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  1. Did you try sending emails to support@pooler.cc - the admin is usually very fast responding. He is in Europe though - so time difference might cause delay. You can also try imho@marscoin.org or hit @freenode #Marscoin and see if imho is online.
  2. [23:49] are there public patches to p2pool for mrs? [23:53] hi clever, did you reach out to the p2pool admin? [23:54] didnt see any contact info [23:54] no contact info on http://p2pool.neocities.org/coin_mrs.html [23:56] ive tried patching p2pool, but it doesnt seem to be reading the difficulty right [23:57] 2014-02-01 00:56:37.716887 New work for worker! Difficulty: 0.999985 Share di...

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    2. marscoin


      [00:01] <marscoin_> I really don't know anything about that.. https://cryptocointalk.com/user/5166-deeppurple72/ this user posted that he had added MRS to p2pool

      [00:02] <clever> You are not permitted to view member profiles.

      [00:02] <clever> dang

      [00:02] <marscoin_> says Report issues to our BitMessage Support Address: BM-2cWUSRpLmjXPdTewyk8kpdxxDj81rLBgqE

      [00:03] <clever> ah, i found part of the issue

      [00:03] <clever...

    3. marscoin


      [00:03] <clever> ah, i found part of the issue

      [00:03] <clever> the target comes from target = 2**256-1

      [00:03] <clever> that would explain things

      [00:03] <marscoin_> I can leave him a message

      [00:03] <clever> yeah, even if i can fix my patch, it wont be the same pool

      [00:03] <marscoin_> right

      [00:03] <clever> so i would be solo mining

      [00:03] <marscoin_> why don't we send him a message

    4. marscoin



      [00:03] <marscoin_> why don't we send him a message

      [00:03] <clever> i need the right p2pool prefix, port, and bootstrap info

      [00:03] <marscoin_> do you have a contact email where he can reach out to?

      [00:04] <clever> sure

      [00:04] <clever> cleverca22@gmail.com

  3. We contacted MarsOne before the launch, but I think they are just waiting how successful we are. We are planning on handing over a paper wallet with the donation to MarsOne at a Mars conference, possible in August. Several of the selected "Marstronauts" are members of the Marscoin community... so if one of them makes it through the final selection round, Marscoin will go to Mars :-) Checkout our blog for news.

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