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  1. Dear all, A couple of questions to understand how it works: 1- is it possible to mine in the same pool with two computers using the same "unitus_cpuminer" with same Wallet or the pool requires different Wallet addresses? 2- is it possible to mine on 2 different pools using the same Wallet for each of them?3 3- so, given that the CPU has 6 possible thread to be used, can I run the miner using 3 thread in 1 pool , and run another instance of the miner in another pool using the other 3 remaining thread , keeping the Wallet Public address the same for both pool? 4- is it possible to mine 2 different coins, that share the same algorithm, using the same Wallet address but in 2 different dedicated pools? So each cryptocoin must have its own different Wallet address or not? 5- How can I "merge mine" 2 or more different coins at the same time on a pool or stand-alone? For example Unitus and Miryad? thanks a lot for your replies regards
  2. Dear all, just a small thinking (I know it should go in the Market/Prediction setting) I have a Laptop with i7 Intel processor and I can mine at about 1.4-1.8 kH/s, using only 3 thread out of 6 for personal mercy to my pc. It will take about a year for mining about 1800 UIS for a total revenue of about 1800*0.010 = 18 EUR if everything goes always smooth. Probably only 9 EUR more realistically speaking (what a dream...) My ASUS laptop consume about 2 kWh/day = 0.3 cent/day = ... = 110 EUR /year. So drastically loosing here! BUT If suddenly UIS = 10 EUR I will have 18000 EUR, If 100 EUR 180000 EUR and so on (not bad...) How do you think these prediction are realistic? Do you think I will ever see such a UIS/EUR exchange ration in my life? thanks for your feedback
  3. Dear all, I am very new to cryptocoins and after looking at my resources i decided that mining bitcoin, litecoin, etherum,.... is not going to bring me anywhere. Then I discovered the UNITUS cryptocoin with its nice feature of being based on different algos, most of which CPU based and hopefully ASICs resilient. I decided to try and I download anything needed to install a unitus_cpuminer on my Peppermint 7.0 Linux Distro. I have created an Unitus Offline Paper Wallet and I am currently using my Public Wallet address as the username in a mining pool based on Yescripts algorithm. I could install the core wallet for linux and I did but It created a complete new wallet on its own and I do not even know which parameters it has (not PUBLIC address, nor PRIVATE)! So I prefer to use Offline Paper Wallet ! HOW and WHERE can I check if My Wallet has been properly set up correctly and if the pool is actually depositing UIS on my Wallet? For Bitcoin, thousands of online Wallet Balance check website exist (i also created a paper wallet for bitcoin and successfully tried it on one of these website) BUT for UNITUS I did not find anything. Could you please help me in this? Thanks a lot for your help cheers

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