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  1. Hey All, now has a MDC pool and it's current hash rate is: 489.08MH's out of the global 532MH's. Blocks are being found really quickly so jump on to get the rewards. Pool info here: To use the pool here are the details: Address: stratum+tcp:// Username: Your MDC receiving wallet address Password: Anything Payouts occur every minute once a block has been confirmed and on a minimum miner balance of 0.01 Any questions please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Thanks and happy mining! Kind Regards,
  2. 嗨Lucky9009,感谢您的反馈。你们建议哪些硬币放在CoinMinerz.com游泳池上?当我们开放加入新的硬币与期待。谢谢!
  3. No problem at all @FallingKnife thats very kind of you and I appreciate it! I will most certainly look into merged mining as it makes sense to do that. Your most welcome cheers and have a great weekend! All the best.
  4. Hey @FallingKnife thanks for your message. Apologies the Uno pool was down for maintanence but it is now back online for you. We offer direct Uno mining with no merged mining at present, the payouts will be direct Uno payments at 0.1 mimimum for each worker ID (wallet receiving address) upon blocks being confirmed every minute. If you have any issues at all please don't hessitate to let us know and we will be happy to help! Thanks and have a great evening! Kind Regards,
  5. Thanks Jimmy, not a problem at all. Happy to help out the community :)
  6. Hi Everyone, We have just launched a new Unobtanium mining pool here: Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone, We have just launched a new Dash mining pool here: Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, we have just launched a new bitcoin and bitcoin cash mining pool here: Thanks!
  9. Hey Everyone, We have just launched a new multi cryptocurrency mining pool here: It will work with CPUs, GPUs and ASIC hardware. Happy mining all! Payouts are processed every minute for all coins that have had their blocks confirmed upon a minimum miner balance of 0.1 to their username (which is the wallet address). Block/Payment & Wallet payment history are all available on each coins pool page. For any support or queries please feel free to get in touch here So far we have had a great response from the mining community and have had lots of feedback which we will intend on using to improve our services for everyone further. There is also a backup/failover pool to configure your software or miner to use; Location Stratum Address Username Password stratum+tcp:// Your wallet address Anything stratum+tcp:// Your wallet address Anything You have to also set the port in your miner configuration; Pool Port Auroracoin 3346 Bitcoin 3333 BitcoinCash 3334 Curecoin 3341 DeutscheEMark 3339 Digibyte 3337 Dogecoin 3348 Litecoin 3335 Mazacoin 3338 Peercoin 3336 Zetacoin 3344
  10. Deutsche EMark (DEM) SHA256 Pool We also pool mine Deutsche eMark (DEM) on Just use this info: Address: stratum+tcp:// Username: Your Deutsche EMark wallet receiving address Password: Anything Upon the pool finding a block you will be paid according to how many shares your miner has worked on and automatic payments occur every 1 minute on confirmed blocks. Thanks!