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  1. Added Bitget - https://www.candyglobal.io/airdrop/5ZXgxoAzpjyEjNndV8/regist
  2. Cleaned first post and added working and good airdrops. This thread is over a year long 🙂
  3. Added Digitex Futures (highly recommended, you can receive ~130$) - https://digitexfutures.com/get-early-access/?kid=SEWXE
  4. Added London Block Exchange - https://airdrops.io/london-block-exchange/#refex79
  5. Added EurekaPro - http://telegram.me/EurekaPro_Airdropbot/?start=idoairdrops
  6. Added Gallactic - https://airdropalert.com/join/gallactic/dbc6753f-fedc-3d1f-8e4a-ecd9d533c618

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