taking will happen but the direction is only one: UP !!!

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