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  1. With the rising number of Cryptos, it is obvious that everyone is looking for ways to get themselves into things for it! That’s where KuCoin comes in – A world-class Exchange platform, with competitive fees, reliable services, and bonuses; it is the biggest thing as of now! It is an option that is slowly but surely reaching towards matching options like Bittrex and Binance, and with the way things are working up, it is all likely cross them and become part of the BIG LEAGUE! KuCoin is slowly becoming the go to thing for all major Cryptos with already over 60+ available; it’s likely to become one of the largest Crypto providing platforms out there! The thing that sets KuCoin apart from the rest is the bonuses and advantage that the users get. It starts from the KuCoin Invitation bonus; it is the league above the rest by all means and measurement. With 3 ultimate levels, it is to ensure you are able to gain massive returns regularly. With allowing us to get 20% of the fees of the user that has joined us, but that’s not all. We are able to get bonuses from the indirect invitees, and that’s up to 12% and even 3rd level, where we get up to 8% through the trading fee, it makes them the BEST choice not just for traders, but also people who are happier inviting others! But even this is not ALL! They have a bonus plan for all KuCoinShares (KCS) holders, which is to award KCS holders up to 50% of the revenue from trading fees, and that to add up with the 40% of the invitation bonus. So, it is absolutely right to call them as “Superb Mining Machine” which is called by the people. Now is the opportunity that we just can’t afford to miss! Official Website - https://www.kucoin.com Whitepaper - https://assets.kucoin.com/kucoin_whitepaper_en.pdf Social Media Links - - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHwvftAM2b9kRzGtXxWaGg/videos - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kucoinexchangepage - Twitter: https://twitter.com/kucoincom - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kucoin/ - Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FMqUpg1_vED9MSDJPPcFkg - https://t.me/joinchat/FMqUpg0PI9WjzplzfYahjw
  2. Logancoin is your first decentralized peer-to-peer lending cryptocurrency, which is created on a fair distribution of wealth with a virtual allowance to anyone with the intention of trading, storing or lending their assets without any contract. You also have the opportunity of reinvesting starting from as low as $1. You can call Logancoin “The King of Cryptocurrency”. Unlike other cryptocurrency, you can mine Logancoin on a clever algorithm using just a computer. The ICO is currently ongoing. Take the lead and invest in the king of cryptocurrency.
  3. Google Fires First Shot in The Mounting War on Browser Mining Website owners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts should be aware of Google’s growing opposition toward browser mining. December 2017—On a Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM, Google shut down the servers of SpareChange.io, a startup that offers browser mining tools for website owners to monetize their web traffic. Google cited a violation of terms of service, specifically that SpareChange’s servers were suspended for "violating our Free Terms of Service by mining cryptocurrency." However, a brief search of Google’s terms of service didn't reveal any mention of "mining" or "cryptocurrency.” Further, the project itself was not mining cryptocurrency itself; rather, serving the program to websites that facilitated mining. Browser mining has seen exploding growth recently with observers citing tens of thousands of websites now deploying mining scripts. Browser mining works when a user visits a website. That website serves up a piece of JavaScript that uses a small amount of the user’s CPU and power to mine cryptocurrency for the website owner. It's worth noting that Google did restore the SpareChange.io project late in the day, but it sends a clear signal of Google’s stance on the issue. Rumors abound that Google has also considered adding protections directly in its Chrome browser. Google and other powerful companies are likely to see browser mining as a threat to their revenue streams as it becomes more popular. While browser mining does allow Internet users to easily “pay” content creators without handing over a dime, there are concerns about a more nefarious use: hackers inserting these mining scripts onto websites and using botnets to send unsuspecting users to websites that will drain processing power without the user’s knowledge. However, responsible users of the technology keep everyone’s best interest in mind by only using a tiny amount of power and notifying website visitors of any browser mining that occurs. Sparechange.io is one of the largest promotors of responsible browser mining. Its tools are designed to empower website owners to gain compensation from traffic to their website without causing any negative effects to the individual end user. Since visitors are informed about browser mining, they aren’t forced to run the script or tricked into using it—they can decide whether they want to allow the script to run or not. It doesn’t make users any more vulnerable to viruses and it does not harm computers. It only causes the user’s computer to consume a slightly larger amount of electricity—on average, costing the user an additional $.0.03/hour while running a browser miner. Website owners can benefit greatly from using responsible browser mining services like SpareChange. For more information about SpareChange’s tools, visit https://www.sparechange.io/?utm_campaign=prshots.
  4. Are you an entrepreneur seeking to raise funds through ICO? Then my experience to join the On-chain platform should spur you. Few months ago, I raised the capital needed to finance a project with a view to growing my business. This was made possible by joining the On-chain platform. The platform was simple to use, charges less fees and to cap it up, secure to raise funds. I therefore recommend this platform to any ICO creator planning to raise funds via ICO.
  5. Top Cryptos in 2018

    I think there are many upcoming ICOs that are making you sit and take notice, but one that I truly feel good about is Coinzai. Although, it is hard for common person to figure it out, as their web site is still not fully developed. But, I am following their page for last few months, and that’s why I know what they are. From Mining to Stacking or Affiliates, it is just truly special! And must watch kind!
  6. Should I invest in ICOs?

    This is when you want to invest. If you are no intention, then there nothing special with ICO that you can be forced with making investment. But if we are willing to make investment somewhere, then ICOs/Cryptos are way right now. With having excellent potential as well, so I will certainly go on just to do with the potential. Right now, this thing called Coinzai, it just promises to be extra-ordinary! Becoming sort of bridge between all the Cryptocurrency, it’s still in working position, but is sure to be major hit in weeks to come by!
  7. How To Use Authoreon Token

    Are you interested to learn the usage of Authoreon token? Then you are at the right place. With Authoreon tokens; you access certain features of the platform including registering a new asset, transferring an asset, and a variety of other authorization features. It is important to note that the Authoreon Token does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights. That’s not all; Authoreon uses state-of-the-art technology to secure all transactions on her platform.
  8. See, It should NEVER be about this is better or that is better. We could easily divide our investment, as no one can be SURE, so it becomes absolutely critical for us to be open with our choices. I have investment on all options that include BTC/ETH/LTC and others, but still I look at upcoming options. And in that, it is BiTTo that is the ideal option. It’s not just the regular coming, but everything that you could EVER wish for. From having options like Staking, Lending, Borrowing, Trading, Referral system and we could even use our signal service, it makes everything work really nicely!
  9. Dogecoin went up three times in a month!

    Thanks for sharing that mate; I believe you got to be pretty sharp when it comes to the happening around the Crypto world, so we just require staying on the mark with doing everything. I mostly keep up with Bitcoin Price, as that is the absolute measurement of how rest of the things are working out, if you manage it then you will have complete idea on how the whole Crypto world is running.
  10. today's fall

    Well mate, it is not just one reason but many and unless you don’t keep up with news, it will be common for you to worry on how this or why that. I suggest you to keep up with the happening from Bitcoin Price, as it is one place that lets you up with the price and guides to help you with things. So try it out.
  11. Bearish Cryptocurrency Market – What’s Going on?

    Anyone who got idea on how the market actually works, it will be easy for him/her to know this is nothing to worry about, but more of an opportunity that is not to be missed! Most people don’t have much idea on how Bitcoin Price works, but that’s where we need to work and get PROPER awareness, it will help us with working.
  12. Forget About Bitcoin: These are the Altcoins to Watch in 2018

    Very true mate, it’s just not possible to think outside Bitcoin, it is without any second thoughts the BEST. Everything runs around this only. And, the quicker we understand that point; it is the BETTER for everyone involved. It is not exactly tough, as one who keeps on with Bitcoin Price; it is fairly simple to know how others are going to work out! At least, I work out like that.
  13. Take Opportunity Of The Golden Age Coin Ico Bonus To Make Money

    I believe that you need to be more involved with stuff like Bitcoin, as these have not even started. So, that’s why you are required to look at established options. That’s why I exactly look at Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin and all these options. You got to be very much up to date with the thing in this market. Not much to do, but just stay updated with Bitcoin Price, as that shapes up the whole direction of the industry!
  14. Nowadays, if you search for even food, it is likely that you will come up with a blockchain technology food center! So, it is so common to see Cryptos coming up on routine. But in between, here comes CORENET! It’s the future Cryptocurrency offering users with highly secure and fast transactions as well as unparalleled and seamless e-commerce integration. It comes with finest features amongst the newly minted cryptocurrencies out there in the market. With the highly secure and super quick module, it will surely change the Cryptomarket in the BEST possible way. Corenet is not just another upcoming Crypto, but it a complete package with having options that include Lending, Trading, Staking, Mining, Cloud Mining and Fixed Assets, it all makes them an irresistible choice! So, come forward to be part of this epic creation with just a few hours before the Token sales begin! ICO Rate will start from CRNC 1 = $0.10 (10 cents), so don’t miss out on such a grand scale opportunity! Whitepaper - https://www.corenetcoin.net/doc/Whitepaper-Corenet.pdf Official Website - https://www.corenetcoin.net Social Media Links - Twitter: https://twitter.com/corenetcoin - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Corenet-164814274252333/ - Telegram: https://t.me/corenetcoin
  15. Is this an honest ICO?

    It is very obvious that NO ONE can be exact on with any upcoming ICO. So, it’s just guess work from everyone. I prefer one that got high potential and that’s where HiveCoin is one great choice. It’s a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant payments to anybody with close to ZERO cost! With their ICO Crowdsale to begin in next few weeks, it is just not to be MISSED kind of option if you are looking for SERIOUS investment!

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