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  1. ETHDEX airdrop is officially over We would like to thanks all the participants for being a part of us. We'll start the distribution very soon. There will be blog post regarding the airdrop phase and project update. stay tuned Claim your 50k bonus token If you miss the Airdrop, you can still grab some EDEX ,For every 0.10 $eth donation you'll get 20k ETHDEX token. Donate 1 ETH in a single transaction for 50K Bonus!! Hurry! only 24 hr left and only 1.3 millions left in the pot https://www.ethdex.org/donation/
  2. ETHDEX last round token airdrop is just live !! https://www.ethdex.org/airdrop/ All previous participants will receive 500 ethdex automatically, no need to apply.
  3. Distribution was done! Spreadsheet for Round 3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HkE_9dn5u51PVGkmAZs3hhHTISG_Z-BZBTQzPYEqkC4/edit?usp=sharing Earn 400 ETHDEX tokens today from our daily bounty program, exclusively on Telegram channel, join https://t.me/dailybounty Everyday new task, Everyday payment
  4. Payment sent to all qualified members Check our special giveaway on Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/Ethdex/ JOIN OUR JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP for daily bounty program.
  5. https://medium.com/@edex_dex/edex-monthly-report-3f0c646200d9
  6. Let's have some fun. https://twitter.com/edex_dex/status/935259066800128000
  7. WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER MEDIUM SLACK REDDIT TELEGRAM Hi cryptocurrencytalk, Since the title says this is a giveaway but we really appreciate any of your efforts to promote our project. Rules First !! This giveaway is open only to cryptocurrencytalk users Account created before 20/11/17 will not be eligibale You can do all task or even 1, no problem. I reserve the right to change or implement new rules anytime Retweet this and Earn 200 ETHDEX token https://twitter.com/edex_dex/status/934911114051067904 Post your twitter @username+ eth addy here Join our SLACK Earn 200 ETHDEX token Post your slack username and eth address here Like our FB page + share pin post and Earn 200 ETHDEX token https://web.facebook.com/Ethdex Post your FB name+link to your share+ethaddress Post your address according to this example; Retweet: done @username Slack: done @username FB: done @displayed name ETh: 0x...
  8. EDEX daily bounty program is live on telegram !! Earn up to 1000 ETHDEX token daily from social media campaign JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP Everyday new task !! Everyday payment !! **To participate in our bounty campaign, you must join our Telegram group.
  9. Final 5 Days!! For every 0.10 $eth donation you'll get 30k ETHDEX token. Donate 1 $ETH in a single transaction for 100K Bonus!! https://www.ethdex.org/donation/
  10. For every 0.10 $eth donation you'll get 30k ETHDEX token. Donate 1 $ETH in a single transaction for 100K Bonus!! https://www.ethdex.org/donation/

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