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  1. Third Payout is 300 and Forth Payout is 400. Transactions will be posted. 400+300+200+100 = 1000 will be sent. Travis
  2. Second Payout is 200... Great Goal Mane
  3. First Goal Payed out 100 - even though it was crap.
  4. Real quick... game starts in 30 minutes. Post your Trust Address and when either Madrid or Liverpool scores a goal, we will randomly send you free TrustPlus. 100% giveaway. Transactions will be posted. Make sure you tell us which team you are behind for the final. We are leaning Liverpool. Travis
  5. CryptoCurrency Exclusive. The explosion of high prices of Bitcoin, Diamond, Dash, Ethereum, Goldcoin and Magi has made our coin very rich. Our purchases reach as far back as three years and buying Monthly Maximums on Coinbase. We have been harvesting the Dead Cat bounces of other coins. All profits are going into making a Solar Plantation where customers can custom create their farm. We (Trust Digital) will use TRUST blockchain to run accounting. The price of TRUST will drive the prices of items like, Solar Cells, Batteries, Electricity, Miner and Miner Shares. There will be a market to buy/sell/lease these individual items. Tech support will be on site 24/7 to help you keep your plantation going. We will convert to TRUST and payout in TRUST but display in Dollar. Travis TrustDigital
  6. Our Solar Farm has been making BTC, which we have been using to buy cloud mining. We have also learned alot from bot trades on our market. So, we applied these skills in the Cloud Mining markets. We just broke even on our Cloud-mining. Everything from this moment forward goes right to the bottom line. 13 days into 2017 and we are looking great We recently had someone ask about our TRUSTpi. Its been a dead project for some time and it worked on a flavor of Linux. This is a great idea so, we are going to make Raspberry Pi3's for you to get in on the action. Plug em in and start mining, staking and trading. Everything powered by Bittrex of course. We need to do a Valentines Day give away, ideas?

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