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  1. Things're easier with crypt, of course. It has no nationality and only a few countries have recognized it legally. We live in an interesting time. The whole world is actively using both crypt and tokens, but it is kind of not legalized. We must maximize the benefits from this, I would call it, favorable lawlessness))
  2. Call of Duty is a famous game of the modern era as it is based on the modern warfare techniques. It depicts the severity of the wars due to the involvement of the modern weapons. War is end of the world now, I am scared of the nuclear weapons, do you?
  3. I think crypto investments are more confusing as no one knows what is going to happen with the currency. I am quite axcited about my investments and I would surely not expect for such a thing happen to me. Say me good luck friends!
  4. I think we have to appreciate the antiscam platforms as they are the last hope for the innocent traders to make their money safe somehow. I have heard about the snatching of the money by the hackers and scammers on the online markets and I am really disappointing about it.
  5. Hahaha! If it is a high potential busniess then why are you selling it? Your post title is quite confusing in this regard. Are you compelled to send this business setup? If yes, then kindly clarify us in this regard so that we would stay away from such situations in the future.
  6. Choosing a forex broker is an important part of trading as you have to select the best one. You can save good money by doing a good selection as you have to save swap and commission. I would recommend you to choose the broekr which allows swap free account. Thanks!
  7. It is really a good news for us that bitcoin is accepted all around the world now.You can utilize your coins for booking tickets, buying gadgets, planning tours, and even drinking coffee. Now, you can also do shopping with your digital currency in the form of Bitcoin, An amazing and new way of shopping!
  8. A person who get disheart due to couple or more losses is a coward. make these losses count and work with more enthusiasm by making these losses a step towards success. Trust in yourself and your abilities. You will get something amazing soon my friend!
  9. I want to ask a question to you people that is it a better option to trust on your luck in the money matters? I think no, as luck does not favor all the time. Do you have enough coins to make it happen and spend them for being lucky at one moment out of hundreds. Think well before joining this busienss!
  10. Jackpot is really dependent on your luck and you need a lot of money and persistence in order to deal with the probability. It is really hard to depend on the luck as it does not favor all the time. I am not a lucky person guys! What should I do?
  11. I do not know why people waste their coins in these kind of unpredictable and funny businesses. I think trading is much better option for spending your coins as you have the powr of analysis there while trading. What are your priorities folks?
  12. I agree. I'm surprised by the fact that commission sometimes changes with no reason. It does increase not that high but I used to think that it seemed to me.
  13. I thought India was in support of cryptocurrency. This has come a surprising news for me. I hope that the ban is just for a short time and they wil revise their decision soon. The youth will be the major victims of this policy.
  14. Wow. 50 million dollars. That is one heck of an investment. I wasn't expecting such kind of endorsement from a cryptocurrency company. I hope this investment will open the gateways of blockchain technology to the ordinary people.
  15. It is a hard question to answer. But i don't think cryptocurrency can survive on a small scale. You will need machinery which is very expensive and mining process will require a lot of electricity which will up the costs. Cryptocurrency needs to be launched on a big scale for success.

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