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  1. Thank you! No Fee November has finished, and the group members decided on a 1% mining fee from here on out! So that's what we're doing 100% Uptime since our migration! Even though we've had 24/7 DDoS attacks Come check us out guys! Pool Address: electroneum.mobile-mining.com
  2. Up to 60 miners! We are just about to release Recruiter Benefits! - PM me for more info
  3. 40 miners in just over a day! Keep it up guys And if you'd like to join our support/chat group, click this link: https://t.me/MiningETN
  4. Holy crap! Thank you so much for the support everyone! First day back and we've mined 7 blocks and already up to 400+ kh/sec If you are mining on one of the big pools, try switching over, it's been reported that our pool is paying out the best ETN/hash!
  5. Apologies for the downtime guys! We got hit by the "ETN DDoS" We are now back up and running on the shiny new "military grade" DDoS protected server! Already up to half a mh/s! Let's get mining http://mobile-mining.com Oh! And of course fees are still 0%!
  6. 50 Current Active Miners! :) With ETN's price about to rise, now is the best time to start mining! You can also join our support group @ https://t.me/MiningETN
  7. WE'VE JUST FOUND OUR FIRST BLOCK! https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/search?value=3d77110d0152d866a063832e993045899bf4f3c8e52c01bef7797c5293a3f204 We are up to 540 Kh/sec, let's get those miners going guys! Pool Address: electroneum.mobile-mining.com
  8. WE'VE JUST GONE LIVE WITH NO FEE NOVEMBER! 0% mining fees for the whole of November
  9. Struggling to mine!? Check out this useful How To Start Mining guide! https://steemit.com/electroneum/@mobilemining/mining-etn-electroneum-a-starters-guide
  10. Hi MrTee! I'd recommend using this one for mac: https://github.com/xbbricker/ccminer-cryptonight-mac
  11. Our new design has gone live! We are also NiceHash compatible 👍 - 100% uptime guaranteed - 1.5% fee - 2 ETN minimum payout
  12. We also have a Telegram group! You can join the chat over @ https://t.me/MiningETN 👍

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