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  1. Neuromation Project Welcome to Neuromation.io Token Sale Announcement NEUROTOKEN Pre-Sale Starts October 25th 2017 (Join the Whitelist now! Get 10% Bonus) NEUROTOKEN Public Sale Starts November 28th 2017 WHITE PAPER|WEBSITE|F.A.Q. |NEUROTOKEN SALE What is Neuromation? The platform will allow users to create synthetic datasets, to select a deep learning model and to rent computing power for neural network training. Users will also be able to trade datasets, models and computing nodes on the marketplace of the Neuromation platform. We plan to take advantage of the latest trends in blockchain. All transactions on the Neuromation platform will be done using our NEUROTOKEN Ethereum extended ERC-20 compliant. We will engage crypto-currency miners in computationally intensive tasks of data generation and neural model training. They will be mining our NEUROTOKENS by performing these tasks with more profit instead of mining cryptocurrency. The enormous computing capacity that will become available on the platform will be game-changing for wide AI adoption in various industries. More information:http:// https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2280785 https://neuromation.io/ru/
  2. don't stop creative activity...it's your way to introduce yourself in this world
  3. eh...we age...but it's classic!!!
  4. Desert rose is amazing...I agree...and Poets of the Fall) depends on the mood
  5. She is very talented really...

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