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  1. I think Blockchain have attacked on the big guns in the field of the economy that is why it is facing huge pressure otherwise the Button must ha e reached up to $50000 so far. But it is competing good which is the best thing and source of inspiration for all of us.
  2. United States of America is supporting the Bitcoin with clear prospective that is why it is surviving in the world apart from huge external pressure exerted by the bank, insurance companies, and cloud servers. What do you people think in this regard? Are banks really sincere with us?
  3. Capcha is the best software for the protection of your data on the internet. It prevents the inhuman and robotic traffic on your site as you have zero pass through a private key in order to enter the site or account. I use it on all of my websites and it is giving good results.
  4. I think the struggle of the crypto companies is mainly die to their huge completion in the form of intracompanies, and with the bank as well. The banks are offering them great rivalry. I would like to say that these companies have to stay patient and have to improve their social media awareness. Thank you so much!
  5. I want to say in this regard that you have to invest the money which you can afford to lose on the crypto market as it is the most risky investment. You also have to give some time to the market for the returns. It is most unpredictable and uncertain market. Keep all of these factors in mind!
  6. I think we have to post the material which has the usability for the members and they have interest in it. These kind of posts do not get any appreciation from the people due to their irrelevancy. You people need to read the rules before posting as well. Thanks
  7. I am highly in favor of the crypto browser as it is a great facility for the new traders to reach the coins of their choice in a quick time. A person pays for what? He pays for the saving of his time and a crypto browser saves a lot of it. My review is positive about it and I would recommend it's usage!
  8. You have to choose the crypto about which you have the huge knowledge and confidence. You cannot make your money as a scratch by investing in the failed projects. Staying and trusting the major currencies is the better option in this regard. Have a good time ahead!
  9. Bounty offers in the Initial Coin Offering ICO offers is the best source of attracting new traders towards a cryptocurrency as far as I know. The coin owners have the opportunity to sell the initial coins in different ways including airdrop, bounty, and ico. Grab the opportunity!
  10. Cryptosky


    Video and promo development is a vast field as all the business and huge companies require the videos based on perfect idea for the customers in order to attract them towards their products. I appreciate your work as I love creative people. Best of luck for your business!
  11. Blockchain technology is the best in terms of the security. I think the best thing about the blockchain technology is that it prevents the loss of data from hackers, and other fake people. I think hackers have become disturbed due to the blockchain technology. Do you people agree with me?
  12. A round or circular disc types matter having some value. But in cryptocurrency you will only see drawing of coin but no physical existance. In online trade coin has value equal to some fiat currency. In original life it do not exist physicaly. You can exchange coin with physical currency.
  13. Value of bitcoin is increasing day by day. But to hold it for much time is not profitable. As rates or prices some time may decreases so that time to keep it hold will creat loss. So when you see rise in price then you must sale rather then holding. It is now up to owner.
  14. My answer is yes, I will invest in the cryptocurrencies as I believe in the optimism related to the cryptos. I have a close look on the bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple as I want to put some eggs in these baskets. What do you people think about my choice? I need your honest replies!
  15. United States have a clear opinion about the cryptos and they are supporting the bitcoin more than any other nation. I think America is the best place for the traders to work with complete freedom and legality. All other nations must have to learn from the US. Thanks!

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