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Dave Jackson

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  1. Climate Prediction

    And shortly after I posted, a new batch appears on the server status page, though none for me on Linux.
  2. Climate Prediction

    Unfortunately there is currently no work from CPDN. Because of the nature of this project where scientists from all over the world commission CPDN at Oxford University to send out the work for them this will happen from time to time. I know there is work currently in the testing phase so hopefully there will be some more based on that soon.
  3. Climate Prediction

    A short update on the CPDN credit calculation: The current plan with this is to run the current credit calculation in parallel to a new credit calculation over a number of weeks. This will enable a like-for-like comparison to be made with the current and new credit calculations of the credit and RAC values after running for a number of weeks. This will not effect the credits that volunteers see, volunteers will still see the results from the current credit calculation. The current credit calculation will run every Saturday at 00:00, and the new credit calculation will run: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Not entirely sure how many a, "few" weeks is but if successful this could be the start of getting CPDN back on board.
  4. NumberFields@home

    How does one post on the forums for this project. - I can sign up with my email but even though replying to an existing topic it tells me I can't start a new topic because I don't have any credit. Is there a way to sign up that recognises my credit through the gridcoin account manager?
  5. So we are mostly in this for science right?

    Like anything, I doubt if it is a one size fits all answer. I am in it mainly for the science. (Just as well as the main project I support isn't whitelisted. (cpdn)) Indeed some of my computing is testing new model types for them and that doesn't even get credits never mind coins! But I guess others are in it for coins, some because it is a geeky thing to do etc.
  6. I noticed this on Linux (all I have run since 2,000) but have no reason to think it doesn't apply to other operating systems as well. I downloaded 3 CPDN tasks yesterday evening and to let them run suspended the running and queued Amicable Numbers tasks. Thinking I could use the remaining core to run an AN task on the remaining core albeit very slowly on my machine, I then took one out of suspension. Boinc Manager showed all four tasks as running but showed the Amicable Numbers task as using 4 cores. Running, "top" indeed showed Amicable Numbers as using 4 cores worth of cpu time and three processes halted. I haven't run multi core tasks in the past but whenever BOINC has prioritised tasks so some are left waiting to run in the past, it has described them as, "waiting to run." I am interested in whether this is true across all BOINC versions. I guess I should also check on the BOINC dev site to see if this is a known bug or not.
  7. Climate Prediction

    And the new script is borked - or something has set all credit to zero. Still they have always managed to restore from back up in the past.
  8. Have you tried copying the modified apk from the device where the compile works? That would be my first port of call. Think I may have seen this suggested elsewhere also.
  9. Climate Prediction

    I agree. Andy at the project is working on a script that will update stats daily but it isn't actually running yet. Though I am relying on others to check this as there is currently a lack of work for Linux and Mac clients.
  10. Climate@Home

    It seems to me that this project has even fewer resources behind it than climateprediction.net It certainly more than matches it for long periods without any work being available. Because it requires the use of virtual box it also needs a slightly higher level of computer literacy in order to run it. At the moment whatever its official status I don't think it can be regarded as being past the alpha stage. It would be good to see it more active however.
  11. Climate Prediction

    Stats seem to be updating daily along with export of stats. Some linux work but all tasks crashed on my box though most were resends that had already crashed. How long before CPDN can be considered for whitelisting?
  12. Climate Prediction

    Statistics seem to be up to date now. I have been told new system has been designed which only needs to calculate new credits and will be updated daily. It remains to be seen how robust the new system is. - Currently no work for Linux so difficult for me to assess from my own machines.
  13. Climate Prediction

    Currently the credit system is broken at CPDN. I know they are working on it because a partial fix has been done and tasks that have completed or are running and have uploaded trickles now have credit against them but user credit still hasn't been updated for over a month now. I will over the next week if nothing more happens post in the moderators list for the cpdn forums asking for an update. The system that was in place to allow credit for partially completed tasks when tasks could take six months to complete broke because it went over some data limits. It may be that now tasks on modern hardward complete in a maximum of about one month for the longer tasks they will go to a system more like everyone elses awarding credits for completed tasks which would allow more regular export of stats.
  14. Hi all

    Hi all, new to this though have been crunching for climateprediction.net for over 12 years. Is there any mileage in having the gridcoin client running on more than one computer and if so is there a way to sync them? Looking forward to learning more. Dave

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