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  1. Hey boys and girls! Guess what? Another interview! 🙂 Meet Fabian Vogelsteller - the father of ICO and DApp developer at Ethreum. He invented the ERC-20 standard - the most popular token standard in the world 🔥 Read this interview with Fabian: Enjoy the interview! https://cryptohackers.party/fabian-vogelsteller/
  2. Hey, guys! So happy to announce the new interview on CryptoHackers! This time Mister Lavrov - the professional trader with over 11 years of experience - told us about his work. 💪 Enjoy the interview! https://cryptohackers.party/dmitriy-lavrov/
  3. Can you believe that?! After the Product Hunt release CryptoList has surpassed 1000 stargazers! That's more than Dash and Qtum repos have.
  4. Hey there! New projects have arrived: Raiblocks, ICON, WAX, Aion, ReddCoin, Request Network, Neblio and KuCoin. Enjoy!
  5. The last week was not very fruitful. But CryptoList still got two gems: Cryptonomy - Portfolio tracking, social, forum, chat, ico listings, news aggregator, crypto academy. Android/iOS. Rhymes With Fiat - Bitcoin webcomic (with educational notes). P.S.: Happy holidays everyone!
  6. Hey there. Guess https://cryptohackers.party/ will not help you with hacking someone's Bitcoin address. I'm afraid no one can 🙂 (except for quantum computers).
  7. What is new in the CryptoList: Cryptagon - Powerful app to track portfolio. Automatic imports from exchanges. BTCnews - Mature cryptocurrency news and charts app for iOS. Kraken - USA. Trust: 5/5. Founded in 2011. Binance - Modern exchange with the lowest fees and it's own token. Coin Demo - Visual demonstration of how bitcoin transactions work.
  8. CryptoHackers is a place where the most inspiring and openminded cryptocurrency industry leaders share their vision and philosophy to the crowd. Every year the will be one winner – the one who is the most open, the most giving and the most diligent founder. Leader, who made the most powerful emotional touch. Meet the CryptoHacker of the Year 2017 – Hari Krishna! Check out the dedicated page with a 3D trophy: https://cryptohackers.party/coty-2017.
  9. Excited to announce the new feature: CoinBuzz.stream now supports more fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, and AUD. Have a nice day!
  10. Recent improvements: Fixed SiaCoin Twitter Improved readability: cards are highlighted when moving a cursor over it.
  11. Fresh items: CryptoHeresy ⚡️ - Fresh Bitcoin forum with focus on cryptocurrency tools and resources. Blockchain.info - World’s most popular digital wallet. Mobile apps included. ICO Whitelists - Articles on ICOs. Also tracks growth of 200+ Telegram groups for ICOs. Coin Daily Update - Daily email update with price changes of customizable coins. Crypto Central - Ultimate solution to track your investments on the crypto market. Available on Web, iOS and Android. Crypto Analyst - World’s premier cryptocurrency news analysis. Delta - Ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio tracker tool for iOS & Android. Visit https://github.com/coinpride/CryptoList to see more cryptocurrency resources.
  12. Great news everyone! :D CoinBuzz.stream has got 74 new coins and tokens. The total amount now is 100! Enjoy following your favorite altcoins news and events without signing up. Only on https://coinbuzz.stream.

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