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  1. Your welcome! I'm glad you are finding it useful 😃 Forsure! Nice website BTW, really like the information/resources provided.
  2. 1) Trade.io Dare To Share Promotion - 90 Winners Will Win A 3 Day Trip To Cyprus! Visit Trade.io’s Dare To Share Page and complete simple tasks in order to earn entries into the contest/competition. The more entries earned, the better your chances at winning! The next round of winners will be announced on August 20 2) Nebulas Incentive Program - Develop DApp's For NAS Nebulas (NAS) is running an incentive program where each week they are giving away NAS to reward developers for creating DApps with NAS 3)
  3. Cool list of giveaways, will definitely have to check a few of them out. Thanks for sharing! Regards.
  4. What is Presearch (PRE)? Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the community. They are currently giving away to to 8 tokens per day for completing searches on their engine (0.25 PRE per search). Simply create an account and begin earning tokens daily. Visit Presearch
  5. Update: New trading competitions and promotions added. Enjoy!
  6. 1) CoinTiger Exchange New User Registration Bonus Promotion Information ♦ CoinTiger Exchange is airdropping 50 FGC to newly registered accounts. Bonus will be credited to your account upon creation and the promotion will last until all 400,000 FGC are gone. Register on CoinTiger Exchange 2) ChaoEx Exchange New User Registration Bonus Promotion Information ♦ Sign up to ChaoEx using this link (and bonus code) to receive 4 CHEX. Promotion will end July 5 Added Bonus ♦ Deposit a minimum of 500 CODE and receive an additional 10 CHEX
  7. Hey AJKI, really good post thanks for sharing! Nothing better than setting up a new masternode and kicking back! Regards, TravisJames
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum! There are lots of opportunities posted on these boards for you to take advantage of. A word of advice is to be cautious as there are still many scams in the crypto space, always be careful what information you are revealing when participating in offers, promotions, and giveaways. Best of luck! Regards, Travis James
  9. Mercatox Airdrop/Trading Promotion Date: June 25 to July 9 Information: Mercatox exchange is having a 300000 STAKE AIRDROP promotion. The STAKE pool will be split randomly between 100 traders (3000 STAKE each) who trade STAKE within the duration of the promo. Good luck! Visit Mercatox Exchange
  10. @sm69ny You can generate a new address or simply import an existing address from a wallet such as MyEtherWallet. If you are unsure, here is a short guide on using Metamask Regards, Travis James
  11. Hello Everyone! Here is a short list of cryptocurrency promotions for people that are interested can participate in 1) Covesting New User Trading Fee Bonus - $50 USD credit for trading fees ($300 USD for first 10,000 participants) 2) Nebulas Incentive Program - Develop NAS DApps for a chance at winning up to 20,000 NAS 3) CoinEx Promotion - For every NANO deposited, claim 1 CET (max 1000 CET) 4) Cobinhood Candy Machine - Complete daily missions for free spins on the Candy Machine. Each spin airdrops a random token to your wallet (grand prize is 1 BTC). New COB users can register with this link and will receive an additional (1) ticket when they complete their first trade and (9) additional tickets when the user successfully verifies his/her account 5) Huobi SPP Promotion (Until June 26) - Successfully verified users that have not traded SPP on HADAX before are eligible for a bonus rebate of 1 SPP for every SPP traded (maximum 2000 SPP) 6) Huobi SOC Promotion - Trade SOC on Huobi during the World Cup. If one of the teams; Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, England, and Colombia wins on the day you traded SOC, Huobi will randomly airdrop SOC tokens to your account. Rewards are distributed every Tuesday. Hope this helps someone! Regards, Travis James
  12. Your welcome! Website has recently been updated with some newer competitions. Enjoy! Regards, Travis James
  13. Many coins are being continually added for users to participate in both staking rewards and masternode seats. It is definitely worth checking out for anybody interested in passive crypto income or PoS coins. Get the coins for staking from exchanges like CoinExchange, Crypto-Bridge, or Mercatox. For an additional staking pool to check out, visit Staking Labs Regards,
  14. What is Epiphany? Epiphany is a new digital asset exchange platform built on NEO. EPN is the native token of the exchange which will offer voting rights, trading discounts, promotional exclusives How to claim? Create an account on Epiphany (30 Tokens) Sign in daily (30 Points/Day) Verify phone number (250 points) *EPN Tokens are being built and distributed through the NEO network. In order to withdraw your coins, you will need a non-exchange NEO wallet such Neon wallet. *Points are accumulated and can be traded for tokens (10 points = 1 token) to be withdrawn on the official date Visit Epiphany Exchange
  15. How Earn CTL Tokens? Create an account on Coinlaunch (250 CTL) and navigate to the COINDROP page. Then, Sign up for their official telegram group (250 CLT) Deploy CoinLaunch contract on Mainnet or Testnet (250 CLT) Visit CoinLaunch.Token Regards, Travis James

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