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  1. new rig will be build

  2. Birdcoin Giveaway

    LF58XpF3nBHcZhM35qx3D6Jeso9xfEjbjN i love bird
  3. ANN - MarioBrosCoin [MBC] is OUT NOW!

    hi, what node i can add...? my wallet can't sync bock..
  4. Cubits Giveaway

  5. BNT : Bi9i3xZ8wPtWJWxvxLNGcGEZ4DJaCsMVXa

  6. [GIVEAWAY] -- 1K Q2C(Qbit) EVERY DAY!!!

    qubit its awesome for me... but dificulty to high. great coin but i still solominig it :wub: i love qubit coin.. this my addr wallet : GMmX1MV6pHvttTBwtV7E3nnSat56rykPuv
  7. [STC] [GIVEAWAY] 50 Streamcoins each.

    i has leave a support at cryptsy this my name : Suharyoko and this my wallet : PJTyuGgWaHe8yvFgLEQPJJcTKj4vH54RvH

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