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  1. Thanx Neural, Thought I was going a little crazy for a while. I'll just let it run then and maybe bounce it once in a while rather than every day. VAZ
  2. Hi All, Have been running the client for 2 weeks now and have been paid twice for POR. However I notice that after the client has been running for extended periods (24 hours +) it seems to lose connection to the wallet - I'll try to explain The client seems to be running fine, but no transactions (receive GRC) appear - from a faucet, etc. If I then kill the client then restart it the transactions appear. It worries me that this may mean that I am not STAKING properly - my 'estimate' for POR is 1 day but I haven't seen any POR in over 4 days. Am I just paranoid??? Thanx VAZ
  3. OK - so I think I worked out the 4 to 3 to more Mag change. I believe I had a 'real' Mag of 3 but the 35% 'increaser' was on giving me a 'pretend' Mag of 4 - then as the 'increaser' ended I added the extra machine. I dropped to Mag3 because of this and the extra machine wasn't recognised immediately. It all seems well now - But I still don't see why it has 2 decimals VAZ
  4. TWG63, So many questions... Here's my 'adventure' so far. I've been mining for years, but started Gridcoin this week. I bought some GRC so I could solo mine. My figures 5000GRC Mag 3.00 Seti mining I've 'staked' twice this week and I have 'faucet'ed coins every second day - Faucet coins should show in your wallet within 24 hours (the asian faucet is usually within the hour) Hope this helps VAZ
  5. The mining gods must have been listening - just 'staked' again WooHoo VAZ
  6. I had 3 devices crunching and had a Mag of 4, I have since added a 4th device - watched my RAC increase by LOTS yet my Mag is now 3. What's the go? AND Why does the Mag in the client have 2 decimal places eg. 4.00 when the decimals obviously aren't used??? Confused VAZ
  7. As AWESOME as staking is, it's still a pain when the 'estimate' say every 1 days and I haven't staked since - this is now day 3 since then :(
  8. Hi Mark, I'm fairly new to all this as well. What are the numbers you are talking about and why do you believe they are wrong? I know that my Mag is showing a little low at the moment, but I think the next Superblock should fix that. If only I knew how often the superblock happened. Thanx VAZ
  9. Thanx GeeBell My Mag seems low to me too, but I'm waiting for the next 'superblock'??? and that might 'update' it a bit (I hope!!!) Is it normal to sit and stare at the client and wonder 'am I connected? where's my next block? should I restart just to be sure?' for hours on end??? Me thinks I'm getting a little obsessed VAZ
  10. Understood - and I think I just staked. Stake shows 4.0006GRC and I have a payment pending of 1.0008GRC
  11. Thanx cru-BUM, So is my 'ESTIMATED time to earn reward' equal to my estimated stake time? or is there another calculation that works this out? VAZ
  12. Thanx StarTail, I wasn't 'complaining' about the faucet not working, I was confused about it saying it was going to pay, but then didn't and I thought the issue could be with my setup - glad it isn't ;) VAZ
  13. Hi All, Noob here with a few questions, but first my setup... Have been 'Seti'ing for a long time, thought I'd give Gridcoin a go in Solo mode Set up the client - got my 3 free coins from Advertised my beacon Fluked .28 coin from the asia faucet Saw it would take 20+ years to earn rewards Got 500GRC loan from a super dude on here Bought 4500GRC to get to a 'real' reward timeframe Have a magnitude of 4.00 Run the client 24/7 Have been running for 8 Days Questions... Client has crashed many times - seems more stable if the PC isn't in use - has been stable now for 2 days - is this 'normal'? Have seen GRCRestarter run once - why? Have 5000+ GRC, a Mag of 4, a stake weight, a DPOR weight but have never 'staked' - When am I likely to see staking happen? - Am I just too impatient? I think that's it for now Thanx VAZ
  14. Thanx Mr Wood this is greatly appreciated. I'll PM you my 'receive' adress now and you can be sure I will 'pay it forward' as I become a 'master' of the Gridcoin Yours Sincerly VAZ
  15. Thanx Mr Wood, Yes I sort of read that I had to stake a block first, but it's a bit hard to do with 2.8 GRC. Yes I plan to mine for a long time - I've been BOINCing for years and am nearly at 1M results for Seti Regards VAZ