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  1. https://bitmo.li/index?ref=taufikri https://bitmo.li/index?ref=taufikri 1. Can I use bitmo.li for free? Of course. You don't need to deposit any funds into your account to use bitmoli. 2. How often will I receive profits? We are sending profits on a daily basis. If you have more than 0.0000001 BTC in you Bitcoin Account you'll be eligible to receive trading profits. 3. When can I withdraw my funds? You can withdraw your funds at anytime. 4. How long do I have to wait for my payment? Payments are sent automatically several times a day, so waiting time should not exceed two hours. 5. What is withdrawal minimum? Minimum you can withdraw is 0.0002 BTC. Please note that the initial bonus is not payable. 6. What is investment minimum? Minimum you can deposit into your account is 0.002 BTC 7. What is referral commision? You will receive 5% of your referrals daily profit and 2% from each deposit. 8. What the levels are? The levels determine the degree of involvement of our user. The higher level - the more profit we can divide for the user. Level 1 - Bitcoin account: 0.000 BTC - 0.002 BTC / Standard daily profit Level 2 - Bitcoin account: 0.002 BTC - 0.01 BTC / Standard daily profit + 0.50% Level 3 - Bitcoin account: 0.01 BTC - 0.1 BTC / Standard daily profit + 0.60% Level 4 - Bitcoin account: 0.1 BTC - 1 BTC / Standard daily profit + 0.75% Level 5 - Bitcoin account: 1 BTC - 5 BTC / Standard daily profit + 1.00% Level 6 - Bitcoin account: more than 5 BTC / Standard daily profit + 2.00%
  2. [SKY] Skycoin Giveaway to Promote New Wallet Release

    https://twitter.com/jero_oyaq https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021433371504 https://github.com/lthbrao wallet: 2HqbaFThT2qZjr3pu2jYmzA18QmQqRxqEdf
  3. 200,000 Dogecoin Giveaway

    https://bitpetite.com/?aff=taufikri Doge: DMSMMURjrdBAYFEAyYajP2fYkx8SdsEihz
  4. BatCoin Official GiveAway #1

    0x8fd140f2e1120ff83b137d71096be8afd9c3907d thanks
  5. XLG6se2CGrotJzsbjATM4z8uiFvUm82Tcy
  6. [ANN] [Goldbar coin] GBC

  7. fikri


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