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  1. I will upgrade soon, but not today, work always seems to get in the way!
  2. Think I'm in Discord James as Vaz - how do I find you????
  3. You have a PM I was nearly right - 3 UTXOs - one with 0.5GRC, one with the 163 'burnt' GRC and the rest (approx 40,000GRC) in the other Vaz
  4. Thanx for the reply James, While your comment makes some sense to me, it also confuses me at the same time!!! Here's what I'm seeing at my end... I have approx 40,000GRC I am solo mining I have a mag of approx 10 My wallet is always staking I think I have 2 UTXOs with all but 4GRC in the main one I get 'paid' usually once per day of approx 3GRC When I 'getmininginfo' I see a BOINCRewardPending of anywhere between 0 and 3 and an InterestPending of approx 20 - the InterestPending increases by approx 1GRC per day. I understand from your comments above that as my balance 'ages' the interest will also increase (1.5% of nn,nnn vs 1.5% of nn,nnn + 3 roughly each day) but what confuses me is that my 'InterestPending' is still increasing. Am I confusing that BOINCRewardPending is what I'm about to be paid but InterestPending isn't an amount that will be paid to me? Do I get ANY interest 'paid' to me in my daily payout? Thanx again Vaz
  5. Hi, I use the 'getmininginfo' command regularly to check how much I'm likely to be paid (and because it's one of the few commands I know). I get a payout almost daily and the BOINCRewardPending resets to 0. However my InterestPending is continually climbing (not by much, and I may be receiving some of it in each daily transaction). Have I missed something here? Will I get a 'bulk' payout when it gets to nnnGRC? Thanx in advance Vaz
  6. Hi All, Just 'received' 162 GRC from a BLANK address - that is there is no address listed in the wallet. Is this 'normal'? Thanx
  7. Awesome, thanx for the reply - all looks good and I've finally staked again!! Thanx for the help dudes
  8. Hi Guys, My Internet connection had been down for a week, connected again, got crazy fork stuff happening, saw this thread I've upgraded to the latest wallet, but even with 38 connections to the network was still 'offline' and couldn't stake. I rebuilt the blockchain (2 days later) and now I'm back, but with the following: blocks 1151711 Difficulty 0.178 Have I been forked again? - I'm staking again at least, but haven't had a payout for a while Thanx VAZ
  9. Hey Mr Wood Mining has been going OK. And I have a new PC on the way to help boost my Mag - it fluctuates between 8 and 20 - I'm still looking for a GPU only project to share some time with SETI. I've mined approx 600 GRC, and have 'paid it forward' the 500 GRC you sent to me in 3 different transactions to 3 users. Hope you are well and that your mining progresses at a great pace VAZ
  10. You can also 'force' it to report by selecting the project and click on the UPDATE button VAZ
  11. Depends why you're BIONCing For straight out Mag, seti is awful. check out gridcoin.io - they have a graph showing 'best' project by Mag VAZ
  12. I'm in it for the glory of having my CPU find alien life! Just joking VAZ
  13. Vaz

    Magnitude = 1.00

    Hey Taucher, If you go to gridcoin.io they have a chart showing 'potential' RAC per project that they are achieving on their Xeon server. Might be an idea to change to a more productive project if you want a better RAC VAZ
  14. Hi BigD87, You've been 'forked'. Not uncommon, a bit of a pain. What happens... 2 wallets create a block at EXACTLY the same time. Lots of clients see one block, fewer see the other. The fewer are considered a 'fork'. Things progress 'normally' on BOTH the fork and the main chain. Those on the 'fork' will see many more 'stakes' than normal because there are so few clents on the fork. Eventually (can take days) all the clients in the WHOLE CHAIN realise there is a problem and those on the fork are 'rolled back' to the main chain. Hope some of that makes sense. With 280 GRC you should never see 2 'mining' transactions in a week. maybe once every 2 months? Maybe With 5000GRC I would mine once a week Cheers VAZ

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