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  1. Thanks, it went away on its own so obviously not a biggie. My curiosity is still there though lol.
  2. Got the following message on BOINC a couple of days ago, though just noticed it today. The only project that particular machine is crunching for the pool at the moment is suspended as I am prioritising CPDN work which isn't currently whitelisted. Not particularly worried about it but curious as to what it might mean.
  3. Reply to my post in another thread suggested the diagnostics screen is and always has been unreliable. Despite getting the same screen when I run diagnostics, having updated to I am getting coin now the forking issues seem at least partially resolved if not completely.
  4. Just found this in Linux thread Maybe try this: in the console execute "getblockhash 1150000" - this will return a hash, then do "reorganize <this hash>". This seems to have got me back in sync. though errors in my post above still there if I run diagnostics.
  5. Seems to have worked for me after upgrading to Though I still get this from diagnostics. Diagnostics say Find CPID Failed Is CPID in gridcoinresearch.conf? Verify CPID is valid Failed BOINC CPID and gridcoinresearch.conf CPID do not match. Verify CPID is in neural network Failed. All other tests passed. running repairwallet gives { "wallet check passed" : true } Mind you wallet has appeared to sync before running this but never got near the block number it should have, now is on 1158589 which is a good bit higher than it was getting to. Will check tomorrow to see how things are doing.
  6. Now running on my Linux laptop. Still having trouble syncing. Diagnostics say Find CPID Failed Is CPID in gridcoinresearch.conf? Verify CPID is valid Failed BOINC CPID and gridcoinresearch.conf CPID do not match. Verify CPID is in neural network Failed. All other tests passed. running repairwallet gives { "wallet check passed" : true } Can I just wait till things catch up?
  7. Sometimes my wallet says it is up to date, but more often than not it doesn't at the moment. That is despite having upgraded to 3.7.7 which I urge anyone who hasn't yet done so to do, as I think another thread is implying older software is at the very least, part of the problem.
  8. 25th in my case - longest problem since I joined. Don't know if part of the problem is because it has happened at the same time as a wallet upgrade that some have been having problems with? My understanding is limited enough that I am guessing there. -Input from someone who really understands it all would be appreciated!
  9. It means, I think that there are different versions of how much coin each person in the pool has. The software is such that over time this will be reconciled but to prevent further divergence everything is frozen as is till things catch up. I read somewhere that usually this is only two or three days. With luck things will be working again by the end of the week.
  10. CPDN seems now to be reliably updating credit and exporting it, albeit on a weekly basis rather than daily. To my mind, this is enough for what I consider to be the most significant (from a scientific point of view) project run under BOINC to be whitelisted again.
  11. I suspect I am missing something very simple. How does one sign on to project forums (not the projects area of this board) if signed up via the gridcoin account manager. One example, number fields at home I had previously signed up directly but this shows no credit which means I am unable to post. How do I find my username to do this? Not an issue on projects I already have credit on as I can then use my old login.
  12. And shortly after I posted, a new batch appears on the server status page, though none for me on Linux.
  13. Unfortunately there is currently no work from CPDN. Because of the nature of this project where scientists from all over the world commission CPDN at Oxford University to send out the work for them this will happen from time to time. I know there is work currently in the testing phase so hopefully there will be some more based on that soon.
  14. A short update on the CPDN credit calculation: The current plan with this is to run the current credit calculation in parallel to a new credit calculation over a number of weeks. This will enable a like-for-like comparison to be made with the current and new credit calculations of the credit and RAC values after running for a number of weeks. This will not effect the credits that volunteers see, volunteers will still see the results from the current credit calculation. The current credit calculation will run every Saturday at 00:00, and the new credit calculation will run: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Not entirely sure how many a, "few" weeks is but if successful this could be the start of getting CPDN back on board.
  15. How does one post on the forums for this project. - I can sign up with my email but even though replying to an existing topic it tells me I can't start a new topic because I don't have any credit. Is there a way to sign up that recognises my credit through the gridcoin account manager?

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