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  2. Tomorrow Events: AdCoin ($ACC) - Dedicated Cryptocurrency Advertising Platform Publica ($PBL) - First BOOK ICO on Publica BitBay ($BAY) - Opti Token Airdrop For BitBay Members Blockport ($BPT) - Community Contest Mercury ($MER) - Gravity Release SIRIN LABS Token ($SRN) - The FINNEY Release Credo ($CREDO) - CredoEx Exchange Launch Covesting ($COV) - Q&A Session Linx (LINX) - Payment System Launch Populous ($PPT) - Beta Launch Loopring ($LRC) - To Be Listed on 5 Exchange GanjaCoin ($MRJA) - Smoke Shop Opening Titanium BAR ($TBAR) - Private Iaas/PaaS Alpha Starts
  3. Today Events eBitcoin ($EBTC) - ePRX Airdrop for eBTC Holders Decred ($DCR) - Listed On GODEX Triggers ($TRIG) - Coin Agenda Caribbean ReddCoin ($RDD) - AMA On Reddit Odyssey ($OCN) - Listed on HitBTC XTRABYTES ($XBY) - Community AMA DigiByte ($DGB) - Founder Jared Tate To Speak at MIT Ontology ($ONT) - Competition And Giveaway On Binance Tomorrow Events Groestlcoin ($GRS) - Meetup In South Korea Expanse ($EXP) - #ACF20 Contest KickCoin ($KICK) - KICK Bonus Emission Bytom ($BTM) - Seoul Meetup Breaking News Vibrate ($VIB) Partners With Coinomi Verify ($CRED) Released The Verify Payments Alpha ION ($ION) Partners With Ryan Sieg Racing Piggycoin ($PIGGY) Announced Article Bounty Program WAX ($WAX) Announced Partnership With Etheremon Binance Opens Withdrawals for Super Bitcoin ($SBTC) Binance Announced Decentralized Exchange Coding Competition Loopring ($LRC) Published A Whitepaper Monaco ($MCO) Announced Partnership GOPAX NoLimitCoin ($NLC2) Partners With Live at the Bike
  4. Shill Your Coins! What Is Shill Your Coins? A community where users try to convince others to invest in their cryptocurrencies! Why Should I Join It? The more people know about your coins the more they will buy. How Can I Start Shilling My Coins? Sign Up and start a topic about your favorite cryptocurrency. Tell everyone why they should buy it! Convince others to invest in your cryptocurrencies NOW!
  5. Tomorrow Events: EmberCoin ($EMB) - New Project Details To Be Released BitDice ($CSNO) - Dividends Snapshot Loopring ($LRC) - Roadmap Release Hawala.Today ($HAT) - IFS Activation PoSToken ($POS) - Opening Deposits and Lending For Everyone Open Trading Network ($OTN) - Airdrop for the OTN Holders ELTCOIN ($ELTCOIN) - POS HODLER Rewards BitcoinCash ($BCH) To Be Listed On Coinbase E4ROW ($E4ROW) - Chrome Browser Release Triggers ($TRIG) - Triggers Community AMA Bytom ($BTM) - To Be Listed on Jex.com Primas ($PST) - Official Release And Public Testing EmberCoin ($EMB) - Coin Burn-Into-Swap For A New Project Kittehcoin ($MEOW) - Lynx Wallet Release
  6. Tomorrow Events: Groestlcoin ($GRS) - Major Groestlcoin Development Release Atomic Coin ($ATOM) - New Roadmap Matchpool ($GUP) - Two Alpha Releases Merged Monaco ($MCO) - Special Announcement SONM ($SNM) - MVP Testnet Release Waves ($WAVES) - Sasha Ivanov Live Q&A Session DigiByte ($DGB) - To Be Listed On OKEx NEM ($XEM) - To Be Listed On OKEx
  7. Tomorrow Events: Bela ($BELA) - Roadmap Release Vertcoin ($VTC) - AMD GPU Miner Release CryptoInsight ($TKR) - Desktop Client Release NEO ($NEO) - NEO Conference on Tech Ecosystem In Beijing Zcoin ($XZC) - Hard Fork Unify ($UNIFY) - Airdrop For Telegram Members
  8. Tomorrow's Events: Bytom ($BTM) - Blockchain New Ecology Summit in China Viberate ($VIB) - Token Integration into Jaxx Wallet Power Ledger ($POWR) - Perth Crypto Crew & Power Ledger Meetup Crown ($CRW) - New Roadmap Autonio ($NIO) - Autonio 1.1 Release Enigma ($ENG) - First Enigma Reddit AMA Stellar ($XLM) - Blockchain For Cross-Border Payments & ICOs Bangkok Meetup BLUE ($BLUE) - Announcement Hive ($HVN) - Demo Version Release
  9. Today's Events: Qtum ($QTUM) - Internet Governance Forum in Geneva Waves ($WAVES) - Major Events In South Korea Agrello ($DLT) - New Partnering Details Stellar Lumens ($XLM) - Stellar Lumens Hong Kong Meetup Iconomi ($ICN) - Iconomi Community AMA Einsteinium ($EMC2) - Mind-Blowing Announcement Decentraland ($MANA) - To Be Listed on TOPBTC Dragonchain ($DRGN) - Dragonchain Community AMA ICON ($ICX) - To Be Listed On OKEx Litecoin ($LTC) - Litecoin Foundation Livestream Tomorrow's Events: HiCoin ($XHI) - Switch to Limited Service FunFair ($FUN) - Company Update NAVCoin ($NAV) - NavPay Launch Basic Attention Token ($BAT) - BAT Community AMA
  10. Tomorrow Events: Matchpool (GUP) - Beta 1.0 Release Bitcoin ($BTC) - CME Group Bitcoin Futures Launch Date Triaconta ($TRIA) - New Website Gnosis ($GNO) - Developers Community Call Quatloo ($QTL) - QuatlooTrader Public Release Dent ($DENT) - Listing on Kucoin EOS ($EOS) - To Be Listed On Bithumb Bitcoin ($BTC) - TD Ameritrade Bitcoin Futures Trading Stratis ($STRAT) - Full Node Alpha Release
  11. Tomorrow Events: COSS ($COSS) - Resuming Gatcoin Token Sales on COSS Musicoin ($MUSIC) - Great News 1 And 2 Announcement MediBond ($MEDI) - Token Burn Internet of People (IOP) - Hydra Airdrop for Holders COSS ($COSS) - DATUM Goes Live On COSS Maker ($MKR) - Maker And Dai Launch Bitcoin Gold ($BTG) - To Be Listed On Coinone Loopring ($LRC) - Reddit AMA With Daniel Wang Bitcoin ($BTC) - Block Trades on CBOE eBitcoinCash ($EBCH) - Whitepaper Release
  12. Tomorrow Events: eBoost ($EBST) - New Website Atmos ($ATMS) - Voting on The Drafts NEM ($XEM) - Indonesia Meetup Ambrosus ($AMB) - AMA With CEO Angel Versetti
  13. Today's Events: TenX ($PAY) - Community Xmas Party And Open House In Singapore Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) - Delisted From Bittrex IntenseCoin ($ITNS) - Big Changes For ITNS EverGreenCoin ($EGC) - 2018 Roadmap Release Triggers ($TRIG) - AMA on Reddit FundYourselfNow ($FYN) - Major Announcement Decentraland ($MANA) - Genesis City Auction Release ClearPoll ($POLL) – Token Burn Rise ($RISE) - DPOS System Improvement News AltCommunity Coin ($ALTCOM) - Masternodes Monaco ($MCO) - Listing On Coinnest Coinrail And QRYPTOS Pesetacoin ($PTC) - Android and IOS Wallet Release ClearPoll ($POLL) - Alpha Testing Pura ($PURA) - New Wallet MyBit Token ($MYB) - Listing on Liqui Primalbase Token ($PBT) - Berlin Office Opening Innova ($INN) - New Website Decentraland ($MANA) - Terraform Event Civic ($CVC) - Huobi Pro Listing Bitcoin ($BTC) - Fintech and Crypto Regulations Bill to Pass In Mexico PoSToken ($POS) - PoSToken Lending Service Launch EncrypGen ($DNA) - Preferred Vendor And Online Storefront Opening Ripple ($XRP) - Asian Banks Tetsting Ripple Blockchain Technology Walton ($WTC) - To Be Listed On Coinlink Waves ($WAVES) - Hard Fork Aion ($AION) - First TRS Release Kyber Network ($KNC) - To Be Listed OKEx Monero ($XMR) - Monero Vienna Meetup Groestlcoin ($GRS) - Developer Meetup In Rotterdam DCORP ($DRP) - DCORP Reddit AMA Lampix ($PIX) - BlockchainMix Event in New York
  14. Tomorrow Events: Stox ($STX) - Cyber Security Conference Masternodecoin ($MTNC) - Burning 10 Million Coins ELTCOIN ($ELTCOIN) - To Be Listed on CoinExchange.io IOTA ($MIOTA) - Tokyo Meetup Monaco (MCO) - New Exchange Announcement MaidSafeCoin ($MAID) - MaidSafeCoin Community AMA Basic Attention Token ($BAT) - Technical Talk For Developers Ink ($INK) - To Be Listed On Coinnest
  15. Today's Events: Vertcoin ($VTC) - First Block Reward Halving Privatix ($PRIX) - Second Community Update Lykke ($LKK) - Token Sale IOTA ($MIOTA) - Moscow Meetup Ethereum Classic ($ETC) - Hard Fork Bitcoin ($BTC) - CryptoBlockCon 2017 Stellar Lumens ($XLM) - SatoshiPay Launch in London Dovu ($DOVU) - Token Burn OmiseGO ($OMG) - To Be Listed On Coinnest Decentraland ($MANA) - AMA On Reddit Basic Attention Token ($BAT) - To Be Listed On Huobi Peercoin ($PPC) - Softfork Activation Gnosis ($GNO) - Gnosis Berlin Developers Meetup Tierion ($TNT) - Node Registration Tomorrow's Events: Waves (WAVES) - Waves Client 1.0 Public Beta Neo ($NEO) - NEO Platform And NEX Architecture Technical Discussion Rivetz ($RVT) - Community AMA BitBean ($BITB) - Community Conference Zcash ($ZEC) - Community AMA DigiPulse ($DGPT) - Major Updates Ethereum ($ETH) - Ethereum London Meetup

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