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  1. BTI github and blockexplorer updated ===> ------------------------------------------------------------- https://github.com/bitcoinstant/bitcoin-instant http://abe.getbitcoininstant.org:2750/chain/Instant 😎
  2. ~are you sure you can spare time away from your model trains? ;-) lolll
  3. https://www.cryptorush.in /\just now i was able to get my BTCS out successfully although BTC withdrawls are not possible...hmmmm =\
  4. BTC-S is going to fly with the scrypt-asics coming out! ~ trust me! ;-)
  5. got it = it was the time was incorrect! =) ~many thanks!!!
  6. yea tried that still frozen....am i getting paid to fix your bugs wtf? =(
  7. ok great how do you do that...what is correct? =[ tia
  8. thats all great but the client doesn't even sync ....what can i say ? i cant promote something that peeps can't "plug and play"...ideas?
  9. this is some bullshit wallet never syncs! =(
  10. cool it's syncing up now !!! =) niceeeee
  11. so there is no animation associated with the syncing ..it's just takes time? Never had downloaded here so it's a fresh install. I'll report back and many thanks! =)
  12. no shit sherlock!~ lol does the wallet sync on it's own...it says out of sync and nothing spinning or loading...is this normal and just takes time?*many thanks!
  13. hi currently i have flourite, black tourmaline, brazilian quartz, and alot of other specimens available. Wholesale to the public! >>>>>>>>> I accept all kinds of coins, let me know what you have! many thanks!
  14. coins are back! *~{:^)


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