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  1. We all now that only way is to rise again, the value of that increase will never know. But with confidence it's going to be a couple of great years
  2. I can see crypto kids rushing to this saying " going to get a lambo now". All jokes aside if they could reach their goals and devolop the marketplace i thing they have a solid chance of being around for long time.
  3. What's going to be your first target area.. To your eyes what are the emergent markets who need a solution like this ?
  4. 400k Windows PCs Targeted to Install Crypto Mining Malware

    Sadly this is going to be a practice for the future
  5. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    All the time here checking your info, i just want to thank for you the work that you put in order to provide this. Once again thank you
  6. Is going to happen sooner or later
  7. Healthcare is an very diffrent region to region, how are you going to deal with this? The goal is to create on "online" med staff?
  8. UPDATE: BehaviourExchange BOUNTY 1.200.000 BEX

    Rewards seem solid, i will take a look to see if i can be in your bounty program.
  9. WISERICO – ICO calendar: reviews & ratings.

    That's great kinda of tired of the ico list sites that are advertising for the same projects over and over. Wish you all of the best

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