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  1. So I know there was a major effort to solve this puzzle, and ultimately a solution was found via brute force but.... Did anyone ever figure out how the heck it was intended to be solved? I know it's been out for quite some time now, but I just finished it recently for the second time... after about 6 months just sitting in that room, running around looking for clues, etc. Never could figure it out. I can't accept that there never was an answer there HAD to be. That would be the hugest troll any puzzle game developer could have possibly imagined. I even re-watched Stanley Kubricks movie to try to find clues. Also... very sad that there will be no sequal :( This was quite possibly the most infuriating, complex, and all around amazing puzzle game I ever played.
  2. DISCLAIMER: NOOB That being said, I don't think anyone could honestly say with any certainty. You'd have to look at each one, research it as extensively as you can, and try to visualize it's future impact and go from there. Think of it this way. Imagine when there were all sorts of wild technologies in the past. There were MANY people who glanced at the Telephone and scoffed "yeah, that will never be affordable to the average citizen" or "yeah, that will never catch on" and consider today. If those people had imagined the what ifs, and it's revolutionary impact on society... well they'd be very wealthy. Then you have the risk however, that the technology will not be THAT well developed in your lifetime. So you have to weigh the potential against the risk, and if you're still unsure, flip a coin on it. Anyone feel free to correct me, again I'm a noob.
  3. Personally, I hope that never happens lol. The fact that Bitcoin IS decentralized is a huge part of why I adore it.
  4. Magepalm

    HiHi ^_^

    Finding so much helpful information here! I'm very new to the cryptocurrency world, although I have been interested in Bitcoin for years - LMFAO yes I kick myself in the arse on a daily basis now for NOT getting into it sooner - I honestly realized what it was right off and thought, naw, the governments of the world are going to take a giant steamy dump on it especially the U.S. the Fed isn't gonna have it, because it's a good thing, and man, they hate good things! I'm happy to see despite some attempts, it's going strong! I'm really interested in learning more about not only BTC but some of these others, and ways if there are any to slap some non well intentioned fingers out of the pie. As I learn with anything digital, I'm happy to share the knowledge and wisdom gained from my fudge ups. Also, I have never touched anything involving stocks or exchanges in my life, never trusted it. So very much for me to learn. Looking forward to learning and contributing to the communtiy! ^_^
  5. Ha I'm new to all this too - the extent of what I have figured out, as far as being in the U.S., is you have to buy some amount of bitcion with money to but into other BTC cryptocurrencies, and I think etherium for the others? Again I'm a noob, but I'm using coinbase since I can buy bitcion there and then use it to trade for others, and I can cash out to either my bank account or my paypal account. I don't have a lot of money so I'm not going to buy a full bitcoin to start out. Also it's probably worth mentioning, that other than bitcoin really, unless you just want to buy some and forget about 'em unless and until one day you hear on the news one of the crytos you own has exploded in value, you'll need to watch the exchange carefully because things change VERY quickly when it comes to crypto currencies, and it can be extremely drastic. One other thing, and this I know for SURE. You MUST be very careful with your login information for your cryptocurrency wallet. Treat it like you would treat your credit card number or social security number, or your bank account info. Always be sure there are no viruses on your PC before accessing your account, and take every security caution possible for it, because if someone gets in and steals your currency, that's it, it's gone. Hope that was helpful at all! :)

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