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  1. Nowadays, financial achievers and several celebrities are weighing on bitcoin aspect. At the same time, some are expectant but uncertain while others believe that decentralized currency is a better system than fiat or gold. Source of the Article: Celebrities and Financial achievers
  2. Plus500 is an online trading platform and reportedly become the topic of legal action. The company has been “rigging” its contracts for difference CFD markets due to delinquent allegations. Source of the Article: Rigging cfd markets
  3. One of the US-based Bitcoin exchange, Bittrex, has announced a formal and dignified position on Bitcoin Gold. Bitrrex extensively regarded as a beneficial and significant facet in the world of Crypto market. Source of the Article: About Bitcoin Gold
  4. On the launch of the Lightning Labs desktop application, it is conveyed that the doors are open for the protocols future R&D. A new blogging and content creation platform called “Y’alls,”is launched that grants the users to read and write articles via Lightning Network Micropayments. Source of the Article: Y'alls Platform Allows Article Monetization
  5. CEX.IO is a multi-functional exchange that was founded in 2013.The Company has its headquarters in London, UK. CEX.IO has a very different approach when it comes to its customers. Source of the Article: CEX.IO Exchange
  6. In order to speculate the outcome of a proposed hard fork that may happen in November in a bitcoin network, Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex has listed SegWit2x chain split tokens. Source of the Article: SegWit2x chain
  7. Bitflyer is one the leading digital currency exchange in Japan that generates large trading volume. The company is also a platinum member of Japan Blockchain Association. Founded in Jan 2014, this company aims to onboard more and more people on this platform and exposes them to Bitcoin and other digital assets. Source of the Article: BitFlyer
  8. Bank Nagara Malaysia is closely focusing on effective regulation on cryptocurrency fund and market activities. The decision on regulation is still not precise, however sources have revealed that bank is deciding on closing virtual currency operation across the country. Source of the Article: Cryptocurrency regulations by Bank Nagara Malaysia
  9. Bitso is a Mexican exchange that started in 2014. This company is focusing on bridging the gap between fiat and digital currency. Bitso deals in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereumtrading and exchange. Source of the article: Bitso Exchange
  10. William Mougayar, author, and investor has launched a blockchain-based cryptocurrency fund. Yesterday announced that Mougayar is one of 12 managers to open up a fund on iconomi blockchain of digital assets management. Source of the Article: Business Blockchain author launches cryptocurrency fund
  11. Maidsafe is an organization that is designing and implementing what they call the SAFE Network- future decentralized and secure network. The Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) Network is a new, secure and decentralize base data management services that is built by sharing the unused computer resources of the individual network participants. Source of the Article: Maidsafe
  12. According to CNBC report, Cream Capital, Cryptocurrency Company co-founded by Ghostface Killah. The company is appearing to raise $30 million during its ICO. Source of the article: Ghostface Killah to Launch Cryptocurrency Company
  13. BX Thailand is cryptocurrency exchange, which started in 2013. Bitcoin.Co.Ltd operates BX Thailand. The company allows the exchange between both crypto-to-crypto and crypto to fiat currency. Source of the Article: Thailand Bitcoin Exchange
  14. There is an extreme hype around the entire cryptocurrency space which is evolving the money market. Still, there is yet to be a pioneering native app. Recently, there was argument between Chris Dixon investor and Fred Ehrsam (Coinbase founder). Source of the Article: Who creates Amazon or Instagram of cryptocurrency?
  15. Bithumb is the largest bitcoin exchange of South Korea. It is now adding zcash cryptocurrency with other leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Source of the article: Bithumb added zcash cryptocurrency

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