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  1. I use it too, but I haven't still figured out why commission changes from time to time. There's one number mentioned in FAQ, and sometimes there's another.
  2. I think all these companies facebook, google, twitter want to launch their own cryptocurrency. I heard Google was trying to recruit the best crypto experts. If all this is true, then this is bad practise to ban your competition.
  3. South Korea is one of the leading crypto trading country and the South Koreans are investing in the cryptos with huge volumes. Yes, I agree with you that all the new coins try to hit the Korean market viably for the future success in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is easy to trade cryptos in the South Korea as well. Thank you!
  4. Movies

    Avengers is really a complete hit of the seasons and I always hear the name once or twice a week from someone else who has even a little interest in movies. By the way, I am not a huge fan of Avangers as I love movies based on true stories!
  5. Atlas Shrugged is a great novel and the movie ia based upon it. It is really an amazing trailer and I will surely watch this movie. Can you people guide me from where can I download it on my pc in the blu ray version? Thanks in advance!
  6. Japanese music instruments are quite famous all around the world. Music has a huge influence on the life of a person as it gives you strength when you feel down. It also hives you happiness when you feel up. Are you a Japanese music lover?
  7. What are you listening to?

    I am listening to the beautiful spanish song Despacito. The lyrics and muaic of this song is very enthusiastic and amazing. I listen it while driving, before sleeping, after getting up, and whenever I find time. What are you listening folks?
  8. The movie is a huge suspense in itself and I agree with the saying that the first version is horror and the next versions are explanation of the first. If you will watch the first movie then you will aurely watch the complete season. Beauty of series movies!
  9. Mine Turtle is a well suited name for this song as it has an effect on the mind which is quite boring. I dislike this song and I would recommend you to ignore it. By the way, it is my own opinion! Let me know about your opinions as well.
  10. Hello to everyone! As any other market, the prices go up and down on the crypto market as well. You need same ethics to trade on this market as on any other platform. You have to wait with the patience and work on a proper plan in order to gain some handy profits.
  11. You can take help from the signal providers if you are a crypto trader as the market is still young and it is really difficult to predict the future of the market. You need to believe in the expert advice as it is the minimum you can do on a market with lower liquidity. Am I right folks?
  12. Well, you are talking in vain. Your money, my money and at any moment it'll be quite a lot as a whole. But rahakott seems to be sufficiently protected. Firstly, it doesn't support vulnerable currencies and tokens. Everything is carefully checked. And in my opinion two-factor authorization is reliable enough.
  13. Blockchain is being actively studied by different companies and just people in general too. Evertyone is trying to become a blockchain developer. It's actually a right thing to do, because blockchain has future.
  14. I hope they won't ban the internet for odrinary citizens before this time comes. Because in some countries the internet is banned, some websites are banned. Bans are just all around us.
  15. Maybe it's just a news to influence cryptocurrency once again somehow? Is there any point in banning cryptocurrency promotion or anything else?

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