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  1. I''m still getting a lot of refused and timeout messages, although I am connecting occasionally. I just now got a transaction so it's obviously connecting sometimes. { "account" : "", "category" : "immature", "amount" : 10.71000000, "confirmations" : 2, "blockhash" : "00000004773f769f718f48d87324074ac22710f07402a266181ebca64aa77909", "blockindex" : 0, "txid" : "7b649c3214f88f37c10f2e76141c11f9d9e5afa6ad88c3672cf8a0ca141c1fa3", "time" : 1505574871 }
  2. The information tab in the debug window says client version v0.5.0.0-g8e9fe2c-alpha. I asked because it specifically says "use at your own risk - do not use for mining". I guess I can only hurt myself and, since I have no SLM at the moment, there's little that I can hurt. So I'll continue mining. I know what proof of burn is, more or less. The more I burn, the faster I'll find more. I'm not so sure that I understand what staking is and I have no idea if I want to stake or not. I want to do whatever is more profitable long term and I'm guessing that there's no simple answer to that. I'll check out the video. Thanks.
  3. Hmm. The slimcoin-qt GUI finally came up. It says that I have a reserve balance of 1000000.00 SLM. What is that? It wasn't there before. Also it says: This is a pre-release test build - use at your own risk - do not use for mining or merchant applications. So I guess I can't use it for mining?
  4. I have the new version of slimcoin-qt and I'm waiting for the blockchain index to load. It's annoying how long that takes! I guess there's nothing that can be done about that. Finding it and getting it to compile was a real trip. Compiling required QT 5.9 which is now occupying a gig of disk space. It looks like Nova may be able to accept new registrations after the weekend. You have to wonder why people launch such attacks.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate your help. Is there even a market for SLM? Is there some place to buy and sell them? It does connect some of the time. It found those orphans. I would think that a firewall would block it all the time or never, right? That Slack invite link is no longer active.
  6. What's weird to me is that, once I finally got the blockchain synced, I let it run overnight and the next day it had already found 11.75 SLM. Those ended up orphaned, but even so, that would seem to show that they're not that difficult to find. But after that almost immediate find, it's been running practically non-stop ( other than a couple of reboots) for several days and has found nothing, orphaned or otherwise. Looking at the log I'm seeing a lot of connection timeout and connection refused messages.
  7. Never mind. I solved it myself. The instructions at supportxmr.com are apparently wrong. They say to use the address followed by -p minerid for the username. Leaving of the last part (-p minerid) fixes it.
  8. I'm trying to join a Monero mining pool at supportxmr.com. I'm using xmr-stak-cpu-1.3.0-1.5.0 which I compiled for my 64 bit Ubuntu. I'm following the instructions and using a receive address generated by my wallet, but it fails to connect, saying that I'm providing an invalid payment address. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? It connects with the server, then says that I've provided an invalid payment address. Connecting to pool pool.supportxmr.com:3333 ... [2017-09-14 08:46:15] : Connected. Logging in... [2017-09-14 08:46:15] : SOCKET ERROR - Invalid payment address provided [2017-09-14 08:46:15] : SOCKET ERROR - RECEIVE error: socket closed
  9. From what I've read it's mathematically resistant, so it's not a matter of clever hardware design. The algorithm is memory intensive rather than processor intensive, so while an ASIC is possible, it wouldn't have enough of an advantage to make it worthwhile. The same for GPUs. Anyway, I think you've answered my question. Those 11 coins collided with someone else and they get the reward. I'll keep mining for a while to see what happens. Maybe my best bet would be to buy some and try to earn through proof of burn rather than proof of work.

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