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  1. Anyone care to look at an ICO whitepaper?

    I am not sure who will not look at it. If anyone is in his sense then he will not miss out on this, as it is such an important aspect. We need to make sure that we keep eye on all these things, as it makes huge difference and mostly the whole concept is there to be read. I have signed on CoinFi after checking their team and the whitepaper with fantastic concept! The greatest part is that the team they got is spectacular!
  2. Santacoin is an alarming name of last few weeks, as the time gets shorter to its launch; it is set to take the whole graph of Crypto next level with the concept much like Bitcoin. They are building a decentralized cryptocurrency that is meant to be the game changer. With just 2 days away from the ICO Launch, it is on the trending zone amongst the upcoming ICOs. This could be our final opportunity to get hands on something that will NEVER EVER be available AGAIN for such low rates! Join in now for a better future!
  3. There are many ICOs out there, but nothing of Sphere caliber. As they have started the battle that is meant to change the landscape of Crypto industry! As they are creating decentralized network that is to ensure we are able to get what we deserve, and that is the power to our personal stuff and to get the actual privacy. And to be able to earn as well. It is the battle against those corporation mafias that treats us like no one! Now is the time to change the future! Join in before it is too late!
  4. I have entered into Crypto world 6-7 months ago. Since then, I have joined several ICOs, and made money. But Exsulcoin, it is not just about the great potential that it got, but also to do with the whole concept that you once run through. It is something that makes them pleasure to be part of! I am truly proud of becoming part of them via having their tokens. I got 1000 XUL tokens for just 1 ETH with the 66% discount; it is arguably the NEXT BIG THING!
  5. Paxchange is not a new thing. I believe most people already have idea about it. As they have been running their service since last 5 years, where they have allowed people to buy Bitcoin fast and securely. As they are peer to peer Bitcoins exchange and helped people in over 10 countries to exchange Crypto currencies into their local currencies. And, now they have entered into a much bigger pool to help the people with their ideas in smartest way! With Paxchange, it will help people unlock the future with creating smart futures contracts for yet to be released ICO tokens, so it helps them to launch their business successfully. Paxchange token holders gets potion of transaction fees of the exchange enforced by a smart contract. With less than 20 hours to go for the launch, it is the ideal opportunity to become part of something spectacular, something larger than life type! Be a part of this deal that promises to change your future for good! They have really made everything very crystal clear; it can easily be understood by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN3W7zAswOY https://paxchange.io/
  6. Making a Living Day Trading Cryptocurrency

    I don’t think it is exactly impossible to make living from Crypto trading, but just need to be good with our choices and also brave at times. As without the right combination, it is really next to impossible for anyone to succeed. I have found myself the perfect partner in Epiq Nights; it is just so very special with monstrous potential. They are very near landing on the exchanges, so the prices are to shoot up nicely in coming weeks, which is what makes them so special option to put time and money into!
  7. The obvious advantage is that it’s growing massively, and if you have them then what is wrong in it? I certainly see NOTHING wrong with that. In fact, I believe everything is only right. I believe we got to pick more options since that is how we will grow in real sense. I have found Caviar (upcoming ICO) very special by all means. I am joined on their Telegram channel, so everything looks highly promising! They are 24/25 days away from the presale, so really looking forward to this!
  8. By now, I don’t think too many people are unaware of Harvest Master Coin; it is amongst the BEST option in this Crypto industry! With being decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries, which ensures lightning fast and secure transaction, multiple wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and very low number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Also, it is a rare coin that has over 80% Pure PoS block reward phase which is optimum for investments, and has stable building block of long term committed investors who guarantee the coin continuity. The more important reason why they are called the GAME CHANGER, is that unlike other cryptocurrencies utilizing Masternodes they don’t distribute the reward block equally but rather uses an unique Proof of Stake (PoS) to split the rewards block between the mining and Masternode distribution mechanisms, and that ensures the benefits are shared fairly, with also ensuring that the number of users conducting the PoS doesn’t decrease! My favorite part is that currently, there is 50% discount, so just life changing thing and WHO will not want to join them?
  9. When we talk about Crypto industry, there are many pros and cons. But some obvious issues are transaction taking huge time (for confirmation), fees increasing day by day, and the volatility. So, with that many not so favorable things we always want something better. And finally, our wish has been granted by Paypex! It is the solution for us with so many pros that were previously cons for us. Paypex is based on blockchain technology & digital wallet; it allows shop owners, eCommerce businesses or individuals to sign up in very simple way. With options off remit fund, pay shopping bills or shopping online from eCommerce websites with the instant transaction and absolutely zero fees! While the Paypex tokens will be available to be bought, sale or traded from exchanges on 2nd November 2017! Now is the time to have something that will be too precious in time to come or else, it will only be regrets that will be left!
  10. I honestly don’t know who will do that? If bitcoin was run by one individual then I could see this happening, but it’s decentralized so who is going to advertise it? And, how it is going to benefit any individual? So, it clearly is not happening UNLESS government gets involved. But yes, I think this might be solid option for upcoming ICOs because they could gain attention. Right now, I have invested in Upfiring, so advertisement as such for them will be great not for something like Bitcoin or even Ethereum.
  11. One thing that I don’t understand is why people just run after Bitcoin, I feel there are some really solid options that we could take, so we should think above Bitcoin. Right now, there is one side where Bitcoin is rocking and is rewriting the records, but there is another part of Crypto industry and there, it is this Big ICO called Electroneum making waves, as their token sales has already reached the $40M hard cap, it is just going to be massive in this cryptocurrency world! I so don’t delay creating successful future https://my.electroneum.com/join/B8B96E
  12. With ICOs coming like rain, it is very hard to decide but now with RainWallet, it is all going to be easy for you making the decisive decision. It’s built around the concept that makes the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to every person on this planet! With such global idea, it will uniformly distribute a smart contract wallet preloaded with self leveling tokens to populations that have previously been in economic circumstances below the threshold needed to take part in the blockchain economy. And, thanks to that it will enable people have access to technologies needed to enter the token marketplace, it will remove disadvantage that usually new entries have! The formula for this is simple and that’s about 100 tokens created for every wallet, but the point to note is that no tokens are sold instead we are would be buying smart contract! So with so many features and benefits, it is truly the way toward for the glorifying the future! So come forward and become part of this victory momentum http://rainwallet.com/
  13. I have been part of various ICOs in last few years, whether as an investor or through bounty campaign, but I have seen NOTHING like Hope Token. 99.9% times, it is just about money when we talk about ICOs, but Hope Token is really exceptional. It is certainly an ICO, but as I said not the "routine one". Their whole mission is to help humanity especially those who might require financial assistance due to the medical condition, funeral, or disconnection of services. They are willing to handle any type of case with providing complete assistance. And, It is fair to say that such concept that revolves around Charities and Donation with helping each and every individual in need is not found elsewhere, at least not online. So having an ICO project for that is almost unthinkable, but that's what Hope Token is all about! They even allow the donor (us) to earn their (our) initial investment back to a dollar to dollar. So, let's join up to become part of the movement that will change our HEART, and Life of others! The ICO starts on 15th October, just a day away! Join the project that’s going rewrite history and will become the symbol of generosity, and will be remembered for decades to come! We can even get 50% bonus in the first week for the ICO sales. Check out their official site https://hopetokenfoundation.com/
  14. Crypto industry as we all know has grown monstrously in last 3-4 years, it is all thanks to Bitcoin, but now times are changing and so are the options. Bitcoin is great but ideally suited for small investors. This is why we need to consider other options and there is no better project than Harvest Masternode Coin. As they are well decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries, which ensures lightning fast and secure truncation, multiple wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity. They are offering the BEST rewards of 80% of the Block! Which is highest amongst all other Masternode Coins, but the greatest advantage with them is that we become part of the team not just an investor. With such incredible option having 50% discount as well, it is fair to say future is bright!
  15. Often people run around investment to seek opportunities that are high in potential and also hold weight in seriousness. But very rarely such opportunities are found. Not any longer, as now we have found hidden treasure in Licensium & Trusted Nodes! Although, they are not exactly HIDDEN, still an option that not a lot of people might be aware of! Licensium & Trusted Nodes are basically 2 Blockchain Based Crypto Projects that are meant to be exemplary for other ICOs. As both are very different, as Licensium adds monetization possibilities, copyright notice distribution, copyright owner identification and much more to digital content! And, Trusted Nodes is a decentralized technology that solves the problem of server based verification or identification processes down-time. So certainly worth investing on and the pre-sale is very near starting from 18.10.2017 and best part, it comes with 50% Bonus! If this is not the treasure then we will have to lock the topic of treasure!

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