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  1. @WavesG Can you please let me know why I am not qualified? Because I have not been paid yet ! 3PArHTKFy71aZrdv3tszZaexCHMzYD8c2CQ
  2. my trycoin address: Tna5zPRAwswUiXCfYrmBSrQy3mitzDPKkM thanks a lot... Tna5zPRAwswUiXCfYrmBSrQy3mitzDPKkM
  3. Check is this helps you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXEHWTTiE-I
  4. May be You should start small and get to know the basics (say .25 BTC or something close to that) . Just my 2 cents
  5. Is there no way ETH getting auto-credited once the work using link is done?
  6. Following this post ! Waiting for the expert answers
  7. How to increase reputation? How do I change my rank from NEWBIE?
  8. @WavesG Thank you ! But I haven't received mine yet Waves Address : 3PArHTKFy71aZrdv3tszZaexCHMzYD8c2CQ
  9. Hi, I find it strange that when I search for "Walton", I don't get any results in this site. Is it an unchatered water ? I read somewhere that China will be deciding something big on Oct-16 which will affect the value of this coin. What is China planning? What is the short-term growth expectancy of WTC coins.

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