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  1. I use Poloniex too. C-CEX has TERRIBLE customer support, so I wouldn't use them unless you really need to make the transfer. If you have any trouble, they probably won't be any help.
  2. FYI Right now (2300 GMT) on 20 Mar 18, the C-CEX exchange has taken Gridcoin OUT of maintenance.
  3. I've seen C-CEX enable Gridcoin wallets for a few hours at a time over the past few days. Right now my wallet is in maintenance. At one time I had GRC in C-CEX and sold them all for BTC, then transferred the BTC to another exchange and bought GRC, adding to what I already had there. Now I've got all my GRC together in one exchange wallet while waiting for maintenance to end. At this point I'm unwilling to transfer everything back to C-CEX and wait for the next opportunity to transfer GRC out because C-CEX is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable with virtually nonexistent tech support. If you decide to transfer BTC to C-CEX then buy GRC and try to withdraw them, please let us know if it works out well for you. Like I said, at this point I'm unwilling to trust C-CEX, but it might be an opportunity for you if you're interested. Good luck.
  4. Poloniex and C-CEX have been in maintenance for almost 2 months. This is seriously hurting Gridcoin's reputation as a currency. Does anyone know how much longer before we can move Gridcoins between exchange wallets again?
  5. The original poll about paying developers $60 is far too vague and open ended. How are we tracking how much money we're committing? Are we agreeing to paying for 100 hours per month, or 10,000 hours, or 1,000,000 hours? The poll doesn't say. A better question might be: Do we agree to pay developers $30/hour, up to a certain maximum per month. It's already been mentioned that any increase above $30 needs discussion. Let's reword the question so we know for sure what we're voting on.
  6. Raddoc, Agreed, how can each of us get involved to help? Right now the exchanges are in maintenance mode and I'm starting to wonder if Gridcoin will be delisted before it's fixed. Right now Gridcoin is not a CryptoCurrency as much as it's a CryptoToy. The delay is destroying it's utility as a Currency. How can we help speed this along?
  7. Completely agree. Thanks for starting the poll.
  8. The Gridcoin Liberation Front doesn't speak for ANY of us. If you read their link you'll find out they are a tiny group of admitted liberals who claim to speak for EVERYONE. If we believe only OUR OWN opinion about which projects are "WORTHY" matters most, we are participating in the downfall of Gridcoin. If the rest of the community learns we're a small group of self-important liberals, why would they join us? Why does GRC-LF think their OPINION is relevant? GRC-LF is openly offering BRIBES for people to vote their way (check out their link). For this reason alone, the members of GRC-LF should be identified and PERMANENTLY banned from ever participating in a Gridcoin poll. If you like MooWrapper, then crunch for it. If you don't like MooWrapper, then crunch for something else, AND LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE.
  9. The Gridcoin Stats page for my CPID hasn't updated in 7 days (since last Wednesday). Is that normal, or is there some setting I may have wrong? Thanks in advance.

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