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  1. You can also buy some gridcoin on an exchange. It's only $0.03387798 as of this writing. 1,000 GRC costs ~$35 including fees.
  2. After not sending me payments yesterday and today, it went offline. Any news about when it will be up again?
  3. After seeing your post, I upgraded to My magnitude remained 0. Then, the following Saturday when I was going to do the rest of your recommendations, my magnitude went back to 1. A few days later, it went to 3. This doesn't appear to have anything to do with the superblock on the dates of our previous posts because of the time lag Thanks for your help!
  4. I rolled back to While I was going through your checklist, things sort of went back to normal. My Magnitude went to 0 as a result of the last superblock. Now, is messed up: it now claims the last superblock was 6 days ago. Earlier, it was 1 day ago. smh. EDIT: is >5000 blocks behind and increasing. It says it's replaying the blockchain, but seems to be stuck
  5. I just updated to v3.6.3.0 and now I'm back in INVESTOR mode. The previous fixes (restarting, etc.) do nothing.
  6. Mac OS X. The problem is that I don't have enough coins, which I plan to fix. GRC really doesn't cost much to get started.
  7. The faucet requires you to have a stake to begin with. I staked some coins but they never showed up anywhere after several days. Yesterday, I withdrew and restaked them. So far, they're not showing up, but it's still early. After a few problems, I got the faucet to work yesterday and am waiting for my coins. Thanks for the timeframe.
  8. On 9/22, the 3 transactions shown in the screengrab triggered 10 GRC stake. Why is it not showing? Entering my CPID into shows no blocks or transactions, even though I have had transactions.
  9. I'm trying to use the faucet to create a stake. So I'm in a Catch-22, no stake, no cpid to use. After not recognizing my cpid, the faucet offered to let me enter my receipt address, then complained that it was not a cpid.
  10. I'm a beginner in the US, so no for me. :-( The faucet is not working and gridasia is dry. :-( I'd appreciate any help to get started. S5mXu4EvW4n3g7oqYZNm2j4k1XrdUvqPPx
  11. The strangest thing happened. I tried to download blocks, which shut down gridcoinresearch, reopened it and now I'm a Miner! :-)
  12. I just went through the solo setup, saw my cpid during the block download. Now it shows "INVESTOR" instead. I've been running BOINC for years and joined the Gridcoin team in each project. (Einstein@Home seems to get the team from elsewhere). I tried "execute resetcpids" from the debug console to no avail. Obviously, something happened in the background which I don't know how to fix. Can somebody please help me?