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  1. Any discounts and bonuses badly affect the prices of the token in the future - everyone is trying to sell them as soon as possible, as soon as the opportunity appears
  2. Long thought - how is this possible, because the euro is not divided into such shares. Then I remembered that we will invest with eth
  3. In the previous concept, you guaranteed the buyback of tokens. This is a big rarity and it really has a good effect on the cost of the tokens themselves. It would be great if you keep a buyback in the new concept.
  4. Yes, I saw that with the return of funds all right and I decided to keep my funds in the project and wait for the restart :D
  5. In the previous version of the project you took fiat. Will you accept fiat in the new one?
  6. At what point will the project team take its fee? Before distribution or after, when will the token be released?
  7. How exactly will your fund invest in the blockchain? Will you invest in coins or other ICOs?
  8. Should I wait for the company to reach breakeven to get my income from tokens?

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