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  1. I've got a similar question. In order to participate in ICO I still need to pay the organisers directly. 250 euro for the news about different ICO is quite expensive:)))
  2. Wow! it is the best post I have seen on this forum. I would like to say that the forum cryptocurrencytalk is doing a great job in creating the awareness among the common people and educating them properly from the base to technical part. Thanks to this forum!
  3. Hello guys! Yes if you have the extra money which you can invest quite easily without budget disturbance then you have to invest it as the future of the cryptos is quite bright. I would recommend you people to invest in Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Thanks
  4. It's a rare case when I shall agree with you. Seed phrase shouldn't be revealed to any random person, it's better to keep it in a safe place or several safe places. As they say, fast bind, fast find.
  5. Hello guys! Broker is the backbone of the trader as far as I think. You have to choose the broker which has good credibility on the market and has some history as well. Many new brokers are a part of scam which can affect you badly. Trust those who deserve to be trusted!
  6. It is the greatness about the vacuum cleaner that they are in different sizes. You have to choose the size which is of your requirement. It is the quick and easy way of cleaning the sheets and mats in the rooms and offices. So, choice depends on the requirement!
  7. I do not agree with you as trading is not a source of passive income. You have to devote full time as in any job in order to achieve the profits from this market. A short-term trader or part-time trader always lose money now or then. What do you people think in this regard?
  8. I think Blockchain have attacked on the big guns in the field of the economy that is why it is facing huge pressure otherwise the Button must ha e reached up to $50000 so far. But it is competing good which is the best thing and source of inspiration for all of us.
  9. United States of America is supporting the Bitcoin with clear prospective that is why it is surviving in the world apart from huge external pressure exerted by the bank, insurance companies, and cloud servers. What do you people think in this regard? Are banks really sincere with us?
  10. Capcha is the best software for the protection of your data on the internet. It prevents the inhuman and robotic traffic on your site as you have zero pass through a private key in order to enter the site or account. I use it on all of my websites and it is giving good results.
  11. I think the struggle of the crypto companies is mainly die to their huge completion in the form of intracompanies, and with the bank as well. The banks are offering them great rivalry. I would like to say that these companies have to stay patient and have to improve their social media awareness. Thank you so much!
  12. I want to say in this regard that you have to invest the money which you can afford to lose on the crypto market as it is the most risky investment. You also have to give some time to the market for the returns. It is most unpredictable and uncertain market. Keep all of these factors in mind!
  13. I think we have to post the material which has the usability for the members and they have interest in it. These kind of posts do not get any appreciation from the people due to their irrelevancy. You people need to read the rules before posting as well. Thanks
  14. I am highly in favor of the crypto browser as it is a great facility for the new traders to reach the coins of their choice in a quick time. A person pays for what? He pays for the saving of his time and a crypto browser saves a lot of it. My review is positive about it and I would recommend it's usage!
  15. You have to choose the crypto about which you have the huge knowledge and confidence. You cannot make your money as a scratch by investing in the failed projects. Staying and trusting the major currencies is the better option in this regard. Have a good time ahead!

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