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  1. The hard cap is the possible maximum amount to be raised. However, if a lower amount is raised, the respective number of FundCoins will be issued for this amount. So not a problem whatsoever, but we do believe in our success :)
  2. We don't plan it at the moment. However, after all FNDs are bought back from the market during quarterly buy-outs, the Fund will consider an option to arrange another separate FND issue
  3. Our tokens are ERC20 compliant and can be stored on Ethereum wallets which support this protocol:, or Mist Wallet (if you have some development/programming experience). To see the list of all compatible wallets, please refer to this link:
  4. All the details and figures will be released soon, with the updated website and WhitePaper :)
  5. You can do it by trading FND on Cryptocurrency Exchanges (the list of exchanges will be announced later. Please sign in to our newsletter https://Finles.Capital to get the actual news). FundCoins will be traded at the open exchange, and you will be able to sell them whenever you want.
  6. We will be listed at HitBTC, and probably others as well
  7. There are some common features, but these are different, shares are parts of the company equity
  8. The growth of the token is guaranteed by the fact that every quarter the fund will buy out a part of the tokens for an amount equal to the quarterly profit. There is no direct connection, but this is a great rarity. You can see how the shares of companies grow, even when they are not bought back, and we guarantee an open redemption of tokens. That's why the FundCoin will grow.
  9. The FundCoin distribution is outsourced to the highly skilled team that helped with such projects as SONM.IO (more than 50M raised during ICO); (More than 10M raised) and other.
  10. Yes, of course, it will be traded at exchanges
  11. We want to integrate some great feature to the platform, to make the processes efficient and transparent and then we may make an offer.
  12. It will become active in the nearest days, please stay tuned :)
  13. The first buy-back will be in aproximately 3-4 months after the ICO
  14. The Pre-Order will secure you FundCoins. We are not limiting the amount of FundCoins for the Pre-Order, and it could be the case that they will be sold out before the ICO starts