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  1. Was reporting every week but they have had a major server crash at the start of this month and are now running on the slave server rather than master. Andy at the project has several weeks work ahead of him in order to sort out some problems with the database so work on the script that long term should see credits updated on a daily basis is on hold. I feel that the project which relies on the money from other research centres who give them work to send out is under funded for the volume and complexity of the work they do. In over 17 years crunching for them, credits have always been sorted out eventually but there have been a number of times when there have been problems for several weeks. I hope that they take the time to get everything sorted as much as can be tested without bringing it all back on line but inevitably it is only when everything is live that the real test comes. At the moment the testing side of the project is also down. It is used to test small batches of work before large batches go out to the main site. As no credits are granted for the testing site and currently joining it is by invitation only it is clearly of only academic interest to this forum.
  2. Worth upgrading to 3.7.10 which I read elsewhere has fixed the forking issue. On my Xubuntu17.10 installation it didn't upgrade with just a sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get upgrade and I had to force the upgrade with sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearch-qt I was still getting intermittent sync problems with
  3. Seems to be updating every week bar a break when the virtual machine hosting BOINC server software was down so nothing happening at all. Sadly I am having to run projects under WINE at the moment as nothing is there for Linux or Mac clients. Still no news on the planned daily credit updates.

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