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  1. S83CN2C6oMzYUzSqyxcUFor6abPyjJwTGq Not sure if if I am too late, but I only need 30 more GRC before I start staking... an I said thank yoooou
  2. I have the same. I have been running BOINC projects attached to a GRC wallet for less than a week... on purpose, because the way I understand it, once I can get a few more GRC ( I have 3.000000) I can set to staking at which point it will steal GRC for beacon purposes which will take me off investor mode and set me active. Then I can turn my nodes online and get paid for work my control node (has access to my wallet) has done for the last week (at that point). I learned after much trouble (30hr) that I only was to have ONE wallet (when I had more than one they were all same email, so same account). Anyway, yes, I have the same neural net negativity... also, I have never seen my CPID, having never run anything graphical... my synopsis above is probably completely wrong, maybe others can enlighten me to the true way.
  3. I have a wallet.dat and understand how to use my address! 🐡 huzzah! 🐂🐪 I know I can make a solid run at solo-mining if I had a couple GRC to jumpstart the whole thing... S83CN2C6oMzYUzSqyxcUFor6abPyjJwTGq To anybody whom will assist me, I offer complete payback. Thanks for your time!
  4. They won't let me in to take a photo, but... https://www.soyoustart.com/us/offers/1804sys20.xml
  5. Just recently had all of my questions answered,... IRC channel here is amazing! The BOINC community has always been AMAZING and the GRC community is really in keeping with the superlative bar that was set so long ago. I'm looking to get out of INVESTOR mode yesterday... need a little push toward solo mining, if anybody can spare anything. S83CN2C6oMzYUzSqyxcUFor6abPyjJwTGq KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!
  6. TL;DR: im nu gld plz I wish I were staking even though I have no coinage... but right now my wallet is open and I'm accepting donations! I'd really like to get out of INVESTOR mode tomorrow. Address below, if you can spare absolutely anything! THANKS FOR READING! S83CN2C6oMzYUzSqyxcUFor6abPyjJwTGq
  7. I think ICOs try to differentiate themselves by saying how they are like BTC but more... whether it's their mission or a gimmick, I think when it comes down to it, the Gridcoin project is afforded ultimate legitimacy because of the underlying BOINC project. I was crunching long before the coins. When Gridcoin dies, BOINC'ers will still be doing their thing because it's good for the world and because it's fun. I think when the "fun" and the "good for the world" starts to disappear from a lot of the other currencies, GRC will not skyrocket but at least inevitably advance in value, because of what it's made of. Gridiron is not forged from blockchain alone, but within the hearts of each and every CONTRIBUTOR... the researchers that is, rather than just miners spinning their wheels on a busybody moneymission. When the world dries up and we start paving the roads with recycled plastic, I'd like to know that my plastic helped cure Melaria or that it inspired a budding young engineer via an "@home" screensaver... not that it was the keystone of the endtimes, a polymer arrow through the heart of a dying world.
  8. Hail and to all thee, well met! TLDR; I'm coming in hot as a solo miner! Too close for missiles, I'm switchin' ta guns! aauuughthahumaaanity Veteran BOINC'er here but learned about Gridgoin on Saturday -- and areyoukiddingmerightnowguys! RIGHT ON TOP OF IT ROSE! This looks tons of fun. Stay tuned for some gold odd fashioned automation stuff from me, or silly photoshops and whatever After asking a few questions in #gridcoin, I tried #gridcoin-help. I might be silenced on the chan. More likely I'm just annoying. Here's a picture to set the doom! HAPPY MINING!

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