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  1. New Airdrop/Free Coins List - I will try to update it as needed. Latest Added: CTE Chain -sign up, refer friends and earn 6.66 free CTE tokens Running: UCash - Claim 250 UCash for registering. Datx - Recieve 3.2 DATx Redvolution -Chance to win up to 50,000 REDV ORU Marketplace -Claim 300 ORU when signing up by using code TRA5449 POW Token - - Next claim: 15,343 POW 'lite', worth $1.48 MaxData - Join Telegram and fill out form to receive free tokens. Candies - -Free 33 Coins, simply enter you'r ether address Egg Tokens - Airdrop round 2, Claim 200 Egg Inbot - Claim 50 IN Tokens LinkEye - Claim 5 LET LINO - Claim 15 LINO VictraBot - Claim 10 Victra Bitsong - Claim 30 BSG SwiftDemand -Sign-up bonus, then claim 100 free Swift every day. INDX - New exchange, Claim free coins. Cryptivia - - 25 Free Coins CNN Token - Claim 128 Tokens Plaza - 50 to 200 Tokens BiBox - 20 Free Coins JSECoin - Free coins I believe is finished, however can be easily mined still on computer. Hasn't hit exchanges yet. Earn.com - Good place to find new airdrops. Get paid generally $1 in Bitcoin by the website for each airdrop completed + the free coins received. -Currently offering a few (ex: OAK, est $4 value) New Exchanges: UpCoin - Trading Opens March 1st, 2018 CoinStocks - New US Altcoin Exchange, register for early access and to Claim 500 IOX Tokens WCex - Sign up and claim free WCX BitMart - New exchange opening soon. Sign up and receive 20 BMX directly into your exchange account. Exchanges That Offer Promotions/Contests Binance Exchange - Currently offering GTO Happy Valentines Day Lucky Draw and Trading Competetion - Over 750,000 GTO to be rewarded (Ends Feb 19) BiBox Exchange - 600,000 CZR Giveaway (Ended). Register to be ready for the next competition Bit-Z Exchange - 10,000,000 PXC Trading Contest (Running) - 10,000,000 EGCC Trading Contest Running) Hope this helps! Travis James
  2. Heres a list of the only faucets/tools I use when dealing with cryptocurrency. Lottery/Faucets 1) FreeBitCo - Bitcoin faucet win up to $200 every hour. Offers dice game, mining, and weekly lottery. 2) FreeNem - New Economy Movement faucet win up to every $200 hour. Offers weekly lottery. 3) FreeDoge - Doge Coin faucet win up to $200 every hour. Also offers Dice game. 4) CoinFaucet - Ripple faucet win up to $200 every hour. Offers weekly lottery 5) EarnCrypto - Get paid in the coin of your choice for complete tasks, surveys and watching videos. 6) AdBTC - Get rewarded Bitcoin for viewing websites. 7) MellowAds - Claim 300-3000 Satoshi Every 24 hours. Can be used for free advertising. MicroWallet Faucets Coinpot Microwallet - These faucets all pay to the same wallet. The strategy here is to claim from them all and then convert them inside the wallet to your coin of choice for withdraw. Conversion and Withdraws for Coinpot are generally free of charge. 1) Moon Bitcoin - Claim every five minutes, optional mining bonus. 2) Moon Bitcoin Cash - Claim every five minutes 3) Moon Litecoin - Claim every five minutes 4) Moon Dash - Claim every five minutes 5) Moon Doge - Claim every five minutes 6) FaucetHub - Multiple Faucets, Multiple Currencies, Excellent Microwallet Trading/Portfolio Management 1) Coinigy (Free 30 Day Trial) - Offers premium cryptocurrency portfolio management with ability to integrate multiple exchange API's creating ability to place orders, etc across multiple exchanges from same interface 2) Cryptohopper (Free 30 Day Trial) - User friendly automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Trades on Multiple exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex. Unfortunately, only offers trading signals for other exchanges such as Cex and Cryptopia. No no support for lesser known exchanges such as Quadriga. Cloud Mining 1) Hashnest - Ran by Bitmain, the largest ASIC distributer in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. They allow you to both buy and sell Hashing Power. 2) Hashflare - Credible company established in 2013, have paid reliably since. Few hiccups lately with network congestion/raised withdraw minimum due to increased interested/customers, however tends to be the most profitable of the three. 3) Genesis Mining - Very popular, it is verified they own large scale mining farms (just google them on youtube). Only problem is that due to their popularity, they seldom have contracts available, and when they are, they don’t last long. Use code L0I5PG to receive a 3% discount. Good Exchanges To Pick Up Lesser Known Coins 1) BiBox - Chinese Exchange 2) UpCoin - Not yet operational. Pre-register as a founding member and receive a $500 credit towards your trading fees. Users will also be randomly selected to participate in simulated trading pre-launch. 3) CoinStock - Not yet operational. New altcoin exchange based out of the US. Pre-register and receive 100 IOX tokens. Hope this list helps! Regards, Travis James
  3. Here are Some Facts About Hexabot: 1) Hexabot is a professional automatic system (sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence) designed to help the manager or private trader work at the exchange as efficiently as possible. 2) The system went public early October 2017. Developed by Peter Shepard of Hexabot Crypto Trading LTD, a London, UK based registered company. Detailed background about the developer is unknown but private chats with him seem to show he has extensive knowledge in programming and extreme passion for his product. 3) At the moment there are 3 working bots that trade automatically (Scalping, Techincal, and Swing Trading). Joining Hexabot.top is 100% free and comes with a free 0.0001 BTC welcome bonus. 4) Deposits may be released for withdrawal at any time for a 7% fee. 5) Ad-free bitcoin faucet to allow all members to earn free bitcoin every hour. If you are looking for more information on Hexabot, everything related to their company, investment platform, and account creation can be found at: https://hexabot.top/?r=xprocrypto (referral link) https://hexabot.top (non referral link) Hopefully see you in the chat!
  4. CryptoFactory Token Giveaway | CFRS

    0x6Bbf06194a18162b76c6467519C988d7A6B43313 Thanks!

    ID: travisjames Fingers crossed!
  6. CryptoFactory Token Giveaway | CFRS

    0x6Bbf06194a18162b76c6467519C988d7A6B43313 Thanks!
  7. [Giveaway] Chics for free - Waves-token

    3PMouRpkKmJ1cLU5yM1bWpsEyXrTtpgQuCa Thanks in advance! =)
  8. BatCoin Official GiveAway #1

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