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  1. Please send to us so far your contribution in bounty programme via info@eth888.io We will keep you posted for the progress, many thanks!
  2. Hi, thanks for this and the tokens were coded to be locked within 7 days after ICO ending, so it will be distributed around after a week.
  3. Concept An Ethereum betting platform targeting with Asian themed games, features NO REGISTRATION, NO DEPOSIT, INSTANTLY REWARDED and DECENTRALISATION! All Vanil (VAN) token investors will in proportion share 40% house profit. The first game in release version will be ready in Q4 2017. For this pre ICO, VAN is issuing at the rate 1,250 per ETH and the campaign will end on 30 Sep 2017. The platform needs enough ETH capital to maximise the betting capacities (eg, larger stake limit) via this pre-sales. Website: https://eth888.io/ico/ White paper: https://eth888.io/ico/docs/eth888-whitepaper.pdf Prototype / mockup: http://eth888.io/ico/demo.html Technology Our team developed blockchain-based provably-fair random number generation technology which does not rely on blockhash and web2 data source providers, to ensure all result's fairness. Press: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ethereum-casino-result-fairness/ Technical demo: https://eth888.io/game1-ropsten/index.html (make sure MetaMask already installed in your chrome and switched to Ropsten network, or you may run it in Status browser) Validator: https://jsbin.com/qidebel/edit?html,js,output Bounty Twitter --- 65,000 VANs Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your groups, friends and followers. Follow us on Twitter: 2 stakes every day Every retweet (retweet or quote tweet) or mention: 10 stakes for under 300 followers 20 stakes for under 1000 followers 50 stakes for 1000 or more followers Blogs --- 60,000 VANs Blog can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible. It can be written in any language. A blog that counts for Blog bounties must: have 600 characters or more without spaces need to contain at least 2 links to https://eth888.io have unique content (ANN translations do not count) Please send the post's URL to info@eth888.io Translation --- 80,000 VANs Looking for website and game content translations for various Asian languages. Interested contributors are welcome to deal with us via info@eth888.io

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