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  1. Well well well. The SB got mined. Yay! So finally on to my evil master plan to use the eu faucet with my brand new minted CPID! Muhahaha! Now it looks like I can't claim from the faucet because I never staked! Figures.
  2. True. ETH is for this. My scenario is alot of effort for a coin that is most likely unoptimal in any stretch of the imagination for mining. It's a novelty thing for me to optimize now even if the faucet may lose my interest in the near future. I'm was going to BOINC anyway because it supports research initiatives I want to support. Despite it's GRC's current value, still has a value, and better to offset the electricity I will burn than nothing at all. Also with how new cryptocurrency is - who knows what will happen in the future, but it's not getting rich with GRC that is the driving factor for me.
  3. Yup, crystal clear. No wallet staking with low GRC. Very interesting points you make on the V8 update, and it's impact on the superblock. Holy cripes did I pick the worst time to decide to submit a beacon. Last time it happened seemed to be 2 months ago and they had to change the superblock rules. So despite the V8 fun-times, there are 2 scenarios I'm in - given I'm not going to buy for the moment: 1.) Investor Wallet, grcpool participating BOINC crunching for the pool Pool stakes and pays to wallet address Staking investor wallet or not - with such a small sum / amount worthless Outcome: Coins earned from pool alone 2.) Activate solo mining wallet, grcpool participating BOINC crunching for the pool Pool stakes and pays to wallet address Running BOINC projects temporarily to generate CPID (aka join project not added to pool, joining gridcoin group, genereate a bit of RAC) Wallet recognizes CPID, submit beacon New superblock -- which at present is 4 days old (hope it makes consensus soon) With CPID in the blockchain, use EU faucet which requires CPID (as free for all is inactive, and asia is dry) Staking investor wallet or not - with such a small sum / amount worthless Outcome: Coins earned from pool + whatever I can get from the faucet. So long story short, I figured it was worth the effort because even a few fractions of a gridcoin would be nice + I'll get 5 GRC for my first submission. It would have been worth it, of course, had not the superblock decided to be MIA for 4 days. Sheesh. Of course now I'll have quesitons related to DPOR = wallet amount rounded down and it's impact on weight since staking doesn't account for magnitude anymore with V8. I'll come back after I read more. :) Thanks!
  4. I realize what I wrote in the second point was not explicit enough. So meant to say: Chances of staking a block on my low GRC wallet client while in investor mode and BOINC crunching in a pool is very small, or once every 6 months if lucky. So talking 2 mechanisms. I have the pool going which pays based on crunching done for the pool and pays if it stakes that day (which seems every day), and then in addition that I have my wallet, which I can also stake. I crunched only a little bit to generate a CPID so I can use the eu faucet as the Asia chapter, as you mentioned, has been dry since I checked. The point about asking the IRC channel is a good one and probably better than leaving one mass block (ha! Get it?) of text each time.
  5. Hi cru-BUM, First of all, thanks for your replies. You are one of the few that replies within 24 hours on these forums to my inquiries. However I think you misread my post my friend, and willing to overlook your somewhat condescending reply. :) This post has nothing to do with when I can stake blocks or how many GRC I need to make it worth it in solo mode. I know this (because I read and more so I watched what the wallet was doing which taught me more than what I read). It has to do with the statistics of it all. Simply: - When starting in a pool you have virtually no GRC - Chances of staking a block while in a pool is very small, or once every 6 months if lucky - Most pool folks don't even bother leaving their wallet open due to this, if not to only sync ever week just for posterity My situation : - Assuming the above is correct, I figured it was worth changing my wallet client to think that I was mining solo so I can get my CPID - The CPID is not needed for the pool, as all I need is a wallet address. However I can't pull from a faucet without it given the only one I see running is the eu version (although they say on the eu faucet they may "someday" reactivate the free for all). So judging by your answer: - Staking is not an issue this early - Still not sure what other benefit staking has to the statics of it all, given this is still not clear to me (most can't even agree if the time between stakes affects anything) - Even with an investor artificial stake weight of 150 (or 250 - can't remember) still not worthwhile, aka even if I did by pure lottery stake - the 1.5% interest I'd gain is miniscule - I have better gains pulling from the faucet daily these next few months If there is some dynamic with staking in and of itself that's beneficial - not evident to me. So meanwhile now just waiting for the next superblock so I can use the faucet. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience from what I thought was a wise move, but in hindsight maybe I'll regret. So I finally got my wallet to sync. I had the 3 GRC from usource, and after following the videos on the mainpage of the grcpool.com page (setup and how to collect coin), I'm off and running. First I realized that the version of BOINC I had was older - version 7.2 that was downloaded from WCG (where I started), and not the more recent 7.8. This incorrectly made me think that I couldn't have the grcpool running on the same machine as my own projects. I saw a few post that said ALL projects have to be on the gridpool group, but know understand it's only those groups you want the credit for. So if you have some old friends groups that you still want to crunch for, you can. Just you can't add it to the grcpool at the same time. Or you run it on another machine. My pool magnitude is around 12.5 using only 1 rig after 4 days so I'm doing ok I think. I noticed (going from memory) that in my wallet: DPOR was 3. Magnitude 0 (of course) When I unlocked my wallet, it said I had a stake weight of 150 / 250? So ultimately I would stake in some 8000+ days. I then figured: well I'll never stake in the next 10 years like this anwyay until I'm starting to break through to the 1000 mark, so I decided that I would activate solo mode so I can use the faucet as it only takes CPIDs for the moment. I then added a different project - I first tried the conjecture one that seems all the top crunchers have, but I needed an invite code - so went with amicable numbers. Joined the gridcoin group here, and started crunching. I had a custom install for my BOINC as well, and I already had configured my .conf file to point to my app and data directories. Except I forgot to add the double "\\" at the end. Once I did that, Eurika - it worked! Also have learning how I had to merge CPIDs, but will not go into that detail here. So now I'm shown as "Boinc mining", and my CPID was correctly populated. Activated a beacon, then checked and seemed like I'm good as the superblock hasn't kicked yet since 2 days so should be any minute. Then I noticed, after my beacon transaction the following: DPOR was 0. Magnitude was at 0. Stake Weight is 0. So obviously I cannot stake like this. So did I just shoot myself in the foot? I mean I only wanted to put my CPID in the superblock for the faucet, but now it looks like in this mode I fell off a cliff. I'm assuming that soon my Magnitude - even if small will update, and also my stake weight. However no where near the 150/250? I had as an investor. However anyone know if I need to worry about this given I wasn't going to stake soon anyway? Would I have to reinstall the wallet (saving the wallet.dat, .conf, etc) to return it back to investor mode? Any insights and recommendations - welcome of course.
  7. This helped alot. Was able to sync (guess I wasn't patient). Just wanted to follow-up and tell you this.
  8. Wallet syncing in investor vs solo modes? Hi everyone, Learning alot, but I think the way the information is organized, we can go in different directions. So trying to get my bearings and see if I need to restart. I created my wallet with my current BOINC project email address. So this is solo mode I understood. Currently I'm going to start with the pool, so means all I needed it for was the GRC addresses and nothing else. I created GRC addresses for the pool, this site, and other sites. For awhile I had 0 connections. I downloaded the blocks, rebuilt the blocks, updated the wallet, and restarted the wallet numerous times. After my last update, I got 9 connections. Wallet did not sync, which I understood was ok. My blocks were 999000+ I rebuilt, Now I have 25 connections as of this morning. 370k blocks and climbing. My wallet is still not sync'd My status is: Not staking; Net averages not loaded yet; Offline So questions: -The wallet really isn't in any mode versus another, is it? It just is the behavors it will do - aka will check my email/CPID or not (even if not seeded because I've done no beacon) - right? -Does adding my email address to make it in "solo" mode prevent my GRC addresses to not work or at least impact the wallet sync? -Shouldn't I see donation and pool transactions come into my wallet even if it's in solo mode? -Other than continually updating, downloading, and rebuilding blocks - anything else I can do to force it to sync? How long should I wait before I assume there is an issue and do any of the steps? -I don't need to send a beacon using it for a pool, but is the wallet expecting that I do before it syncs the wallet? -if I did want to setup solo there would be no way to do so because I have 0.00 GRC in my account because the wallet never syncs, therefore no beacon transaction. So I'm thinking there is something wrong here. There should be away to get GRC before doing the beacon. I think the video on the grcpool site is misleadign - everything just works. -Staking has nothing to do the wallet being offline, right? -Once I have GRC, I can stake even if I'm not building DPOR nor magnitude as I'm part of a pool, correct? I just gain that famous 1.5% interest but stays unmagnified unless I go solo. - Does having the wallet unlocked, locked, unlocked for staking only make a difference here? Appreciate the help, and or clarification. Cheers,
  9. Yup, I did follow-up on those videos from someone else's blog. Ok so if I go "solo", that's when joining the gridcoin accounts per project matter and how activity is tracked, correct?
  10. Hi everyone, New to Gridcoin as well, in fact my first crypto currency ever. Seems simple enough, and nice way to leverage the BOINC crunching that I'm already doing. Address if you feel so inclined: SL5XwZ5KpHto4Zji5zGp8eybvscHs9cDEY Also I assume if I use the pool, I don't require any deposits, correct? Finally what is not clear is from what is written is all I need to do is join the pools by joining the group gridcoin per project, then I don't need to do anyting else but put my gridcoin address in grcpool.com and then I'm done? I'm not sure if I understand the response above how all the earned credit goes to another user when it's my username joined to the group? Is there a step I'm missing?

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