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  1. Seeing Results ???

    Asia faucet is not accesible. Eobot, sorry 5Doge/day. Instance is on google cloud. Earning ~2Grc/day with it.
  2. Boinc on GnuRoot

    I am still unable to run Boinc. On Ubuntu authorization error. Anyone experienced in Chrooted Linux environment?? As mentioned on boinc page there is no need to run as root. Looks like bug in Boinc. When i use boinccmd --get_state it shows me state of boinc client installed on android.:) not that one installed in Gnuroot
  3. BOINC Rebuild alternative on android

    Grc is not easy coin... i like grc.. :)
  4. BOINC Rebuild alternative on android

    Syncing is slow but you can use snapshot to speed it up.
  5. DrugDiscovery@Home

    I am crunching
  6. DrugDiscovery@Home

    New Tasks available:)
  7. Boinc on GnuRoot

    Has enyboty tryed to run Boinc under Gnuroot on Android??? I am wondering that it will be faster or slower that oficiasl android Client for android. I already installed Gnuroot wit Ubuntu Xenial rootfs and Boinc but have error >>> Could not write to /proc/7581/oom_adj
  8. Seeing Results ???

    My figures 20 GRC Mag 8.0 VGTU,TN-Grid,NFS Faucet asian always empty, never stacket block (wallet tells me 609 days to stack:)) Also i am on eobot, as i see they lowr faucet every day, at the beginning was 5 GRC now only 4,5 GRC /day. Have set free cloud instance with 8 cores and 16 GB ram. Mining since 9.October... Summary: 20 GRC/8 days... it is not funny...:(
  9. Cosmology@Home

    @fffffgggg54 How to select best Cpu project??? Better is to chose that with less hosts and rac??? When Yesanother thing, should i look inside Pool stats or inside Gridcoin stat when pool mining.?? Wonder that is better to be small part of big group or try to dominate in small group. Currently i am running Pogs on Android devices VGTU, NFS, TnGrid, on CPUs Dont have GPU
  10. Noob itching to stake

    Thanks, now that ia clear for me. Gridcoin is still at the beginibg of the road. I hope it become huge Coin. But for sure it is not for all if users. Gridcoin is for enthusiasts. There is so much to take care. I am in for 5 days now. Learned a lot how it works. Mining on pool and checking different projects. Some of them need lot of time to validate, some needs lot of memory and other has not enought WUs. Now i know how to configure on Windows, Linux, Android, Cloud. For me looks like it will be long time to optimize.
  11. DrugDiscovery@Home

    @PAKFA cool but what about statistics?? Why tasks disapeared???
  12. DrugDiscovery@Home

    Project page death. Tasks on statistics dissapired... What the hell. I hade more tham 2000 tasks done and now it shows only 0
  13. BOINC Rebuild alternative on android

    I didn't testedasteroids.. Now running WGC and Pogs
  14. BOINC Rebuild alternative on android

    Telefunken Outdoor WT4 Seti
  15. BOINC Rebuild alternative on android

    @GRC_Son On my phone it takes 20 hours for Seti WU

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