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  1. rahakott.io wallet discussion

    I knew about the comission but it's not that high anyways. The important thing is that the speed seems to remain the same. But I read it also depends on the mempool speed.
  2. I read that artificial intellect was also somehow mixed with the blockchain. I wonder what will happen with it in the end, but I hope artificial intellect will ease people's lives.
  3. Surprising. The new market births rich people. Although the cryptocurrency market is new, it's already got its millionaires who can show off good resources.
  4. Many investors who invest in cryptocurrency - they invest for the long run. And you can understand them, they don't all live off bidding, some just invest for the future.
  5. Top best cryptocurrencies for 2018

    You can say that the top cryptocurrency practically hasn't changed since last year. We'll see what they are like mid 2018, they promise to grow.
  6. rahakott.io wallet discussion

    Has anyone heard about the Rahakott cryptowallet being accrued depending on the load of the mempool too? That speen of withdrawing doesn't change, but if there's a big load, then the commission will be much more. Is that true?
  7. Yes by the way. It's an interesting notion of the platform about user identity. Can it generate some password? That would be interesting. I'll keep an eye on this project =)
  8. Bad News From India Makes Bitcoin Price Fall

    I've heard of some moments with India and bitcoin. In general I don't understand it, either China, now it's India. Of course that doesn't play in favor of the cryptocurrency market, and it's noticable by the rates.
  9. I don't quite understand the idea of monetisation. For your strategies being popular will you get some funds or what? Anyway, it would be a nice idea for the future.
  10. This market is truly perfecting itself practically with every day. I like its online chat and in general the interface is good. In general I'm also happy about it, so far I'm not searching for another one. =)
  11. rahakott.io wallet discussion

    I've already said, although the wallet is very simple, but it works like clockwork. I have already been able to use other bitcoin wallets, but wasn't too impressed, or I was just to sceptical about depositing money there. It so happened that the wallet had a terribly impractical interface.
  12. rahakott.io wallet discussion

    It's a good wallet without in-system fees if you're planning on making transfers. I mine bitcoin myself and I use this wallet. The withdrawal is quick. Plus, there's a direct link for mining payment.
  13. Top bitcoin exchanges and different excahnge services. Plus, some wallets=)
  14. Teenagers + Bitcoin = Drugs & Pyramid Schemes: Korea’s Prime Minister

    The problem is not with bitcoin, of course. You need to use your brains. All in all, you can do that with other cryptocurrencies as well.
  15. I don't know. I think it's crazy to deny something that has been around for a long time. Cruptocurrency is the future. And those who deny it probably just haven't had the chance to appreciate it.

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