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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Steven Teel and I am the founder of pangeacoins. Our group started by investing our own money into ethereum. We noticed all the other altcoins on the market and in our opinion we saw a nitch in the market. Pangea World Wide is a firm believer in digital currency and blockchain technology. We believe in this so much that we want to make digital currency THE currency to use! In order for digital currency to work in our opinion, people need to use it for goods and services. So that is exactly what we are doing. We have partnered with existing farmers around the globe (see fb and instragram) and have implemented wallets withing those farm. Our ICO will go towards growing more crops and implementing our food into stores and businesses. Why would a store do this, well they take credit cards don't they?! Same scenario and to get this off the ground no fees to the first 20 global businesses. By getting stores and businesses to take there currency and turn it into pangeacoins (PANG), the currency will start to cycle. Once a steady flow is established between stores and farms, we will move toward the consumer. Pangecoins.org a coin with a purpose, a coin with a tangible asset! For questions contact@pangeacoins.org . Thank you!
  2. New ICO

    Help us spread the word about the latest ICO! We believe we are doing something that no other digital currency is doing. Please join us on slack or email contact@pangeacoins.org.
  3. NEW ICO!!

    Check out the new ICO that will revolutionize crypto currency! pangeacoins.org

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