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  1. Bonus 2000 doge + 10 $ Min Payout: 1000 doge Min Deposit: 1 $ Reinvest: Yes Referral Bonus: 20% https://faucet.cloud/
  2. UPDATE ON OLD ACCOUNTS: we are 75% done on the Reinstatement system. we will update soon! this includes your old assets . OLD BTC AMOUNT + the Missing earned days ( all downtime and maintenance day are still paid) Old Hashpower + 10% Compensation bonus Deposit Orders Backlogs + 5% Hashpower compensation Withdrawal Backlogs +5% amount compensation Register back with your same email and username!! https://www.hashmonster.io/
  3. Bonus: 100 GHS Register With My RefLink: +50 Total= 150 Please remember: People using your refcode get 50 extra GH with their account when sign up using a ref. Current exchange rate: 0.001 BTC = 0.4 TH (407 GH) /s Current minimum for withdraw: 0.003361 Returns deposit 20-21 days https://virtuehash.net/
  4. 50 GH/s for free. 5 GH/s for every referer. No maintance fee. Instant Payments. Minimum of Deposit : 0.0015 BTC. Minimum Withdraw BTC : 0.0003 BTC. https://www.fymining.com/
  5. Bonus: 100 GHS Hourly Bonus: 0.5 GHS Bonus Income Levels: from 2 up to 7% Supported Coins: BTC / Doge / Dash / Ether Classic / ETH / Bitcoin Cash / Zcash / LTC / USD Payment: BTC / Doge / Dash / LTC / Payeer / Pmoney / Bitcoin Cash /Exmo / Wex Min Deposit: 0.10 $ Min Payout: 0.5 $ Support: 7/24 hour online Referral Bonus: %10 https://forkmine.com/
  6. Adblock min claim = 1 - 2 satoshi Without adblock min claim = 25 - 50 satoshi Min payout: 2000 satoshi Claim time: 15 min Payout time: 30 min Referral bonus: 1% https://earnbitcoin.pro
  7. Bonus: 20 GHS Reinvest: Yes Min Deposit: 0.12 $ Deposit With : Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Dashcoin and Dogecoin Min Payout: 0.0001 BTC Payout With: BitCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, Payeer USD and Perfect Daily Bonus: 1 to 10 doge can change to power when reach to 100 doge Payout Time: 24 hour Earning Update: Per 30 min Contract: Forever Equipment fee: 0.0015 $ for every 10GHS Referral Bonus: 10% of the amount of each replenishment www.bitmining24.ru/
  8. Register Start earn satoshi Cool your cards Charge your battery Level up Upgrade your chips Get daily bonuses profit !! https://febbit.com/
  9. Bonus: 25 GHS Min Deposit: 1.7 $ Min Payout: 0.5 $ Contract Time: Forever Payout Time: 1 to 5 days Reinvest: Yes Referral Bonus: 10 % https://bentalefin.com/
  10. Register https://money-clicker.com/ -= Features =- • Mining resources Select a cave you want to mine in, some are unlockable with higher levels and give more valuable resources! Then, just click the button to gather resources, which you can sell later on. Yes, it's that easy! Smiley • Offline miners You don't have much time for clicking? Purchase an offline miner in the store. It will automatically mine resources for you, while you're away. (It is not a CPU/GPU miner, just an In-game unit) • Free rolls Every day you can participate in a Free roll to get some free coins. Winnings are from 1 MCC to 10000 MCC! • Upgrade your Caves You can upgrade drop rates for every cave that you have unlocked. Each level will increase how much resources you gather at once. • Upgrade the drop rates You don't have luck in dropping rare resources? Then upgrade your drop rates and the chances will be much bigger! • Upgrade to wait less You're out of energy and can't mine anymore? You need to wait for your Energy to recharge! If you don't want to wait for a recharge, you can purchase an Energy Restore and continue mining. Want to speed up waiting process? Purchase an Energy Recharge upgrade to speed it up! • 10% Upgradeable Referral commission On the very start you can earn 10% from all of your referred users. When you will earn enough coins, you can upgrade the commission up to 100%! Users that will register with your referral link will obtain free starter $0.10! You can upgrade the starter bonus to attract more users, up to $0.5 after registering! • Weekly Top Player Every week the most dedicated player (with the most clicks) will obtain a big MCC prize! Prize depends on various factors like amount of active players, total clicks, etc. • Making Ads appear less frequent Don't want ads on the website? You can purchase an upgrade that will make them to appear less frequently! • Selecting Ads annoyance You can select 3 types of Ads on your profile. - Normal - Annoying (more ads, x2 income!) - Very Annoying (a lot of ads, x4 income!!!) • Select your Captcha You hate ReCaptcha? Change it to Solvemedia in your Profile settings! • Disable Captcha Are you tired of doing the Captcha over and over? With the earned MCC you can make Captcha appear less frequently! • Withdraws done every day For now you can use two payment methods: - $1 minimum for Paypal - $0.5 minimum for BTC (FaucetHub) - $10 minimum for BTC (Direct, high due to fees)
  11. they are not paying anymore and deleted users from their website
  12. Advantages No phone number needs No citizenship id needs No personal info needs ( Adress / Birthday ) Low purchase limit - min 25 euro Low fees - it depends to websites Multiple payment methods Multiple country support Multiple coin support You can get bonuses depend to websites Only buy purpose Im not admin https://cryptovoucher.io/

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