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  1. I'm fairly new to Crypto investing, but I've spent years investing in stocks, gold, and mutual funds and have a strong financial background. I've come up with a very simple strategy for investing in cryptos which I think will help reduce some of the risk (of which there are many!). I would be interested in having some people from this forum read this strategy and tell me what they think? This is not investment advice, it's just what I'm doing. Invest at your own risk. Thanks. https://www.stopsaving.com/blog/my-crypto-investing-strategy
  2. I'm new to Crypto investing but I have a strong financial background investing in stocks, angel startups, funds and gold. I've had some success in these areas and I'm now looking to replicate this in the crypto currency market. I've started using a Value Cost Averaging strategy where I invest monthly which forces me to: 1. Buy more when coins are cheap 2. Buy less when coins are expensive 3. Sell when coins are really expensive I published my strategy in detail on my blog if you / anyone is interested in having a read. Please share with anyone who might be interested! https://www.stopsaving.com/blog/my-crypto-investing-strategy I want to master this area so I always appreciate constructive feedback on my strategy, and I welcome any opportunity to learn from people on this forum who have been investing in cryptocurrencies much longer than myself.

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