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  1. There instagram looks good ? I see significant followers and comments there. I need to see more updates before joining, but presale is freaking cheap to buy, crowdsale is no discount haha
  2. I am now, with that big Dev team and outstanding idea, there is no reason to stay away from that ICO, however, I dont know which date that they will be added to an exchange ? Do you figure out when it's added ?
  3. I have followed you guys for over a month, it seems that you are working hard on that, is that right ? I really love your vision and plan I know that cyber-security is a million field every time that contract is signed, then millions come out. It's clear that 18m raise is not everything for your ICO. But if it;s used as the payment way, it will be extremely good and price never fall down, that's why I love your project However, I dont see much active on slack, pls improve it to get more attraction and potential investors. Thanks. Kindly I hope presale is having enough time for me to buy haha, it will be very hot

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