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  1. pre ico will ended in few days. u will lost chance to get 50% bonus
  2. yes ICO already started and will proceed till feb. On pre ico uve 50% global bonus on buy. Bounty also good, for that article i recive 600 GPT. Good luck #)
  3. Company as far as I know was in UK. Did you read the article? :) it is most popular players in this market
  4. Sure. https://tokengoplatform.com/ and tm - https://t.me/TokenGo_EN
  5. Today I want to consider some platforms which allow to create own tokens. Let's consider regarding functionality, popularity and convenience. Earlier for creation (ICO IPO ITO) used direct transfers to a purse, after emergence of Etherium, there was a concept "Smart Contract" which allows to describe appointment and functionality of your tokens. Etherium Let's understand that is necessary for creation the Contract Smart in the Etherium networks and what difficulties us expect at a choice of this network. The number of transactions with Ethereum keeps on a mark approximately in 350 000 in day recently and is the highest in comparison with the next competitors. But in actual fact it appeared that developers did not consider some nuances and the elementary game "Kriptokotiki" practically put Air network. Nevertheless the network possesses the high level of trust and recognition. What is necessary to let out the token in the Etherium network? Correctly, to write the Smart the Contract. If all of you decided to create the ICO in this network to you the highly skilled Smart of Contracts programmers because the slightest mistake in it can lead to loss of all invested funds will be necessary. Smart Contracts in a network of Air use the Solidity programming language which is close on syntax to JavaScript and Turing-full (as well as all popular programming languages is: Java, PHP, Python, etc.). That is the smart the contract is the program which is compiled and written down in blokcheyn and has the address in a network. By means of this address we can cause a code a contract smart, and a smart the contract will be started on one of notes which is part of the Ethereum platform. Smart Contracts in the Etherium network have some restrictions. For more detailed acquaintance with restrictions you can read article - Restrictions a smart of contracts Further I will simply list restrictions with the short description. 1) Transaction which is initiated after certain time We can establish check of time in a smart the contract by a call of a method which initiates payment, however there is the following problem: we cannot count on a temporary tag of the block in the contract as it can be changed by a mayner, and thus break work of the contract or make result of its performance unpredictable. 2) Transactions which happen to a certain frequency Here we face the same problem, as in the previous example. The smart cannot be started the contract independently therefore external service which will periodically start a code a contract smart is necessary for work of periodic transactions. At achievement of conditions of payment a smart the contract will transfer funds to the address which is written down in advance. 3) To receive actual exchange rates in a smart the contract Owing to restrictions of the Ethereum platform, a smart the contract cannot contact directly to external services, but only to others a smart contracts and blokcheyny. 4) To hide transaction for other participants of a network Well I think here clearly. 5) Management of payments out of the Ethereum platform The smart the contract cannot operate payments out of Ethereum. The smart the contract can manipulate only Ether and other currencies created in Ethereum (tokens) For all these restrictions there are certain ways of the decision and for this reason qualitative the smart of the contract is necessary the expert with deep knowledge of this area for creation, so such the expert will cost cost to you a pretty penny. Result: For placement in this network strong experts, and also deep understanding of the logic of the contract are required. You need to create independently all infrastructure for interrelation between app. Independently to create the sites and contracts for a bounty poprograms. Waves. In the spring of 2017 the Waves developers declared that the number of operations on a platform exceeded 10 thousand a day — at the declared "capacity" to one thousand transactions per second. In fact difference of the Waves network from Etherium consists only available the proprietary application in which functions of a purse are embedded, of the exchange, and so for financing of the project the user of the Waves platform can let out own tokens which then can be sold out in the open market during crowd funding. Investors can get project tokens in any convenient currency: US dollars, euro, bitcoins and so on. The buyer of a token acquires the right to resell, present, or to exchange it for a token of other project within blokchain-infrastructure of Waves. The actual cost is assigned to a token by means of its integration into the app. Until the app has some value, the related token also has value. The real cost of a token is defined during the auction in the open market which is formed naturally. Also so far on a platform possibility of creation a smart of contracts is not realized, so the functionality of your tokens will be limited only to their movement from a purse to a purse. (http://support.wavesplatform.com/forums/1-general/topics/5240-smart-kontraktyi/) Result: This platform will be ideally suited for fast release of tokens and their placement at the exchange, but no more than that. Functions on control a smart of contracts are absent. Also main exchange unit on a platform is the token of Wav which you have to have at yourself on a purse for commission of actions at the exchange. Also independently it is necessary to create the site and manually to charge bounty tokens or to think out crutches. Now we will talk about one project which only enters the market. TokenGo The TokenGo platform offers a uniform platform with a private office and all systematized summary information on all services to the current and assumed in the future, and also projects and the current ICO procedures. The consensus of TokenGo uses the adapted modified algorithm of DPoP   —  Delegated Proof of Power in which the hybrid algorithm of DPoS/PoW is taken as a basis. According to statements of developers the platform has the designer Smart Kontraktov, and it means to you it is not necessary is spent for expensive experts in this area, will be to describe logic of the contract on paper enough and to adjust it in a private office using tools available for this purpose. Also the platform perfectly will be suitable for tokenization of the existing business or any other sphere which demands participation of the distributed databases. The TokenGo network will not have restrictions at creation the Smart of Contracts as at Air, and it means that it is possible to develop any distributed databases. If to take real sector of economy, on the TokenGo platform it is possible to create professional blokcheyn decisions for accountants, suppliers of medical services, brokers, insurance agents and for many other fields of activity, even government institutions. For example, it is possible to translate on blokcheyn the TokenGo platform customs, police, tax services, various state supervisions, archives, etc. And all this with additional digital identification and authentications which will not allow to enter data the stranger. All this will strongly accelerate work of these services, will bring an order to work and will reduce the price of it. And as it is known that got in blokchain, from there will not disappear any more, so this platform is potentially useful to fight against corruption. The platform allows to use during the work with it the standard JSON RESTful API set, so such functionality will allow to interact even with outdated app. What else pluses can incline towards this platform? Built-in designer of the sites. You can easily create the site using this designer, to adjust bounty the company and at once to integrate it with TokenGo platform. Result: The platform according to the declared characteristics considerably advances by opportunities of the colleagues, but so far it only the declared characteristics. The platform perfectly will be suitable for small and medium business. The platform perfectly will be suitable for tokenization of the existing business. You can see everything that happens to your tokens. Independent possibility of creation of the site from a bounty the program many times reduces time and funds for preparation for ICO exit. The web the interface the smart allowing to create contracts in some clicks will save to you not one thousand rubles. P.S. Dear reader if I where that told lies or my information not full, please write in comments, I will surely edit article relying on your additions.
  6. Development, which represents a constructor ICO with broad functionality. Now you do not have to hire highly skilled and highly paid programmers smart contracts. You enough using a visual interface to specify the necessary parameters of contracts for the production of their Tokens. you also get full Analytics on the holders of your tokens at any time. You can setup your own bounty company with auto receive reports through website. Also one of the possibilities allows you to use purchased tokens to multiply your capital. They work on the principle of Steem and Golos The TokenGo platform offers a solution to numerous issues associated with digital identification and allows incontestable, invariable and secure authentication. How can you demonstrate that the services you offer are reliable and secure? The TokenGo platform can be used to create professional certificates for accountants, healthcare providers, brokers, insurance agents, etc. Now let's talk about the blockchain and its own ecosystem. The TokenGo ecosystem ensures the complete closeness of economic and social processes and meets all the aforementioned present-day requirements in order to succeed and enable its participants to earn income. In TokenGo have GoPower is GoCoin. If quite simply, GoPower this action, on the basis of which its holder has the opportunity to participate in the distribution of coins GoCoin. For example, the strength of voice in harvesting ( earnings like in "Voice" or "Steemit" ) ,the holder of the GoPower will be higher 10 times. Without the availability of GoPower will not be mine GoCoin and most importantly 90% of all coins that will be Melnitsa will be distributed to the holders of GoPower. And GoCoin will behave approximately as the Ether in its ecosystem. All ICO provodimye platform TokenGo will be supported by GoCoin coin. What does it mean? The holders GoPower is not profitable to immediately get rid of the coins after their exit on a stock exchange because this is a growing asset. Exchange After completion of the ICO will set up its own exchange on which to trade will be released takenami platform. More information yet, but the plans are quite interesting and far-reaching. Bounty The bounty campaign will start on 20.11.2017 and last till the end of ICO. The budget for the bounty campaign totals to 20,000,000 GPT (1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH, or approximately 0.30$ according to the exchange rate). You will receive GoPower tokens as remuneration for your participation in the bounty campaign, they will be credited to your personal account in your personal cabinet of the project immediately following the moderation of the tasks you have fulfilled. ICO and purchase tokens GoPower Now started the Pre-Sale, you get 50% bonus for buying tokens, as well as in the personal Cabinet you have your own referral codes that can be passed to another participant. Party activated your code will get + 35% when you purchase tokens and you will receive up to 15% of its acquisition. Accepts payment in various crypto-currencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH https://tokengoplatform.com 1F1pLm3QLkaUCXGRAqTUT3ymAEvBYNcSrv 0xf625711f9b2573a72b5c8fe63961d6c9b90201
  7. An account on Bitcointalk with no less than 50 messages. Only Reddit - 100k karma and not less than 100 readers. Not to leave the channel Telegram until after the ICO. Pre-register. https://tftm.pro/en Telegramm https://t.me/joinchat/HQmckxL550tLs5kqwbCZqg Tasks: 1. The message on the Bitcointalk [200 tokens] 2. The message in the channel Telegram [250 tokens] 3. Reddit [200 tokens] 4. Join of. channel Telegram: TFTM (EN / ru) [53 token] 5 . Post on Facebook [50 tokens] 6. Post it in the Facebook group [500 tokens] 7. Tweet [50 tokens] 8. Post in Instagram [5 tokens] 9. Posting on the forums [200 tokens] 10. Overview video [at least 300 tokens] 11. Publication of articles on the news portals [1000 tokens] 12. Publication of articles in blogs [1000 tokens] Reports to send on e-mail: [email protected] The format of the report: #1 - link - description #2 - link - description TFTM Project Overview The TFTM CORDA platform is designed to cut expenses that arise from various business activities. This is achieved by allowing companies to carry out direct business transactions using smart contracts. The latter ensure that these transactions are highly confidential and secure. TFTM CORDA is an ad hoc tool that has been developed for financial organizations. Its key feature lies in the fact that the platform does not utilize a traditional blockchain. Special notary nodes are used instead of it. Therefore, the transactions, which are carried out through TFTM CORDA, are not transmitted to all of its members. This means that the records in the database are available only to those network members who have the rights to review and manage them. TFTM is a unique project that is aimed at simplification of money transfers worldwide. The TFTM system has been set up to become an evolutionary milestone in the development of global payment systems. TFTM is a hybrid next-gen payment system. It is a one-of-a-kind solution for e-money operations that meets modern-day economic challenges. TFTM is a brand new payment method that has been developed on the basis of Blockchain 4.0 technologies, where the TFTM COIN cryptocurrency substitutes e-money and might become a new high-demand currency all around the world. Operational goal of the project is to create a public version of the TFTM service, introducing the payment system and the TFTM COIN currency unit for mass use. Our target audience includes adult Internet users (who reached legal age in their country and are up to 55 years old), who graduated from a high school or have a degree. TFTM Application: 1. Online shopping (clothes, food, services, etc.). 2. Credits. 3. Charity. 4. Insurance. 5. Business activities. 6. Tickets. 7. Deposits. 8. Money transfers. 9. Communications services. 10. Utility payments. 11. Education. 12. E-commerce. 13. E-healthcare. 14. Gaming. 15. Miscellaneous.
  8. Hello every one! Number of new projects increases in a Modern World. Each of these projects needs marketing and promotion and their leaders are ready to reward people, who help them add post to social networks and forums, develop design, make video presentation, invite new people, research projects … Such activity became relevant together with development of crypto currency. Bounty Hunters - people, who accomplish defined tasks for getting profit. Tasks are different and depend on personal skills (articles writing, design, researches etc.). What is the Bounty Hunter platform? Needs and problems of the market. As we mentioned earlier, nowadays lot of teams produce hundreds of projects. Some of projects reach it goals, other don’t. It’s easy to imagine which difficult choice faces Bounty hunters. The reason is they should select from hundreds only that one – successful project. Accordingly, during ICO such project could go in to exchange and show it’s growing. Don’t forget that in cyber world Bounty hunters also could be involved into project’s, which leads by not honest leaders, and won’t be paid. Also remember that Bounty hunter is looking for new project can’t demonstrate his portfolio, because nowadays doesn’t exist special resource where he can save his results. So, customer would trust for Bounty hunters promises without any confirmation. And customers face difficulties when try to collect necessary number of professional Bounty hunters. Not only team of Bounty hunters but organization of their work makes difficulties for customers too. One of the most important problems is how to collect and check reports and later award Bounty hunters for their work Now in simple words. If you are the organizer of ICO then you can place your project on the site and forget about the problems associated with finding quality players, filtering reports, and other problems that arise with self-holding of these events. If you bounty hunter, you get full platform support, you get the opportunity to work with quality ICO authenticated. ICO budget is frozen immediately and in any case you will get your profit. Participant’s profit - The project has a seven-level referral program. If you want to prove yourself as an organizer, you can bring to the task their own referrals and earn income from their jobs. Your referrals can also invite your just 7 steps, and are divided by income, they are as follows. Level 1 → 30%, Level 2 → 20%, Level 3 → 10%, Level 4 → 10%, Level 5 → 10%, Level 6 → 10%, Level 7 → 10% TOP of the project. During every project we conduct competition The best organizer of the project. For this we have assigned Bounty tokens. For every accomplished task by referrals organizer earn not only bounties but his organize rating +1. In the end of Bounty campaign TOP 10 organizers will receive bounties. TOP of The Bounty hunter project. Except of rating in a separate project organizer gets his global rating for all his activity at our Platform. Every month, TOP of organizers with the highest rate would be rewarded and get prizes and title “The best organizer of the month” If you are interested you can read the white paper. WHITE PIPER If you liked my post and platform you can thank me by clicking on my referral link Link for those who want to participate in ICO

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