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  1. Safe Crypto Investments, Controlled Projects [/url] BlokBiz is a crowdfunding platform within the cryptocurrency segment. Our goal is to build a platform where all the listed ICOs are thoroughly checked by our Team using globally approved compliance and Anti-Money Laundering methods. Only those companies can appear on our platform which fully passing on the aforementioned procedures. Investors can browse on our platfrom for ICO investments knowing that every company is carefully checked and rated. We also send out the funded amounts to the companies in installments based on their budget plan and the progress in the project. If the project does not proceed the funded amounts will be sent back to the investors. Our tools for achieving these goals are 24/7 customer service, professionalism, strict policies, helpful attitude and dedicated project managers for enrolled ICOs to maximize supervision and productivity. We are issuing our own token (XBZ) for several reasons. Although it helps us financing the majority of the project it will also help our investors minimize their costs during investing and let them benefit from our operation in the future. Our aim is to make the ICO market much more safe and transparent. We will create an absolutely user-friendly platform for Investors and for the enrolled companies to reduce the costs and energy spent on their fundraising period. Our vision is to create a bundle of services under the name of BlokBiz that represents trust, and safety. A group of platforms that creates and maintains a strong hub in the ICO market. OUR GOALS Our goal is to establish a community based financing platform and ICO crowdfunding system where companies are thoroughly checked, monitored and the projects are supervised by BlokBiz. Investors can invest in a minimal risk for new businesses for which they receive an ICO token. By leveraging blockchain technology, our system delivers cryptocurrency from the investor to the funded company and the ICO of the funded company through smart contracts. For the financed projects the companies will receive their funds in installments only and only if they can make progress. We want to create not just an IT company, but also to create a serious supervisory Team that will not let go the hands of companies even after the financing phase. Our financed projects’ success is our success as well. To build a user-friendly web site where investors can browse and invest in even multiple companies by knowing exactly where they invested their cryptocurrency and that they will get it back if the company does not begin to operate or does not perform properly OUR SOLUTION BlokBiz is a secured and monitored crowdfunding portal. It is an intermediary that combines blockchain technology with the most secure compliance methods used by big commercail banks. BlokBiz gives solution to the current ICO and cryptocurreny investment issues. Filters financial criminal activities such as scam ICOs, money laundering, terrorism and black market financing. We dedicate a project manager for each and every ICO project, so it is directly monitored and guided by our Team. Our Methods To Make ICO Investments More Safe CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL BLOKBIZ VIDEO HERE TOKEN DISTRIBUTION The fixed total supply of BlokBiz token (symbolized XBZ) is 100 000 000 XBZ. Pre-Sale goal: 2.000 ETH – 1,72xbonus 6.5M token 3250XBZ/eth Soft-cap goal: 15.000 ETH – 1,23x bonus 35M token 2333XBZ/eth Hard-Cap goal: 23.000 ETH 43.5M token 1891/eth TEAM CONTACT US WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | WHITEPAPER | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM ROADMAP
  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the explanation. I have some friends who already have joined this, so it is something that I see very high bright future of! It will be interesting how it all develops in time to come.
  3. Biotor Biomass 2.0 WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | WHITEPAPER | MEDIUM | YOUTUBE Biotor decentralizes biomass and makes biomass 2.0 transparent for the future. Biotor-pellets BV was founded in 2013 by Mr A.T. Maneschijn with the aim of producing wood pellets. During the research into the traditional wood pellet industry, I discovered that the supply, the raw materials for wood pellets, were increasingly inexpensive to obtain; more and more companies were fishing in the same pond. For wood pellets, sawdust and curls from trees are used, preferably without the bark. This pure raw material is becoming less and less available due to the ever-increasing increase in wood pellet fire stoves. After years of in-house research, the time has now come to set up the first Biotor biomass pellet plant 2.0 and to scale up the latest pilot developments to a production unit of 2 tons per hour. To protect our intellectual property, Biotor has chosen to market these through franchise and the issuance of licenses, and to record the intellectual property on the block chain. Buy BBT tokens Do you already have a wallet? Send ETH directly to our contract address Copy the address 0x48a714DE00E585537F9FfEc6085850099517674e Do not use Exchange wallet addresses to prevent losing BBT tokens. We recommend that you only use a MyEtherWallet or MetaMask Torrefaction is a new technique where biomass is basically roasted. This is best compared with roasting coffee beans. All harmful gases present are extracted from the biomass, resulting in a much cleaner and higher-quality end product. Because of this new technology, biomass that was not suitable for use in a power plant or pellet stove can now be used. Biotor has done research for several years and has removed the teething problems from the existing systems. After the construction of several pilot installations, a system has been obtained which is unprecedented. Practically all types of biomass that are provided with carbon can now be processed into a high-quality energy carrier in the form of pellets, briquettes or coal, which have a much higher energy value. Biotor Technology The pillar under the entire concept is the torrefaction installation developed by Biotor. Normally, only wood pellets can be burned in a pellet stove or coal-fired power station, because other types of biomass have too little calorific value or have too high a humidity level. By thermally changing the biomass, it becomes homogeneous and hydrophobic and can easily be processed into pellets or briquettes after the production process. Biotor Pellets The difference between biomass pellets and traditional wood pellets lies mainly in the fact that the biomass raw material is first thermally treated at a temperature of around 300 degrees. This changes the composition of the biomass into a homogeneous and brittle product. The combustible gas that is released during this processing is used to maintain the process. Biotor Biomass Trading Biotor wants to launch a biomass platform, with the aim of bringing supply and demand of biomass residual streams closer together. On the one hand, individuals / companies will possibly pay a small amount for good biomass and on the other hand, after having made biomass pellets, these will be offered on the platform. Biotor Franchise Biotor wants to work with franchisees who have the right to each develop their own region. Agreements are made for this with respect to fees, region, quality, cost of sales price and licenses. This franchise business form allows Biotor to grow and develop rapidly and to take the market directly in this new niche environment. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ROADMAP TEAM PARTNERS Please feel free to contact us for your queries here: [email protected]
  4. SPLITT.CO The Crypto MiningCloud Splitt.co is a new cryptocurrency cloud mining investment site. Affiliate reward is 3 levels deep, paying you 4%, 2%, and 1%. Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. Each plan is valid for 35 to 60 days. Check your dashboard for balance every 24 hours to 6 hours based on plans. See the plans for details. Our cryptocurrency mining locations are spread throughout the world, like in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, Myanmar and many more. Splitt's Cryptocurrency Cloud Server offers a user-friendly way to conduct cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs and cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining. It has made it our priority to offer a standardized highly reliable high performance cloud compute environment in all of the cities we serve. Launching a cloud server environment in 15 cities around the globe has never been easier! You will get: 2.64% FOR 60 DAYS 3.50% FOR 40 DAYS 4.70% FOR 35 DAYS FEATURES SECURITY REFERRAL BONUS OUR GLOBAL FOOTPRINTS TELEGRAM CONTACT FAQ NEWS
  5. CPOLLO TOKEN-BASED CROWDSOURCING PLATFORM CROWDFUNDING, CROWDSOURCING AND SAFE ICO INVESTMENTS ON A SINGLE PLATFORM WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | WHITEPAPER CPOLLO is a platform which defines an open and a closed source project. The Cpollo Platform aims to engage in a technical consulting, through the provision of a crowdfunding/sourcing platform that permits the issuance of conditional tokens from templates. Using traditional, local and slow stock-based system, the current incentive-shared team has embarked on the provision of solutions for new project initiators. Thus, bringing aboard savvy members has become difficult for core teams, especially without the availability of a considerable sufficient initial capital. Even when they (the core teams) decides to share the stock or options as a means of compensation, it is still hard for them to share long-term incentive with project members quickly, internationally or at a cheaper rate. The CPOLLO platform aims to serve as a transparent and unbiased hub for ICOs. People will be able to create a templated ERC-20 token, as well as a templated token on any one of the following networks. NEM, Ether Classic, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Waves, and EOS, with more options being added in the future. VISION UTILITY SOLUTIONS TOKEN SALE The Cpollo tokens are currently for sales on the following exchangers; - Cryptohub.online - Wavesplatform Price per Cpollo: 180 Wavesatoshi It is expected that all the Cpollo tokens will be sold before the value hits 1 satoshi, this is to ensure that there are no big token holders. Our token sales will start on the 27th of July, 2018 all through to 31st August, 2018. More information will be made available on our website. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Check out the official CPOLLO video here↓ JOIN US HERE
  6. I think regulation is something that will strengthen the Crypto industry, it might look opposite but temporary pain is long term pleasure. So, it is certainly the step in the right direction as per I am concern. The major kick start has come from China, who is really hitting hard on Fake ICOs and that is a real positive for me. The more transparency there will be the better chance it will be for everyone involved to generate rewards through.
  7. In the world of Crypto, it is no rocket science that Binance is a major name and that’s why their action means a lot to the whole industry and is something that we need to watch very closely. So, here is what we exactly are to do via Zhao Changpeng’s Interview, the Binance Founder. If one wishes to have success then one got to make sure we keep watch on all these activities to manage it right.
  8. Cryptocurrency has become the popular option for investment in the online world, especially for youngsters. And, exchanges are one OBVIOUS way through it. However, mostly the cost is HIGH and the system is outdated, which makes life difficult for the majority. With most of the traditional ways of failing badly or have not convenient enough for the common man! Here we are to introduce to you something that’s going to solve multiple problems. Introducing POWH3D – The beginning of the NEW world! POWH3D is a UNIQUE Cryptocurrency Exchange, which allows one to trade Ethereum for P3D Tokens. P3D tokens are tokens with a clever twist, which is to give every P3D Holder direct earnings in Ethereum, every time someone buys, sells or transfers the token based on the amount of the tokens (in %out of total amount minted) held. Every trade, buy or sell has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. But instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between ALL token holders! With 10% of the volume traded in this is set aside for the Token holders, which is given as Ethereum, it is withdrawn instantly whenever one desires! So, as soon as you get hold of P3D Tokens, you start accumulating “FREE” Ethereum, distributed to holders on EVERY transaction based on the amount of P3D one got on the exchange. And it works in incredibly simple and straight forward way, which goes like this: 1. Buy Tokens. Buy P3D tokens, and 10% of your transaction is used to pay earnings to other users. 2. Accumulate Earnings. Accumulate Ethereum earnings as other users buy, sell, or transfer P3D. 3. Reinvest or Withdraw. Reinvest or withdraw your Ethereum earnings as they accumulate. 4. Sell Tokens or Don't! Sell your tokens at any time to receive Ethereum back from the exchange. 5. Share your Masternode. If you buy enough tokens for a masternode, share your masternode link to get bonus earnings! 6. Have Fun! Have fun watching as your earnings and coin value fluctuate over time! The thing that makes POWH3D further special is the structure, which is powered by an open-source Ethereum Smart Contract, which ensures complete transparency, security, and trust! You can get further details from here: Official Website: - https://powh.io Social Media Links: - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PoWH3D/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoWH3D - Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/408499477901475840/408502523574484994
  9. There is certainly no doubt or question that Crypto market is growing and growing FAST! It will be really interesting to see how everything goes, but we just need pick out the top news to make sure we achieve quality results. I mostly prefer to keep eye on Chinese markets, as it is something that is incredibly crucial and makes all the difference and noticeable one. Recently, Li Xiaolai created another wave much like he has done previously. So, we need to keep eye on such news in order to do well!
  10. It is extremely crucial for one to know about the latest news and updates, as there is almost no way one could have success IF they don’t track the latest happening in the industry. I make it a priority to ensure that I keep on with all the latest news and updates. I don’t follow every news but only ones which are powerful enough to have impact on the market and latest updates from China that Over One Third of China’s Fortune Global 500 Companies are into Blockchain is very heartening and makes one enjoy things entirely!
  11. There are many people who invest in the world of Crypto, especially Bitcoin. But the recent scenario with consistent drop, it has really made people nervous and are asking if this is going to continue. With experts highlighting that $3,000 level could be the route for the correction, there is much to focus on. Do you guys expect things to go that low? I believe not, but you can’t rule out expert’s view.
  12. Fomo3D is a decentralized, trustless Blockchain game running on the Ethereum exit-scam Network. It is a parody of the cryptocurrency space as a whole, namely the seeming requirement of all ICOs (initial coin offerings) to run off with large amounts of unaccountable cryptocurrency. This game is ironically and intentionally on a fully open-source smart-contract in which us (the developers) carefully audited and designed the game to never give us access, or the ability to run away with the ethereum. We have no control of the funds or balance, and it's run entirely without human intervention based on the code! You might have read that before, our work, websites and interfaces are some of the most forked projects in cryptocurrency. You can start playing anytime by going to the FOMO3D site In order to play, you'll just need the following: 1. Metamask setup on your computer and/or TrustWallet on your mobile phone. 2. Ethereum available in your Metamask Wallet used to purchase keys. 3. Visit the Fomo3D site and buy some keys! Check out our setup guide for a step-by-step rundown on everything you need to get going. This is a LOTTERY game in which the grand prize winner is the last person to purchase a key before the countdown timer runs down to zero. During a round, a timer is constantly counting down to zero. Every time a key is purchased, the buyer becomes the new "holder of the private keys" and additional time is added to the countdown. Players receive a stream of passive income from the game as keys are bought during the round. These rewards can be withdrawn anytime. When the timer reaches zero, last person to buy a key wins! (F3D players/P3D holders get a piece too!) With a few cool added game mechanics: Players select from one of four teams which determine certain rules during the round. P3D holders receive dividends on each key purchase and at the end of the round. Players can purchase a vanity URL and/or refer your friends to the game for extra rewards. Buying keys offers you a % chance to receive an "airdrop" winning ETH from a growing side-pot! Game Modes: There are two distinct modes of the Fomo3D game: long and quick each with varying rules and gameplay. Note that long mode is launching first and then quick mode will be released at a later date. For full details, check out the Game Modes section. Choosing your Team Here are few ways to decide which team you want to pick at any given point when purchasing keys: Maximize the amount that goes to F3D players and P3D holders: Snek or Bull Maximize the amount going into the pot and saved for the next round: Whale or Bear Minimize the amount going to P3D holders: Bear or Whale Keep in mind that you are free to select a different team each time you purchase a new key. How it works!!! Prefer Video? Check out the official Fomo3D walkthrough Prefer Video? Check out the official Fomo3D walkthrough Fomo3D Wiki: Fomo3D Quick-Start Guide POWH3D Wiki: POWH3D Quick-Start Guide Community: Discord Team JUST F3D/P3D More: Frequently Asked Questions Have feedback or want to reach out? Ping @Cryptoknight on the Team Just Discord or email me at [email protected]
  13. The world of Cryptocurrency is full of opportunities, but with it comes the massive wave of risk that is especially for beginners. With too many ICOs or Cryptocurrencies not living up to the desire or expectations, it has often left people in depression or shock, which makes life incredibly challenging. Are you amongst ones who are facing financial shootout? Are you fed up with leading a life that you can’t even control and is far from your desire? Then how about trying something that is going to completely change it? We like to introduce to you the 9 Month to Financial Freedom Gameplan! Now here is your opportunity to take yourself to the next level with increase income of €35,000 per week in a matter of 9 months or even less! It all is to do with starting with a €500 Software license; you then duplicate it with your contracts by using our system and helping them get their OWN €500 software licenses. The simple goal is to find 2 people each and every month, who start with the €500 software license and then we teach them how to do the same thing. So, in the first month, you find 2 and now there are 3 of you on your team including yourself and with this, you made €40 income. Then, in the 2nd month, all members (3) find 2 people, now there are total 9 people joined, which tippled the earning to €120. Now, the 3rd month starts, where every member of the team finds 2, which makes it 27 at the end and increasing the income to €360. With the same process continuing for 9 months, the earning eventually sits at €35,000 per week and €140,000 per month! So, with a just simple formula of finding 2 people and teaching others to do the same, you can change your life ever! With such system, it’s sky that’s the limit, as you gain additional bonuses as well with EACH and EVERY level! So, now is your opportunity to change your LIFE in just 9 months! Check our further details below: Official Website: - https://netleaders.com/en Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetLeaders/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetLeadersNews - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/netleaders-team/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxF15D1OWXEa11l3CfScYIw
  14. The market is running really in mixed way, it will be interesting how upcoming options are going to play out, so we got to watch it all extremely closely and only then we could make it work better. I find it incredibly easy with AsiaCryptoToday given it’s easily the BEST when you talk about the Crypto space thing. We have recently seen a lot of things working out, especially in the Chinese region, so much to look at.
  15. I think there is no rocket science that Cryptos are HERE to stay. But what we need to look at how we can benefit from it in maximum ways, as that is what really MATTERS. I believe IF we could focus on trading with plans and spotting right opportunities, it could bring A LOT of rewards for us. I simple try to focus on latest news and make decisions accordingly. Like recent developments around Chinese Industry on further restrictions, it has really made things harder.

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