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  1. There are 2 mining centers which I can recommended: for mining Siacoin with Innosilicon S11, use hash-power of https://wattum.io/, price starts at $25 for 25GH/s. They are legal and data centers located at Canada that's why I began using their service. Pros as I told before legally settled, positive reviews from those who mine with their service, profitable conditions for mining ETH, Siacoin, BTC, and other crypto, quick support. Cons - they don't have promo codes but this is probably temporary. Next one Genesis Mining - I can recommended them, too, they ale largest mining service but last time they support have some problems, maybe it's temporary too. + they use promo codes
  2. I've been engaged in mining for 2 years and mining now, so in my personal rating of legal, profitable mining services with advanced equipment, high-quality service with daily payments: Genesis (offering contracts for several years, largest Bitcoin cloud mining provider) Wattum (the most profitable conditions for buying every hash you purchase) NiceHash (uses an orderbook to match mining contract buyers and sellers)
  3. I can't compare it. It's different coins
  4. but in general the risk in finance has always been present, this is a normal thing, there is no risk - there is no success
  5. cryptocurrency can, in theory, become worthless; Bitcoin admits as much on their FAQ page. Investor interest could drop off, the overall effects of world economies could become so severe as to affect cryptocurrency value—even with safeguards in place, extreme factors could have an effect. Just as you should be aware of the market risks we listed above, you should also know other risks can affect digital currency—just as they can any financial tool. Again, it's not a reason to give up and walk away—but you should go into the situation with your eyes wide open.
  6. what are the advantages of the updated version of the wallet?
  7. I don't think so, BTC is more popular than Ethereum

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