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  1. It seems to me that this project has even fewer resources behind it than climateprediction.net It certainly more than matches it for long periods without any work being available. Because it requires the use of virtual box it also needs a slightly higher level of computer literacy in order to run it. At the moment whatever its official status I don't think it can be regarded as being past the alpha stage. It would be good to see it more active however.
  2. Stats seem to be updating daily along with export of stats. Some linux work but all tasks crashed on my box though most were resends that had already crashed. How long before CPDN can be considered for whitelisting?
  3. Statistics seem to be up to date now. I have been told new system has been designed which only needs to calculate new credits and will be updated daily. It remains to be seen how robust the new system is. - Currently no work for Linux so difficult for me to assess from my own machines.
  4. Currently the credit system is broken at CPDN. I know they are working on it because a partial fix has been done and tasks that have completed or are running and have uploaded trickles now have credit against them but user credit still hasn't been updated for over a month now. I will over the next week if nothing more happens post in the moderators list for the cpdn forums asking for an update. The system that was in place to allow credit for partially completed tasks when tasks could take six months to complete broke because it went over some data limits. It may be that now tasks on modern hardward complete in a maximum of about one month for the longer tasks they will go to a system more like everyone elses awarding credits for completed tasks which would allow more regular export of stats.
  5. Hi all, new to this though have been crunching for climateprediction.net for over 12 years. Is there any mileage in having the gridcoin client running on more than one computer and if so is there a way to sync them? Looking forward to learning more. Dave