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  5. registered:Bitcoin faucets Major update: Activities From today until July 1. BSAI Free Demo Trading Contest The contest is an absolutely fair trading game. All of participants have a same initial fund – $10000. You could buy and sell all cryptocurrencies using your trading strategy at any time. In a word, try your best to make a profit and win the game. The time of the contest (2018/04/16 updated) The duration is 10 days. You could find the “Contest Countdown” for each contest. The contest is taking place on continuing non-stop basis and everyone can join any of them at any time. Prizes of the contest (2018/04/14 updated) 1st place — $599; 2nd place — $299; 3rd place — $199; 4th place — $99 5th place — $50 6th place — $20 7th place — $15 8th place — $10 9th place — $9 10th place —$8 11th place —$7 12th place —$6 13th place —$5
  6. The Action Coin platform represents more than 500,000 action collectors and clients from over 200 countries. It is the basis for incentive-driven rewards programs where "points" are rewarded as decentralized, blockchain-based digital assets ("ACTNs") Sign up today https://affiliates.actioncoin.io/29869.html And you will be entitled to receive 1,000 free actions during the official token distribution campaign (Airdrop) beginning March 1, 2018.
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