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  1. 🚀 CryptoList — Curated Cryptocurrency Resources (170+)

    Can you believe that?! After the Product Hunt release CryptoList has surpassed 1000 stargazers! That's more than Dash and Qtum repos have.
  2. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    Hey there! New projects have arrived: Raiblocks, ICON, WAX, Aion, ReddCoin, Request Network, Neblio and KuCoin. Enjoy!
  3. 🚀 CryptoList — Curated Cryptocurrency Resources (170+)

    The last week was not very fruitful. But CryptoList still got two gems: Cryptonomy - Portfolio tracking, social, forum, chat, ico listings, news aggregator, crypto academy. Android/iOS. Rhymes With Fiat - Bitcoin webcomic (with educational notes). P.S.: Happy holidays everyone!
  4. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    The most pleasant feedback about https://coinbuzz.stream/ so far 😊
  5. CryptoHackers

    Hey there. Guess https://cryptohackers.party/ will not help you with hacking someone's Bitcoin address. I'm afraid no one can 🙂 (except for quantum computers).
  6. 🚀 CryptoList — Curated Cryptocurrency Resources (170+)

    What is new in the CryptoList: Cryptagon - Powerful app to track portfolio. Automatic imports from exchanges. BTCnews - Mature cryptocurrency news and charts app for iOS. Kraken - USA. Trust: 5/5. Founded in 2011. Binance - Modern exchange with the lowest fees and it's own token. Coin Demo - Visual demonstration of how bitcoin transactions work.
  7. 🔥 CryptoHackers🔥 — Inspiring Stories of Blockchain Startups

    CryptoHackers is a place where the most inspiring and openminded cryptocurrency industry leaders share their vision and philosophy to the crowd. Every year the will be one winner – the one who is the most open, the most giving and the most diligent founder. Leader, who made the most powerful emotional touch. Meet the CryptoHacker of the Year 2017 – Hari Krishna! Check out the dedicated page with a 3D trophy: https://cryptohackers.party/coty-2017.
  8. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    Excited to announce the new feature: CoinBuzz.stream now supports more fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, and AUD. Have a nice day!
  9. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    Recent improvements: Fixed SiaCoin Twitter Improved readability: cards are highlighted when moving a cursor over it.
  10. 🚀 CryptoList — Curated Cryptocurrency Resources (170+)

    Fresh items: CryptoHeresy ⚡️ - Fresh Bitcoin forum with focus on cryptocurrency tools and resources. Blockchain.info - World’s most popular digital wallet. Mobile apps included. ICO Whitelists - Articles on ICOs. Also tracks growth of 200+ Telegram groups for ICOs. Coin Daily Update - Daily email update with price changes of customizable coins. Crypto Central - Ultimate solution to track your investments on the crypto market. Available on Web, iOS and Android. Crypto Analyst - World’s premier cryptocurrency news analysis. Delta - Ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio tracker tool for iOS & Android. Visit https://github.com/coinpride/CryptoList to see more cryptocurrency resources.
  11. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    Great news everyone! :D CoinBuzz.stream has got 74 new coins and tokens. The total amount now is 100! Enjoy following your favorite altcoins news and events without signing up. Only on https://coinbuzz.stream.
  12. 🔥 CryptoHackers🔥 — Inspiring Stories of Blockchain Startups

    Aurelien, CEO of Gatecoin, tells the exciting story of the company and his rich financial background. Enjoy the interview! https://cryptohackers.party/gatecoin
  13. WE need more positive reactions

    Hi @Jimmy! I think it'd be much cooler if there were more positive reactions. At the moment, there are only 3 positive and 5(!) negative items. I like the Facebook's ratio: 3 good, 1 neutral and 2 sad. Cheers!
  14. 💎 CoinBuzz.stream — Slick Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

    Orange Twitter Update! Now you can track specific coins buzz on Twitter. Just press the orange Twitter button to see it in action. Currently, the feature works for $BTC, $ETH, $BCH and $XRP: See it in action: https://coinbuzz.stream/

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