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  1. Moviecredits ICO Decentralized payment system for the movie industry MovieCredits is a decentralized P2P system which will be used for purchasing movie tickets at movie theaters, online, and will serve the option of buying movies as well. In addition, MovieCredits will also serve the purpose in raising funds for the production of movie based projects for actors, actresses, and all related movie content. STATUS: LIVE SEE THIS IN MEDIUM MEDIUM BEGIN/DATE: 25–08–2017 + 5 WEEKS (END DATE) PRICE: 750 MVC/ETH MAX.CAP. 60000ETH INITIAL_SUPPLY: 60000000 MOVIECREDITS (MVC)=0.60 MVC= 8 DEC. Accept currency :ETH >>PAYMENT SYSTEM BASED IN ETHEREUM PROTOCOL ERC20 /token (compatible HOW TO BUY? (WHITH MYETHERWALLET) 1)SEND ETHER DIRECTLY TO SMART CONTRACT.(your return adress=MYETHERWALLET): 2) USE: GAS= (250000) 3)The smart contract send tokens MOVIECREDITS (automacally) Important Notice: Do not Ether to our ICO Contract from third-party wallets without confirming they are capable of managing your ERC20 tokens. This includes places such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, or others. We highly recommend you participate in our ICO from a personal wallet on your own machine using tools such as MyEtherWallet or the official Ethereum Wallet. WHITEPAPER etherscan (SMART CONTRACT) VERIFIED & LIVE SMART CONTRACT LIVE IN ETHEREUM (VERIFIED)

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