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  1. Gobyte is added Gobyte (GBX) Neoscrypt Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:2944 Username: Your_GBX_Wallet_Address Password: Not required
  2. http://P2P-multipool.eu Localization : Germany BitcoinCash (BCH) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:5964 Username: Your_BCH_Wallet_Address Password: Not required LITECOIN (LTC) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:9327 Username: Your_LTC_Wallet_Address Password: Not required LINX Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:2924 Username: Your_LINX_Wallet_Address Password: Not required DASH Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:7903 Username: Your_DASH_Wallet_Address Password: Not required CANNABISCOIN (CANN) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:28741 Username: Your_CANN_Wallet_Address Password: Not required MonetaryUnit (MUE) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:8963 Username: Your_MUE_Wallet_Address Password: Not required GEOCOIN (GEO) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:2934 Username: Your_GEO_Wallet_Address Password: Not required Vertcoin (VTC) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:9171 Pool URL VTC 2nd: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:9181 Username: Your_VTC_Wallet_Address Password: Not required If you are a lower hash miner (<100MH/s) It is recommended to use the second VTC P2Pool network. MONACOIN (MONA) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:2942 Username: Your_MONA_Wallet_Address Password: Not required FEATHERCOIN (FTC) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:19327 Username: Your_FTC_Wallet_Address Password: Not required SIBCOIN (SIB) Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2p-multipool.eu:9345 Username: Your_SIB_Wallet_Address Password: Not required more coins coming soon
  3. LTC http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:9327 Dash http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:7903 VTC http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:9171 VTC 2nd http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:9181 FTC http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:19327 CANN http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:28741 more Coins comming soon
  4. check my Pool i setup a Phoenixcoin p2pool http://p2p-multipool.greengaming.de:10554/

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