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  1. Someone who said: “I do not have any positions in any of the cryptocurrencies and do not have any intentions to initiate any positions in the coming days.” Chose a title that said: “Bitcoin Price Will Go To Zero …….” Closing the article with “but Bitcoin probably won’t be the reigning technology in the future.” Are you just trying to get my attention?
  2. The value behind bitcoin is freedom from banks, slow transfers, and crazy fees
  3. Teenagers + Bitcoin = Drugs & Pyramid Schemes: Korea’s Prime Minister

    Politicians + Money = Diseases, Starvation, War and Slavery Schemes. It's all just math in the end.
  4. That is amazing that blockchain technologies are starting to be offered as a university course now!

    Any bounty dev??? if not, you should make some for spreading news about it.
  6. How Blockchain will Crush Language Barriers?

    Jeez! Only few years ago people needed a specialists or huge textbooks for the translating. And now there is that project.
  7. ICO: DragonChain – the Initial Coin Offering

    I want to know as well. Is this project legit? With all the issues with ICOs I don't trust anyone. What little I've seen the project looks legit though I can find very little online.
  8. Is Ethereum More Important Than Bitcoin?

    People feel "too late" for bitcoin, and want a sneaky way-in on crypto bubble for cheaps. They want to find the next bitcoin, early. Ethereum looks like bitcoin 2 and has plenty of jargon that Sounds Great. Price is rising, quick buy in on the Smart Next Big Thing. 1 bitcoin costs $xxxx and 1 eth costs $xxx - so, the eth is "cheaper" and younger, and more amazing looking. Paying $xxxx for a bitcoin is hard, because you know you're really really late, and you kick yourself, because you sort of meant to get some before, but didn't.
  9. How much risk in cryptocoin investement?

    Don't invest more than you can stand to lose. However keep in mind investing in crypto should be viewed as a long term investment in block chain technology being the way of the future. The markets/exchanges for crypto are so immature right now that when things go south people like you and I are probably not going to get our money out in time to stop our losses. We will have little to no choice but to ride out any crashes and hope for recovery and growth in the future. Do your research though it is an understatement that some coins are way riskier than others. Don't go too deep down the rabbit hole.

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