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  1. I consider Bitcoin as one of the good and part of "reliables" . However, I do not consider BTC as king anymore. A lot of people start to "hate" "dislike" Bitcoin. The reason is as all this BTC movements hit altcoins. Even good alt projects/coins are depressee due to this BTC downtrend. It's really counter-productive.
  2. For trading, recently I use KuCoin Exchange and decentralized CryptoBridge ... very sometimes Bittrex. ... and, of course, stocks.exchange where our coin Passive Coin is listed.
  3. 11th PASSIVE COIN BUY-BACK HAPPENED! I found another cute sell order of 199 PAS @ 1628 satoshi waiting live on market in the mid of the day and I bought. We take Passive 199.40 coins out of circulation. Passive Coin market: https://stocks.exchange/trade/PAS/BTC Check buy-backs page: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-buy-backs.html
  4. Passive Coin Backing Fund Updated and Up! Crypto-market seems fragile this days. We welcome Cobinhood $COB as new addition to our backing fund! Please check updated $PAS Backing Fund: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-backing-fund.html
  5. Cool! I will take a look at your website from time to time. I am owner of best-games-directory at com and need to start crypto-gambling directory pages. It could be cool if you can start a list of crypto-gambling projects that issued good coins. I would like to include some gambling coins into our Passive Coin Backing Fund. :) I will follow your good job!
  6. Nice report and found your site interesting. What's a pity you do not list small & niche but cute projects like Passive Coin. Anyway, I am gonna visit your website from time to time and would like to see success of your project!
  7. TENTH PASSIVE COIN BUY-BACK HAPPENED! I found this morning two cute sell orders under 2000 satoshi waiting live on market and bought total $PAS 212 from both sell orders available. We take Passive 212 coins out of circulation. PAS-BTC main market: https://stocks.exchange/trade/PAS/BTC Please check Passive Coin's buy-backs page: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-buy-backs.html
  8. On Monday, I am going to add official coin of CobinHood exchange to our Passive Coin Backing Fund. What do you think about decentralized CobinHood exchange? It's young exchange and I didn't traded much there, just bought their official coin. I see a lot CobinHoods sponsored posts on FB with encourage that they are 0% fees exchange. Anyway, I love financial and exchange's related coins/projects.
  9. Omg ... that's really nice giveaway. Awesome! Hope some crypto-lovers and enthusiasts will join SLT project! Good move and great graphic above! :)
  10. NINTH PASSIVE COIN BUY-BACK HAPPENED! I bought $PAS 250 (@ 1960 satoshi each) from fresh sell order of PAS 340 live from the market. We take 250 Passive Coins out of circulation. PAS market: https://stocks.exchange/trade/PAS/BTC Check Passive Coin Buy-Backs page: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-buy-backs.html
  11. On our website, you will find links to Telegram chat, Bitcointalk, Twitter group and FB group. You do not need to join or register. Passive Coin is passive project. If you like project, simply buy Passive Coin (PAS) on stocks exchange. https://stocks.exchange/trade/PAS/BTC If you have doubts, just wait and follow our projects. Passive is long-term project. No rush with any decisions. :) Anchorchan, what is your native language?
  12. Our Passive Coin is listed on stocks.exchange. I also use Bittrex, KuCoin, and decentralized CryptoBridge.
  13. Passive Coin support SLT project! We will add SLT coin to our famous Passive Coin Backing Fund, in the near future! :)
  14. Passive Coin Backing Fund Updated and Up! Crypto-market rebounded enough and we didn't experienced having backing fund in red. Ufff...... what a relief! Please check updated $PAS Backing Fund: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-backing-fund.html
  15. EIGHTH PASSIVE COIN BUY-BACK HAPPENED! Another cheap sell order of 512 $PAS was waiting on Passive market this morning, and was bought by me. We take Passive 512.50 coins out of circulation https://stocks.exchange/trade/PAS/BTC Soon buy-back page ready: http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-buy-backs.html

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