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  1. Many people got used to the fact they can always recover their passwords. But in the crypto world everything works apparently in a different way:))
  2. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the best Marv movies ever made. The entire plot and story-line was full of such events that was surprising. Nobody was expecting that Thanos would have gotten all the stones. What do you think will happen in the next movie? Are the heroes really dead?
  3. Many scheme have been started by different organisations and companies for best outcome. Some people have different moto and mind set so they want to earn much in short time. So it is up to user and members that how they tackle and attain profit from any scheme.
  4. There is much possibility of Bitcoin to reach at maximum peak. As the rates and prices are increasing day by day. And average user are also increased. Currently organisation is going in profit so in future hopefully Bitcoin will rise. Now it depend on organisation that how it will run the business.
  5. Future predictions is not always true. As future predictions are not made on exact calculations. But to some extent there are maximum chances of increment in Bitcoin price to high level. If majority countries permit usage of Bitcoin then its value and price will rise.
  6. This is new type of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. But size of Bitcoin is large as compare to Bitcoin cash. It is more easy to use and profitable. For customer satisafaction Bitcoin cash is preffered. So it is good to invest in this cryptocurrency.
  7. Cryptocurrency is used for mainly online trading. In India there are many online websites which are used for comercial trading like clothes and leather. It is most convinent mode of trading for customers. Now a days everyone has access to internet so he or she can order online.
  8. Tell me please, if I forget the mnemonic phrase, can I restore it?
  9. You must have some basic knowledge of computer and internet. Some basic technical skills used in cryptocurrency. Also some information about online trade. If any one have well knowledge of finance and economics then he or she will be good in business.
  10. There is lot of scope of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in developed countries. Many countries have placed ATM machines for exchange and mining of Cryptocurrency. So in Canada people have opportunity of investing and trading in cryptocurrency. Every one must avail this chance.
  11. This is organisation which have numbers of engineers and expertes. All of trade including online business is controlled by this organisation. Many softweres are used for coping the problems and customer satisafaction. However more detailes can be gathered from softwere engineer.
  12. There are many things you mut know before investing. You should have basic knowledge of computer and finance. You must be well aware of cryptocurrency prices and values in market. Well knowledge of running crisis of country. As there is possible chance of ban on Bitcoin in that country.
  13. Prices of Bitcoin varies daily. It also depend on country which is allowing its usage. Some year ago many countries has banned cryptocurrencies. Then it was financial loss of crypto company. Now again there is rise in price of Bitcoin. After some years there are chances of full replacement of cryptocurrency with fiat.
  14. Everyone have his/her own opinion about cryptocurrency. Any member of crypto user can brief in right term. Our sugestion is that everyone once must invest in Bitcoin. You should start from small amount. First gather some experience and knowledge. Then you will get profit.
  15. You can only exchange Bitcoin with other fiat currencies. Then you can buy any property in UAE. As there is no physical existance of cryptocurrency in UAE. Also Rules of UAE even don not allow such type of trade. Before buying any property in UAE you must convert Bitcoin in fiat currency.

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