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  1. Hi all, I am self-employed and I am planning to buy a home. I want to take a mortgage for that. Is it easy for me to get qualified for a mortgage? I have heard that the lenders may not see self- employed as the ideal borrower as they may be concerned that we won't earn a steady enough income to make the monthly payments. Then what are the formalities required for the application of a mortgage? What are the documents required to be submitted before them? I have a good credit score. So, I hope that I could buy my dream home with a mortgage soon. Before approaching a broker, can you tell me the services offered by the mortgage brokers in Toronto and the current mortgage rates here? I have already gathered some information regarding this, from the internet. But, I think, those who are experienced could share more relevant data. So, please share your experience with mortgages and mortgage brokers. Thank you.