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  1. Hm...pretty nice spreadsheet you got going there Jimmy, did you do all this yourself, or is this data gathered and accumulated, and placed onto an Excel sheet on a daily basis or something? Speaking of which, as for Masternode-based coins, CSTL is supposedly going to be releasing their Masternode in March. Kinda surprised I don't see SmartCash on there, as SmartCash has Masternodes up (need 10,000 Smart minimum to get a MN). As for how much you make through their Masternode, I can't quite say since I don't necessarily have 10k Smart lying around...least not anymore anyways...=-(
  2. Ternio Token Official Site: https://airdrop.ternio.io/ Ref URL: http://ternio.me/Gherik Ternio Telegram Channel: https://t.me/terniotoken (Optional to Sign-Up With, But Greatly Appreciated If You Do Use It) Description: Ternio is unlike any token I have ever seen. Just the first page of their whitepaper, seems the gist of their goal is to topple a $224 billion dollar per year digital advertising market. To me, I find competition to be healthy for an economy, and here's to hoping this works out! I only briefly skimmed the whitepaper, but seems they may also intend to develop their own exchange as well in the future. For the time being, people can participate in airdrops via their Telegram channel (link provided above, or you can use the link from their site). They also have a referral program in which you receive 50 TERN Tokens for each user who signs up using your affiliate URL! (Please, have mercy! Throw this little blue ball of goo something to chew) XD That's all I have for now regarding Ternio. If you'd like to learn more about them, feel free to check out their whitepaper, and pay them a visit on Telegram! Feel free to leave a like, comment or reply below on what you think about Ternio.
  3. Best post I've read 2018. I agree on many accounts of what you have said. Though one thing I think that should be added to everything you have said regarding cryptos: Treat every crypto as a RISK! Only invest what you can AFFORD to LOSE! In other words, people should not be gambling their lives on cryptos if they are not knowledgeable enough to know the difference between success or failure. As for me, I take the safe road of mining. Can't say I'm rich or anything, but I did at least manage to scrounge up enough money to build a dedicated rig with 1 GPU (an AMD Vega 64 that I got lucky enough to buy while it was $699 during the holidays). It has already paid itself off, and then some, with the constant research I do into cryptonote-based coins (as they are the easiest to mine with AMD based GPUs). Also, if you are interested, feel free to PM me @cinnamon_carter if you would like to share knowledge on coins, especially cryptonote, as me and a friend are also into cryptonote. *EDIT* Almost forgot to mention, I entered the crypto world investing $0 USD into cryptos. Yes, that's right, $0. People don't believe me when I tell them I made money off cryptos without investing directly into cryptos. How did I make money? Simple. Buy hardware, become a miner. Best case scenario: You make money mining a bunch of different altcoins you come across that are fairly new or are decently profitable. Worse case scenario: Oh no, coin was a scam, what ever shall I do? (points rig at a different coin and starts mining). Meanwhile, you have all these people crying that they lost money because they invested in a coin that was a scam. Also, and I will put much emphasis on this, it is IMPROBABLE, UNLIKELY, but NEVER IMPOSSIBLE that Bitcoin, and the entire cryptocurrency market comes crashing down like a big ball of fire, to where all coins become worth NOTHING (even Bitcoin becomes worth NOTHING), who will come out ahead? I won't be sad, as I'll have one AMAZING gaming computer that I'll be able to play all my favorite games on. Not to mention could probably sell spare GPUs for a little more (or if the prices of the inflated GPUs drop), then I'd probably just be selling it for the same price I bought my GPU for. So it's a win-win situation for me regardless of what happens to the crypto world. So investors, beware: If you want to invest your hard earned cash, either do it with what you can afford to lose, or take up mining. Sorry for the lengthy edit lol...just felt like I had to get that out there.
  4. VEGGIE COIN [VEGI] Official Site: https://www.veggiecoin.io/ Current Exchanges: https://www.southxchange.com/Market/Book/VEGI/BTC Roadmap: https://www.veggiecoin.io/Roadmap-24-01-2018.pdf HMQ1725 Algo PoW Coin Original Thread Posted by Barnyard: Description: Veggie is only roughly 2 months old, and has already made significant progress. From a smooth launch to being listed on one exchange (soon to be listed on 2 other exchanges in the near future), it has been gaining good traction for itself. Being an HMQ1725 algo PoW coin, it originally started as a CPU-mining only coin. Eventually, GPU mining became available, and there are already pools that support it. Still young, and easy to mine, and with every block mined, 20% of block rewards go toward an animal fund. As for the future of Veggie, the community will be able to participate in voting campaigns to help decide on how the funds could be used to help animals in need. This is one crypto that I highly recommend, as it not only rewards miners and the community, but it will also help to protect and serve the animal kingdom. Let's go save some cats and dogs together! ^_^ And maybe some kangaroos, white tigers, and boobies (hey, I'm not talkin about a female's anatomical part, I'm actually referring to a type of bird called a booby, or more appropriately, the blue-footed booby)! *Sorry, couldn't find a smaller pic, and I just love the expression on this one* *If anyone wants to make a smaller edit, feel free to* Also to anyone and everyone interested, feel free to post silly catch phrases or slogans regarding Veggie! Be creative!
  5. Alright, I'm gonna go straight to the point: ETH is GAS, and the ERC20 tokens are CARS. When transferring tokens (let's say from MEW, for example) to an exchange, it uses GWEI (or GAS, which is your ETH). Purpose of ETH is to be a transaction medium for tokens, which would be AMAZING...if ETH wasn't so god DAMNED EXPENSIVE! Let's pretend Bitcoin, for example, were an ERC20 token instead of a mineable coin. Let's say it reached over $15,000ish USD like it has, and ETH remained something like, oh...$1. You go to send this Bitcoin to an exchange to sell it, or convert it into USD. Transaction fee you'd pay would be a few GWEI (maybe like 0.002 or whatever ETH). That would be like 2 TENTHS of a PENNY in TRANSACTION FEES! But no, instead, everyone wants to jack the price of ETH because they either don't care, or are too stupid and ignorant of the technology behind ETH. How would you like it if say, for example, real life, gas became $1,200ish USD / gallon? How would you feel trying to fill your car up to go to work every day? You just wouldn't be able to, it'd be pointless, may as well go back to riding horses, or a bike. But hey, if you all are making a profit off ETH, good for you, keep at it while the mindless masses keep pumping it. In the meantime, I'm sticking to my mineable coins till ETH gets itself under control, or when the crypto masses decide to educate themselves, and grow a few more brain cells... *EDIT* Also here's a link with some more information regarding Ethereum: https://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-time-highs-overshadow-wave-technical-issues/
  6. Hm I am normally against ICOs lately due to the fact that ICOs have been really sketchy or just scary investing in. Made most my money from mining on new coins that recently launch all the time. However, this thing about Telegram seems big. I may consider it, but still uncertain. What about you Jimmy? What are you thoughts aside from this news?
  7. CASTLE COIN https://projectcastle.tech/ Whitepaper: https://projectcastle.tech/White_Paper.pdf Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/GgHJs8s 5 Million Castle Pre-Mine PoW (Up To 200,000 Blocks) Scrypt dPoS Algo Block Explorer: http://castleexplorer.tech/ (PoW Ended) Currently Tradeable At: https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-CSTL.htm (Higher Volume) https://stocks.exchange/trade/CSTL/BTC UPDATE (1/12/2018): I got home from work late yesterday, and am only just now able to update my post on Castle today. Unfortunately, due to lack of participants for the Castle raffle, the raffle was canceled. However, anyone that did participate and had already paid their BTC for their tickets, were refunded 2x the amount of BTC (so I got double my BTC back WOOT WOOT). The Castle team is a great team of folks, and they are trying their best and working diligently to provide its community the best experience ever. So if you are not part of the community, stop on by the Discord channel, and introduce yourself. Browse around their announcements, and see for yourself what Castle is all about! UPDATE (1/9/2018): Only 2 Days left for Raffle! Already got my entries. ^_^ All funds of raffle help with the development of Castle, and for it to be listed on more exchanges! =) UPDATE (1/8/2018): Only 3 Days till the Raffle to win 40,000 CSTL for FREE! Download Castle wallet today, and join the Discord community, and check out the raffle event for more details! Don't miss out! =) UPDATE (1/5/2018): Castle has partnered up with Real Property Token (RPT) (Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Gt1LcA7HKK0dVIXCR6vE5g) and the Castle team is giving away some FREE RPT tokens to all Castle holders for a limited time! As quoted by ArthurSk12 of the Castle Project Team, he states: ========================================================================================== "The RPT tokens will be distributed in a Tier basis, meaning, people holding Between X and Y amount of Castle will receive Z amount of RPT Tokens. The mininum amount of Castle to be held to qualify for the Airdrop is 600CSTL. TIERS: 600 - 1000 CSTL: 50 RPT Tokens 1000 - 2500 CSTL: 150 RPT Tokens 2500 - 5000 CSTL: 250 RPT Tokens 5000 - 10000 CSTL: 350 RPT Tokens 10000 - 20000 CSTL: 1,000 RPT Tokens 20000 - 50000 CSTL: 1,750 RPT Tokens 50000 - 125000 CSTL: 2,500 RPT Tokens >125000 CSTL: 3,750 RPT Tokens Bonus for Castle users: For every 1ETH invested in the RPT ICO, they will receive a 200% bonus!" If you do however, have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any of the members of team. Please fill in the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/5qs3F5VhU9cLzNWv2 The deadline to fill in the form is the 10th of January of 2018 Happy 2018, The Castle Team. ========================================================================================== (For full details regarding the RPT partnership and airdrop promotion, please check under Announcements section of Castle's Discord Channel) If awesome airdrops aren't enough... For a limited time only, Castle is holding a raffle for a chance to win 40,000 Castle Coins (which is the minimum required to have your very own Masternode)! Raffle ticket prices start at 0.005 BTC each (trying to buy 40,000 Castle from an exchange would cost you 0.5ish or more BTC at current price, and even then, not enough Castle on sell orders to buy up to 40k). This is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone who would like to become part of the Castle community, and come out on top! All proceeds toward raffle tickets will help the Castle marketing team to get Castle listed on more exchanges! Better hurry though, for the raffle will take place on January 11th, 2018 (that's 1/11/2018). Description: Castle is a fairly new crypto that provides Proof of Work up to Block 200,000, which then it fully switches over to Proof of Stake. Owners who HODL their Castle will earn Castle through PoS in which you leave your Wallet unlocked and opened to allow for staking. The more Castle you own and HODL, the more you earn! Save up to 40,000 CSTL, and you can net yourself a Masternode! If that isn't enough, Castle is also an airdrop platform for new tokens in which Castle holders earn free tokens for participating in token events (see the current event regarding Real Property Token for more details on how it works). As for the Castle community, they are a a great group of folks who are both helpful and friendly! Castle Wallets are available for Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, and Linux! Set yourself up with a Castle address, and you can either buy in on some Castle, mine it till Block 200,000 rolls around, or participate in airdrop events via their Discord channel! Don't Miss Out On A Great Opportunity! Feel free to leave a comment and like this thread! Will also be providing some donation addresses if anyone is feeling charitable toward the work I put into posting about Castle. =) Donation Addresses: BTC: 1GzhfQTTJKre5PjMchKhKQrvYwcttUydRK ETH: 0x602D3E4e0Efc8803de9f72869Daf1fD3dE9fa8Ff DOGE: D7xTTMNN3eC8CgtM1ksXLiD35YTcUTwZ75 CSTL: PZ79NQveqNkjQQKfokxBWHpSHqEbuUV83z VEGI: KEdDT6JgJkVhc37S2TA4dvWeFKy98HvsfL FNO: 8rzhUSJG2EGfecbuoZco5aWu3VXUffvgRBz6EuAvcZQA4LDJhriDbSPWU6aoiYJQ8oa6uY4gexPGhT6gdAwyCg3tUzBr1QP
  8. @best454 You promote scams all the time, and time, and time again after I had proven, with detailed information regarding the sites you promoted were either UNSAFE or SCAMS, you continued to promote them anyway. Coming to my threads, to simply say "it's a scam" without even providing ANY information, is simply trolling. Now that the holidays are over and that I actually have time off from work, I see you've gone through the trouble of writing 3 words. As for me, I actually TOOK the time to UPDATE this thread, and have posted an UPDATED DESCRIPTION regarding HBC, and even removed my ref URL explaining how I now have RED FLAGGED it as UNSAFE. If you want people to trust you, or to use your ref links to any of the sites you promote, you should maybe consider doing more research, and being honest, and friendly, and maybe, just MAYBE, you'll get people to check your stuff out. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm simply trying to give you some advice. Even I would consider using your ref links if you happen to find anything worth while, but so far, a lot of promoters and refs in the promotions section always spam the same stupid crap, nothing but scams, and repeated threads over and over and over. Simply make 1 thread for 1 website, or 1 thread regarding multiple websites, but only update and bump the 1 thread, not spam a million threads of the same stuff. Just my 2 sats worth...
  9. Okay, first off, did you read the rules for posting referral links or on the promotions forum? One rule in particular... NO SHORT URLS! For all anyone knows, you could be trying to scam people, or phish them for their Bitcoins. Hovering my mouse over your link shows https://goo.gl/HUdhLx and god only knows where that will take me. I am aware Google offers payments for people clicking short URLs, but that's the most STUPIDEST thing Google could ever do, as it hides the identity of links. So if you want to even earn 1 referral, I recommend you edit your thread, and provide the actual link to the faucet, so that it can be researched and verified if it is legit or not. Doing so, you will most likely land yourself some referrals then, including myself if I find it to be legit.
  10. Seriously? This bot dude is still going at it? Here's link to his previous advertisement when I had written a good reply regarding the legitimacy of these sites: Stop advertising scam sites...-_-
  11. Ah, another site for review. Let's get down to business shall we? Site being Analyzed: ImperiumMiner.com ScamAdvisor: https://www.scamadviser.com/is-imperiumminer.com-a-fake-site.html (RED FLAG, LOW TRUST RATING!) ScamAnalyze: http://scamanalyze.com/check/imperiumminer.com.html (LOW POPULARITY, BASED IN RUSSIA) ScamIdentifier: http://www.scamidentifier.com/review/imperiumminer.com/ (There may be some green check marks, but don't let that fool you. Scroll down to see where it's lacking, and you'll see it doesn't seem very trustworthy. Verdict: ImperiumMiner.com = UNSAFE! Can't say it's a scam because I haven't tested it myself, but there are a LOT of RED FLAGS, and I don't see why this is even on CryptoCurrencyTalk. Until a site can be validated as being safe, I wouldn't recommend anyone using it...unless of course you're the type of person who likes to throw money away at things for no particular reason, then by all means, be my guest. Just my 2 sats worth...
  12. This is just a friendly warning to all miners, please do not use any cloud mining websites being advertised if they are not providing any research into its authenticity or legitimacy. They are most likely scams. As for me, I have tested a few cloud mining sites (the ones that give free Gh/s) on Bitcoin. Never invested a penny, just waiting to reach the withdrawal limit, and when I do, I withdraw to see if they pay. If they do, cheers, free money. If they don't, nothing lost. This is how I earn some free satoshi is by playing safe, and testing sites. Currently testing out SierraHash. They were "trustworthy" at first, but now it seems my scam-analyzing sites are giving the red flag. I never invested in it, and almost have 30k satoshi to withdraw. I think once I reach around 30k sats, I will attempt to withdraw, but if they ask for a deposit before withdrawal, then I'm out. *EDIT* Just a little tip, if anyone wants to feel ballzy to try new sites, be sure to have anti-virus or malware protection, never click any ads you see, and make sure to have a backup email or 2 to signup for these sleezy sites (I have a dummy email I use for suspicious sites to do my investigating, even a fake Facebook that I used for BitKong, but thankfully I made $36ish worth of BTC off BitKong without risking a penny and only playing with their faucet money, and I withdrew, so HA! SUCK IT BITKONG!) XD
  13. You sir must be a bot. Litterally wrote the EXACT SAME THING on your previous post, and I had taken an hour of my time reviewing all 4 of those sites, and yet instead of sticking to your one thread, you are simply spamming the mining forum with this bullocks scam sites. AS ADVICE TO ANYONE READING THIS, HERE IS HIS THREAD FROM NOT TOO LONG AGO: Anyone interested in reading my review on all the sites he listed, knock yourselves out. Just whatever you do, DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY IN THESE SITES!
  14. Really? 3 Years? And they're legit and trustworthy? Lemme do some research... First Candidate: CryptoMining.Farm IsItLegit: https://www.islegitsite.com/check/cryptomining.farm/ ScamAdvisor: https://www.scamadviser.com/is-cryptomining.farm-a-fake-site.html ScamFoo: http://www.scamfoo.com/site/cryptomining.farm/ TrustScam: https://trustscam.com/cryptomining.farm Verdict: CryptoMining.Farm = SCAM! DO NOT TRUST! I don't even need to explain this, it's like shaking the 8-ball when asking if it's a scam, and all signs point to "Yes..." Well, shame that one was a bust. Next up... Second Candidate: Hashflare.io ScamAdvisor: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/hashflare.io ScamAnalyze: http://scamanalyze.com/check/hashflare.io.html ScamFoo: http://www.scamfoo.com/site/hashflare.io/ One Of My Favorite Sources: https://www.scambitcoin.com/hashflare-io/ (very detailed article description) TrustScam: https://trustscam.com/hashflare.io Verdict: Hashflare.io = UNSAFE! - Though it has low trust rating scores, it isn't all the way in the green either, and has only been going down further due to them not paying their users accurately the ROI they were promised. Personally I wouldn't use this site, unless I were to sign up with a fake email, with fake name, and everything, to protect myself, and if I'm offered some free hashes for life on signup like SierraHash, I wouldn't invest a penny in this. Well, guess that one was a bust too...was really hoping to find myself another legit cloudmining site that could involve little to no risk. Let's take a look at the next one... Third Candidate: Vozex.io IsItLegit: https://www.islegitsite.com/check/vozex.io/ ScamAdvisor: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/vozex.io (Domain Age: 222 Days, Website Location based in US, Owner Location Unknown) ScamFoo: http://www.scamfoo.com/site/vozex.io/ Scamner: https://www.scamner.com/check/vozex.io Verdict: Vozex.io = UNSAFE! - New site with hidden owner, is NOT 3 years old, very low trust ratings. Not recommended. Okay, that's 3 out of 4 sites. Not trying to bash or anything, just trying to validate their integrity, safety, and trustworthiness, and so far, all 3 are failing miserably. =( With that said, let's move on to... Fourth Candidate: Genesis-Mining.com *My Favorite Source Again With Details:* https://www.scambitcoin.com/genesis-mining/ IsItLegit: https://www.islegitsite.com/check/genesismining.com/ (We're getting somewhere, "Potentially Safe", but site has no HTTPS (SSL) connection) ScamAdvisor: https://www.scamadviser.com/is-genesis-mining.com-safe.html (Suspicious rating) ScamFoo: http://www.scamfoo.com/site/genesismining.com/ (another "Potentially Safe" rating, but unknown trustworthiness score) Verdict: Genesis-Mining.com =~ *EMERGENCY NEWS BULLETIN* WE INTERRUPT THIS REVIEW TO BRING YOU COMMENTS FROM THE BITCOINTALK COMMUNITY REGARDING GENESIS-MINING! (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1185909.0) Glucose states that "Genesis Mining is one of the well known company of the Cloud mining market but it is a huge scam. No one can make a return on investment with the fees they are taking on "lifetime" contracts. By the way, they are calling it "lifetime contracts" but it will only pay during 2-3 months and will be cancelled when the fees are higher than your payout. This company is scamming people on purpose : they are selling contracts knowing their customers won't get any return on their investment : That's fraud." Random News Caster: "It seems many users are upset about said site, and that Genesis-Mining's last post on BitCoinTalk was September 19, 2015, and their Twitter account hasn't been updated since September 18, 2015. The site owners do not seem to appear to respond to any of their customer's complaints. Gherik, back to you..." Um...thanks random news guy, whoever you are...anyways, where was I? Oh yea, was going to give my verdict... Verdict: Genesis-Mining.com = SCAM! DO NOT TRUST! And that's all we have for today folks. I'm sorry none of the sites seem to be trustworthy enough to warrant my interest. =( If there is a legit cloud-mining site out there, in which I can test that will provide free hash power without needing to deposit anything for a withdrawal, then please, let me know.

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