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  1. I'm calling it now. The ICO just launched and after reading the whitepaper I'm convinced that this project really could change everything in terms of P2P file-sharing. Haven't seen anything else like it yet, and the low market cap means the price could easily 10x in a few months time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R3UPGg3b18 Do your own research, but this project looks extremely promising imo. Their site is here: https://www.upfiring.com
  2. What do you guys think? Interested to hear the sentiment here.
  3. The last time I invested in an ICO was Waltonchain. Since the ICO last month the coin is up almost 4x. If you missed that one, here's your chance to get in very early on this one. Upfiring: https://www.upfiring.com Current price: $0.02 per coin. Meaning you can accumulate a ton of it if you want. I came across this project a few weeks ago and it's brilliant. I have always wondered why something like this project hasn't been made yet. I'm an active torrent user, creator, and seeder, and the worst thing is getting nothing in return for the work I do. Upfiring changes that. I've done some good research on it - essentially, they're modifying the BitTorrent protocol to allow seeders to get compensated with a cryptocurrency called UFR each time somebody within the app downloads the seeder's files. Considering UFR is going to be tradable on exchanges you are literally getting paid crypto to seed files, which is awesome. This video explains it the idea behind it pretty well. The market cap is extremely low right now, meaning that this project could easily be worth 10x the current price in several months to a year from now. The amount of money to be made here is potentially huge.
  4. No. It could be worth $2000 in a week...not worth the risk imo. Invest what you can afford to lose.
  5. This is crazy. Bitcoin is headed up for $6k at this rate by the end of the week.

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